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At 5:11pm on May 1, 2013, Sue Provencher said…
Hi Karen, I love your beautiful cabinet. Did not realize they made them for featherweights. I am new to featherweights, having been given one by my step father in law because his daughters said to just throw it out( it was their grandmothers)
At 12:18am on January 18, 2013, Lynn Michel said…
Thanks for the insight on where to find these cabinets. My husband and I go to antique stores to look around and I hate to think I might have seen one and not have known what it was. Now that I know they were made I will be on the look out. I'm sure your cabinet will turn out beautiful in the darker color. Enjoy it. Love to see finished pics.
At 9:38pm on January 17, 2013, Lynn Michel said…
Hi Karen, I just saw your new FW cabinet. It's beautiful and it looks like it doesn't take up much room. I have 3 FW's and one of them was my mothers. She bought the FW card table, which I now have. Now that I know there were other cabinets made for FW's, I will be on the look out. It would be nice to have my other machines displayed in a cabinet thru out my house, instead of stored in my "too full" sewing room, where no one can see them. Thanks for sharing. Lynn
At 6:44pm on May 18, 2012, Angie Basham said…

Hi, Karen! How are you doing?

At 11:21pm on February 15, 2012, Mary Moore said…

Hi Karen,

  Thank you for your comment back in January about my giving a FW to my granddaughter. Have had an endless head cold since then, and have neglected the computer.

   You asked if my daughter sewed..it is my daughter-in-law.  She is too much of a perfectionist to try sewing with 4 kids and huge house to take care of.  She has my Mom's 60 year old Bernina Machine.  I hope there will be time to play with her and it after the the kids are less needy.

  I enjoyed looking at your quilt photos.

At 4:47pm on December 28, 2011, Julia Purdy said…
YES I LOVE TO FEEL THE FABRIC. I LOVE COLOR ,SHADES, Textures. I have done painting for people wall murals. But only as a gift. I can't wait to try it on fabric. I have even crocheted hummingbirds white and then painted them on the table cloth. Have a great evening.
At 4:16pm on December 28, 2011, Julia Purdy said…
Hello .. Thank you..
I want to try my luck at that.. At the age of 14 I won a scholarship to the Art Institute of Mn. But my parent would not pay for my boarding for 9 weeks every summer my last 4 years of school. I t
Was very hurt. I have found my love of Art coming back.
At 10:58am on September 15, 2011, QuilterBridget said…
Happy birthday, Karen~I hope you have a wonderful day!
At 9:17am on June 23, 2011, Phyllis A Friloux said…
Hi Karen! I will be in O'boro visiting my parents July 20-23rd. We should get together for coffee, or if there is a nice quilt shop in the area, we should meet there for some "fabric therapy".
At 9:48am on May 27, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Oh good!  You added some pictures! 

By the way, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but if someone sends you a comment you can click on their name (it should be a different color than their comment) and you'll land on their main page.  That's true for the groups and the forum as well.  I like visiting the pages of others because you can see their pictures.  Also, just for the heck of it I'll click on "Quilters" at the top of my home page and you can click on anyone to see their page.  I was trying to welcome people as they joined, but too many are joining too fast!  I think that's how I met you!

At 8:53am on May 27, 2011, Phyllis A Friloux said…
I will admit Tucker can be a handful sometimes. He is a terrier and some breeders call it "Westitude". I wanted a westie for some time and when researching breeds when my children were young I never saw anything that said westies were good with children so originally went with a mini schnauzer. She was a wonderful dog and we had her 14 years. After she passed we all decided to go with the westie. He has a ton of personality, is smart as a whip, and is very sweet and loving. He's 3 now and I will admit he was a challenge as a pup. You are better to wait until the grandkids get a bit older to get one.
At 1:27am on May 27, 2011, Phyllis A Friloux said…

You just might know my mother. No, she doesn't quilt but she used to be a beautiful seamstress.  Her name is Betty Davis Delack and she now puts her artistic talents to use with watercolors. Her paintings are beautiful and one of her favorite things to paint is quilts! She is the sister of Virginia Arnold Greene; widow of Jim Arnold who used to own Greene's Pharmacy. I believe they go to 3rd Baptist Church.

At 9:48am on May 26, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Hi Karen...thanks for adding me as a friend!

I too am on the computer a lot...especially since I found this website!  This is my first "social networking" site (I don't use facebook, twitter or blog).  There is a blog function to use here and I've done a few posts, but there are a lot of fancy blogs out there!  I never wanted one of my own because I figured I wouldn't be able to keep up with it!

I've been here for almost a month and it took me awhile to figure things out.  Putting pictures on wasn't that hard, but I couldn't figure out how to decorate my page like I've seen other do.  Finally I found the "customize" button and was able to play around a bit with my colors. 

So, what do you like to do when you're on the computer?  Mainly it's the internet for me!  There is just too much!  I could be here all day long...and that's just surfing for quilting websites and videos!

I do hope you'll be able to put some of you quilt pictures on your page.  I love looking at quilts others have made.  Some people here have incredible talent! 

Well, hope to hear from you again soon!


At 3:07pm on May 25, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Hi Karen!  I'm Bridget and I live in Seaside, Oregon.  I took an early retirement when I was 45 and that's when I took up quilting (I'm almost 50 now).  I never learned to sew, and it was kind of a fluke that quilting entered my life, but I'm so glad it did because it keeps me sane!  It's a very addictive hobby!

There are lots of groups here; I joined piecing, machine quilting, traditional quilts, scrappy quilts and a few others.  I also started a group for newbies.  When I first started quilting there were no classes in my area, and I learned from books and the internet.  So many quilters out there are willing to help beginners, so I thought a newbie group would be nice.  Plus, I have a lot to learn as well!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and welcome!

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