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At 2:29pm on May 4, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
i am such a nit-wit sometimes!! LOLLOL all the visits i have made here to your page, i never noticed you had posted link to your web page! i am wandering around now amongst your glorious creations. hubs loves ypur work, will send him the link also!
At 2:04am on March 9, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
yes! he thought it was awsome! he doesn't quite get how quilts like that are made lollol. he will be getting lessons in simplest form of art fusing with a couple of the blocks i am doing for my rr rows.

i rescued three orphan kittens this winter. little luvs survived ice storms, freezing temps ...i got them in just before the first snows, which were late thank goodness. while working w them to gain their trust. one "adopted" me. i wasn't supposed to show that i knew it tho, lollol. little thing would follow me around while i was oot putting fresh food and refilling the heated water dish. if i looked down, it would run and hide w the others. i stepped on it in the dark a few times but that didn't stop it from following me. then it started climbing my pants leg. long freezing time later i had the three of them so used to me and loving to play w the string toys i made for them out of selvedge strips & i was finally able to pick them up one at a time and haul into house. took several tries. anyway, the one that adopted me, continued to own me as i worked at socializing them and hoping i could get them rescued. which i did. but my little angle stayed here w me. she chose me. i am still in awe, that this little wild creature decided i was hers.


your little one sounds so awsome & intelligent! aren't cats amazing!? have you had a feline quilt assistent before?
At 1:12pm on March 8, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
just visited your latest posts! the dream quilt is becoming so wonderful! and love your kitty. he? she? will love to see how you work your furry companion into quilts in the future.
At 10:25am on February 25, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
oh! ....and one of his recent obsessions has been which volcanoes around the world are blowing...he is engineer, a brain that captures and traps minutia about whatever interests him lollol...never ask him about krackatoa or current erruptions...he will start & you will sooooo regret the asking :)) lollol!!! so...of course i am going to show him the first pic below ...i love it & he will too! and he is such a thoughtful sweetie at times, he loves my quilty stuff, the toys i make and is always wanting me to keep, not present the gift to intended individual. he tells me he likes my quilts better than others he sees. but art quilts!! he stands and looks, examines, discusses, sees details i missed ---but never once in all the years i have been quilting has he turned and looked at me and said "you could do that!" or "why don't you make quilts like that?" :))
At 10:18am on February 25, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
the picture is one of a work in progress...the one you posted is fine...shows a work in progress :)) ... not a finished work of art, which your quilts are. i love art quilts, love looking at each teeny tiny detail, then back up and look at the whole imagery flow that develops. your dreaming place could represent my dreaming place. real world, cuppa tea in hand. all lights off ... star shine on the river or best of all, full moon setting before dawn. my dream time allows a free flow of thought for plans for next stage of terraforming whatever home's yard i am currently living in; ideas for bright and colorful and how to do for grand daughters; idea for quilts etcetcetc. images are in my mind...those images seem to be going to stay forever as i have vivid recollections of views thru truck windows of astonishing landscapes, sky colors & more as we traveresed the turnpikes & back roads of america moving to the next job assignment.

send me the link for the group on google+, i dug out my little book of passwords and will check it out. as for joining... :)) i am more of a lurker. i am a member of the board, but seldom sign in, have a list of bookmarks for several sites similar to mqp & board...thought about joining but never seem to get around to it. when i can wander, read & ooooh & ahhhh at peoples beautiful creations that is enjoyment enough for me. unless someone i have become friends w. so many sameo sameo comments such as "wow" "beautiful" etc etc...i prefer to say what i think about style, fabric choices, design elements yadayadyada ...and THAT can take up a lot server space lol! your work is amazing...you should get it into Quilters Newsletter. i bet they would do an article on you and your style. and if this stuff comes to you in dreams ...:)) welcome to my world!! can hardly wait to tell the hubs tonight that i have met another dreamer! tho mine are not of quilts...and the colors not so bright...but they are as full of detail & thought as your incredible quilted dream interpretations.
At 7:23pm on February 23, 2014, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…
hey! how ya doin'?! i have a google plus account too, at insistent urging of my dds, but i never go there. the deal was that he could stay in touch w me better if i joined...all i ever hear from the site is alerts of the stuff he looks at online and comments on. hmph!! we do that thru email ...maybe i will find my google+ account password and look you up sometime. but other than reading, about the only social network site i log onto and actively participate any more is MQP. just no time for doing a lot of stuff on net, other than read.

oh ... i thought you amd i were already on each other's friends list? oh well. you & your incredible creations have been missed! good to see you wander in....
At 11:06pm on October 29, 2013, Chef Lisa said…

Love your Hippie Bags on your Etsy page.

At 11:06pm on October 29, 2013, Chef Lisa said…

 Just here to introduce myself and welcome you to MQP.

Sometimes we are not sure where to visit on this site but I wanted to let you know that I have a group of quilters that are doing several different quilts, the Blooming Nine and the Jewel Box. We are posting pictures with our choices of fabrics and progress. Carla Walton has done several of the Blooming Nine’s, as she is our administrator. Come on over to view what we are doing at http://myquiltplace.com/group/batik-strip-swap/forum/topics/projects-and-pictures?xg_source=activity.

To do the Jewel Box we have a Batik Strip Swap going on and we are using those strips for the Jewel Box. We just started a Charm Square Swap of either Batik or 100% cotton at http://myquiltplace.com/group/charm-square-swap?xg_source=activity today to use with our Jewel Box Quilt project and the newest TWISTER quilts. Just come on over to join and then you can decide if you want to swap or just do the quilt projects.

At 8:05am on February 26, 2013, Michelle McD said…

Hey Faye! Nice to meet you!

At 6:58pm on February 13, 2013, Boo Chura said…

Faye, you are my first friend!  I am honored by your request.  Haven't figured my way around yet, so if you have any tips or suggestions, I would be grateful.

At 11:06am on October 15, 2012, Elizabeth Phillips said…

Hi Faye,

I love all your zippered bags, especially the one with the beaded fringe.  They should sell well.

I attended a demo of how to make the zippered bags and I bought the kit - but there it sits as a UFO!  I also took a course with Karen Perrine on how to make beaded fringe - very time consuming .  And they have to be just right - not too tight or the fringe won't swing.

At 4:31pm on August 3, 2012, Elizabeth Phillips said…

Hi Faye,

Thank you for asking me to be your friend.  I now have 2 friends in our on-line quilting group.  I just love your latest creations with the wolf and peacock fabrics.

At 1:13pm on December 14, 2011, Linda Hubalek said…

Welcome Quilter Friend!

Just wanted to pop in to say “hello” and introduce myself. I’m Linda Hubalek, fellow quilter and author from Kansas. Books about pioneer women are my specialty, with a cooking or a quilting theme mixed into each historical fiction series.

My Trail of Thread historical fiction book series, written in the form of letters sent back home, describes my ancestors’ wagon trail journey and homesteading in Kansas. Each book mentions twelve old-time quilt patterns, and I put drawings of them in the back of the books.

So if you like to read—besides quilting—please enjoy my blog and book excerpts on my website. Besides printed as paperbacks, my ten books are also available for your Kindle or Nook. (Good choice for Christmas gifts, or yourself, because the ebooks are on sale now!)

I have about a dozen quilts made by my great grandmother, (that we used all the time when I was a kid) so I’m into antique quilts and patterns. What kind of quilts and patterns do you like to work with?

Happy quilting and reading!

Linda Hubalek

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