Variations on a theme - the Christmas chicken quilts that landed in Oak Park, Illinois

My kids are giving me a hard time, lovingly, but a hard time nonetheless.  It would seem that over the course of creating the 15 quilts of the project 2013 - The Year of the Christmas Quilt, I became obsessed (their word, not mine) with chicken.  Now granted, I do like the idea of chickens and fresh eggs and non-chemically enhanced, free range chickens providing the meat that lands on my dinner table and I have tossed around the idea of having a few chickens in our backyard (yes, the city of Greensburg would allow it) but obsessed? 

I will confess that two of the Christmas quilts did have a chicken theme but that was an accident of really cute fabric.  The first, "Christmas Chicken in the Pines," became a chicken quilt when I chose to use the French provincial chicken fabric my mother, Ramona brought back from Paris for me.  Here is that quilt and its happy new owners, my nephew and niece, Rob and Laura Mitchum.

Based on the traditional pattern called Cardinal in the Pines, the red triangle in each block represents a bird.  Since the French fabric had chickens on it, I changed the title a bit to make it my own.  

Rob and Laura live in Oak Park, Illinois with their adorable (and incredibly smart) 2 year old Dean.  Laura is an MD and Rob has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and works for the University of Chicago.  I guess we could call them a paradox.  I wonder how many times they get that one.  Laura and Rob picked out the first quilt when it was their turn and then repeated the Chicken theme with Dean's quilt, "Christmas in the Coop" which my sister Denise renamed "Coup d'Ville."

So let's review:  one family, two chicken quilts.  Is there someone else who is chicken obsessed or was this all just a happy accident? 

To be fair, I think my children may have a point.  Each summer when we attend the County Fair here in Pennsylvania, George and I are always delighted to visit the chicken tent and see all the exotic birds that fall under that general label.  Some of them are quite amazing; they look like rock stars!  Becky, by way of teasing me, bought me a chicken book for Christmas this year and it is quite fascinating.  And, I still have more of that French provincial chicken fabric in the attic, begging to be made into a quilt so someday, if I am really, really good, I may have my very own chicken quilt.  The chickens in the backyard, I think that will have to wait til retirement!

Have a great February day!


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