Yes, yes, and yes! 15 quilt tops done 12 days ahead of schedule

Last night about 8 PM I finished the 15th quilt top, a quick and easy little number in flannel.  I stood still for just a few minutes to savor it before pouring myself a drink and thinking, "Okay, so what is next?"  Here are pictures of the last three quilt tops made since my last post:

You can see more pictures of all three in my albums.  I am very pleased in how they turned out and that they came so quickly together.  I will admit I am feeling a bit "out to sea" today because I do not have a quilt top to rush home to.  I suspect I will get over that quickly.

Next comes the embroidery on the backs.  I typically embroider my signature and the date, a dedication to the person receiving the quilt and a pertinent quote. Since I do not know who is getting which quilt, I think each one will say, "To my family with love."  I put together 15 (short) quotes about Christmas so I am ready in that respect.  I think I will put "2013 - the Year of the Christmas Quilt" on each quilt with its respective number 1-15 in the series.  The thread for the embroidery is quite pricey so I do not want to get carried away on writing (besides, it is time consuming). 

After the embroidery is done, I will start pinning.  I have five quilt batts to get me started, three 100% natural cotton and two polyester.  For some quilts, I want the traditional flatter look a cotton batt gives; for others, I will want the loft a polyester batt affords.  I found a really good deal on cotton quilt batts this weekend at Joann but I did not jump at it (bought only three) because I am not sure how many will be cotton batted.  If I can pin them them three batches of five each, that would be very good - less strain on my back than if I pin them all at once and I am not sure I have enough quilting pins for 15 quilts (I have about 7000 pins from "Road to California" the last big quilt I did).  No basting these quilts.  I just do not have the time.

My sewing room is re-arranged for quilting so I am just about ready to go.  I am going to quilt them in the reverse order of which I made the tops so the last will get quilted first - mostly because that is how they are stacked on the table in my quilt room.   All quilting will be very simple (again time) and I figure I have to do 2-1/2 quilts per month to meet my target goal of Thanksgiving 2013.


Okay, here we go again!

Happy Quilting!


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Comment by sue brigle on May 22, 2013 at 12:50pm

good for you!   and all so pretty as well!!

Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on May 21, 2013 at 10:24pm

Riana:  I will not top this, ever!

Comment by Riana Noyes on May 21, 2013 at 9:57pm

Ginnie, you are SO ambitious to do quilts for 15 of your family members.( l don't even have 15, since my DH & l both only children)...guess you didn't want to have one jealous of what other got. But it does beg the question,-   how will you top this for next year? llol.

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