Priscilla, your email asked me to contact you after seeing my profile. I'm not seeing your friend invite on here and mousing over your email address gives me a warning message.

Please re-invite and/or comment here w/your last name so I can verify and reply? Sorry to seem wary, but I've had some trouble with bad email links and just want to be sure you are legit before I respond. Thanks,

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Comment by sue brigle on October 30, 2013 at 6:02pm

It has definitely become a cautionary world.   It's a shame that the easier communication has also made it so much easier for the ones that take advantage of others.   You just can't be too careful now days.

Comment by Christine Bickel on October 28, 2013 at 7:13pm

I, too, last week, received a request from a Priscilla Fattah.  But not seeing anything in MQP with her name, I decided to contact MPQ to have "them" check it out.  I haven't received a response yet, but it just seemed too fishy to me.  Also, (s)he started the email with     Hello, Dear!    which I also thought really odd and fishy.  If I had found that name in MQP, maybe I would have answered, so I'm very glad I did not.

I recently had both my debit and credit card hacked, so I'm very, very cautious now.

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on October 28, 2013 at 12:58pm
if you look for her page, i think you will find it gone. there have been a few pricills, priscillas etc just different name spellings here @ mqp recently. if the contacter wants you to use private email...i would just ignore them. mqp email contact is secure & safe. baddies will be filtered out. but baddies might not be recognized as such by your personal email provider - i.e. hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. just a thought for caution. last year someone responded to a request like you describe and not only her personal email, but then her son's email were compromised. probably priscilla and others like her are spreading email virus using peoples contact lists. can't happen if we stay safe and use MQP email contact program.

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