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At 8:23am on October 20, 2012, Ginny Scott said…

Hi Lyn,  I just took a moment to watch your slide show.  Are these machine embroidered & your design?  Are they small quilts?  They are beautiful!

At 8:49pm on October 9, 2012, Ginny Scott said…

Hi Lyn,

I live not far from you, in Elma.  We have a Peony farm here which was moved from Shelton in 2005.  I grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula in Port Orchard.  Are you doing the Mystery Quilt?

At 9:17am on October 9, 2012, Kathy Monson said…

Thanks Lyn, that would be wonderful. 

At 6:03pm on October 5, 2012, Cathy McClelland said…

be safe Lyn, It is very dry here as well and be are all worried if a fire should break out, thing is we only have one way out if one should start. We really do need rain and lots of it, even the salmon cant get up the rivers to spawn the water is so low. You would thuink that living on the west coast things would be damp, but not this year.  Thank goodness that our well is deep and we have lots of water for the house and garden. Everyone's blocks are sure looking good, will be fun to see the finished projects.

At 9:59pm on October 4, 2012, Francie Gross said…

YES! I'm a hoarder!! I have more fabric than I'll ever use in two or three lifetimes, not to mention beads, embellishments, threads, tools and gadgets, and books... oy... the books I have that may never be read as they deserve to be read! I don't hoard much else except my art stuff, but that's enough. I love to look through my fabrics... handle them, think about the quilts I'll make with them, how to embellish them, what shows to enter them in, who to gift them to. I love being creative... it's something I MUST do!

The same goes for my music... okay, I confess, I DO hoard music. I still have pieces of sheet music I played when I was just starting piano lessons when I was 4. That was 66 years ago, fercryinoutloud! I have my first organ study books from when I was 10. I have all of my harp music from college, even though I sold my harp in 1978 and haven't played since... I can dream about getting another harp and picking up where I left off, can't I???

I just read Ellen Anne Eddy's blog post about you... she called you one of her favorite lunatic quilters! What an honor! Like you, I have a burning need to create, but I've always know fabric was my medium and haven't tried anything else. I've tried all manner of fabric creativity, though. This weekend, I'm piling on another new class - with Marlene Glickman, working with embellishing silk. Will I ever use the wealth of knowledge I expect her to impart to me? Who knows... I just know I HAVE to learn how to do this, HAVE to add this skill to my brain. I want to learn everything I can about fabric, and to share it with others and bring light and loveliness into their lives. In that respect, I guess I'm a hoarder of knowledge, as well as other things.

Thanks for this mind challenge!!

At 10:57am on October 1, 2012, Gina Koston said…

Yeah...I know!  I have to have time to sew or I will go nuts...LOL!

At 4:57pm on September 30, 2012, Gina Koston said…

I agree with you 100%... Brian is my best friend...and he has told me that I am his.  I truly hope he is my lifetime partner...I'm tired of broken relationships. 

At 2:46pm on September 27, 2012, Gina Koston said…

Yes, I am.  My son's dad and I got divorced in 2003.  We share custody and placement of our son, who is now 12 years old.  Yes, my profile picture is of me and my boy.  He was being silly and made a face when the picture was taken.  LOL!

I do have a wonderful boyfriend though...we've been dating since last December and it's been going very well.  He's very good with my son, and he has a son the same age.  The two boys get along together very well, too!  I'd like to get married again, someday.  I'm hoping Brian feels the same way...only time will tell.  He hasn't been divorced as long as I have...and his past relationship left him with zero self esteem or trust in women...therefore, I have a lot of patience with him!  He's a good man...worth waiting for!  My parents and grandparents just love him to grandma says he's a keeper and to hang onto this one!  LOL!

At 1:12pm on September 27, 2012, Gina Koston said…

Oh wow, Lyn!  I don't think I could do all that stuff myself like you do!  I just learned how to can last month, and made pickles, dilly beans, jams, pickled beets, pickled sweet cherries, salsa, etc...I went nuts, but it took so much time!  

I had to take on a 2nd day job is only part time, and it's a 45 min drive from home one way, so I go through a lot of gas in my 8 cylinder Mercury Grand Marquis car!  LOL!  I love the car, but it uses the gas!  So now I'm working as a cook/bartender for a local supper club, part time nights and weekends.  It takes away a lot of my sewing time, which is a bummer, but I can't do anything about it until I can find ONE full time job, so I don't have to work 2 part time jobs.

I think it's wonderful how you've been able to change your lifestyle!  I know I would have a really hard time with it.

At 2:14pm on September 25, 2012, Jeanne Jordan said…

Hi, Lyn,  I hope you are feeling much better!  I'm not familiar with what the treatment is, hope it's rest & a speedy recovery.  I'd love the play date!  I'm drawn to art quilting, but love the mystery quilts for learning techniques & ideas.  My thread painting teacher has been Libby Lehman; I took her Threadplay 1 workshop a couple years ago.  I'll post some quilt pictures when I get home next week.

At 1:11pm on September 25, 2012, Krista Surratt Damery said…

Thanks for the smile Lyn!  'Tis my daughter (my mini-me).  Just 4 and she does actually do some sewing with me as does my 6 yr old son.  Have to start them early!  Cheers.

At 10:51pm on September 24, 2012, Caren Eicke said…

Lyn, Thanks for your kind words and being friends on this together.  The mystery is hard to take.  I am hoping to quilt on the pink on my quilt to lighten it up.  I wish is was much lighter but this is from scraps since I have so many.

Your work is wonderful. So beautiful, you can see that you have a good amount of experience.

At 1:42pm on September 24, 2012, Jeanne Jordan said…

Lyn, Your work is gorgeous!  I'll catch up on your blog when I get some free time.  We'll be semi-neighbors soon.  We'll be moving from Florida to near Port Ludlow, where we've vacationed for 12 years.  I simply love the Pacific Northwest.  Though, my childhood home is only a few miles from Weeks & Bill.  I got to the Jefferson County quilt show on Saturday, & enjoyed the talented quilters.

At 9:08pm on September 23, 2012, Maxine Hague said…

Thank you so much for your kind words!  I have only been quilting since I retired about 3 years ago. I started out trying to do the more traditional simpler blocks then blundered across some blogs of modern quilters one day...I was ruined! 

I love to look at and admire art quilts. Yours are just beautiful! I tried a small one one time...we won't talk about the outcome..(sigh) was sad.

At 12:24pm on September 23, 2012, Charlie Petersen said…

Hi Lyn - I found you on Facebook, but it would let me friend you. My picture on FB is the same as the first one I had on here, just a closer crop. Have a good one! Charlie

At 12:40am on September 23, 2012, Bill Kerr said…

Hi Lyn,

I didn't want to distract from the mystery project, but you can see lots of our work at (we're soon moving the site to but for now it's still at You can also keep up with our goings on by liking Modern Quilt Studio on Facebook. Thanks for your interest in my work!


At 12:32am on September 23, 2012, Francie Gross said…

I'm glad you like my quilts. I've never been to Africa, and it doesn't look like I ever will, but I've taken classes from several teachers from Africa, and they've been my inspiration. I just love the color and patterns in African fabrics, and I usually go crazy when I find a good supply, so I have a nice stash to work from. I was thinking of doing the mystery quilt in African fabrics... maybe I still will if I like the way the first one turns out!

At 4:08pm on June 27, 2012, Vicki Gillespie said…

Hi Lyn,

What was I thinking? Of course. The quilt that caught my attention was the sunflowers. 
Quilters Digest is a full color newspaper available free to the consumer through their supplier. Hopefully you have seen a copy. Our Reader's Gallery features projects from readers. The work does not need to be original. You just send a high resolution image (the full size from the camera before it is downsized for the web) and a paragraph or two about the project. We also like to include a photo of you. We choose projects based on making sure we have a good variety of things other quilters would find interesting, so any size project is acceptable.
I hope you will feel like sharing a photo with us, and if so, we will send you a couple of copies of the issue it appears in. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Love your work!
Vicki Gillespie
Quilters' Digest
PO Box 922 Newaygo, MI 49337
At 7:55am on June 8, 2012, Jennifer Schifano Thomas said…

Oh Lyn!  I wish you had left them in the picture!  Grand-twins...that must be a lot of fun.  It's great to meet you.  I, too am living in a small town, but we have a great quilting meet-up place, Miss Lou's Quilting Studio, and I am only 35 miles North of Raleigh, NC.  There are a lot of opportunities for quilt shopping in my area.  I am lucky.  I hope you find yourself lucky in your new community, too.  Have a super day!


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