One of the nice things about retirement, is that while everyone else goes to work, we get to travel & play! In late Sept., we decided to take our motorhome eastward. We had realatives we seldom see that were docking at Quebec while on a cruise, so a rendezvous was set up.From eastern Ontario, where we reside, it was a short drive to Cornwall. Then, next day we crossed into the prov. of Quebec (which is primarily French-speaking). The signs all seemed strange at first, but then my highschool French started to come back to me:) We stayed in Levy across the St. Lawrence from the city if Quebec.What we saw on our drive was similar to home, rural areas with subtle colour change on the trees.

     Next day we saw the city with our relatives.They are a very energetic couple, she at 84 and he at 101! We walked all over "old town", built within a huge wall, (old fortifications). Here the roads are cobbled and steep. Lovely old stone buildings with steeply pitched roofs wind up a hillside , affording a view of the river from almost anywhere. Lots of boutiques and restaurants, and charming folk helping visitors from all over the world. We went up the incline elevator to the boardwalk by the fantastic Chateau Frontenac Hotel (presiding like a huge castle over it's domain), then after lunch, headed back to the ship to say our goodbyes. Next day we went to see the modern parts of the city, and the huge indoor fleamarket.We tow our car behind the R.V. so we can go anywhere.

     On Sun., we headed eastward to New Brunswick. Lovely rolling hills, and the old Lauretian Mt. range gave us the full benefit of maples in orange & red, and birch in gold.We stayed a night in Fredericton, but we didn't tour around on this trip.The following morning took us to the coast, and we crossed the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Is.

     Here the trees were still green (ocean effect), and the homes and gardens showing a civic pride unseen to me in most rural areas. Lovely gardens,and well maintained barns & outbuildings were the norm. With only one city (Charlottesville), the rest of the island is a maze of narrowish (to our motorhome) roads, and villages.The potato fields were being harvested, so we got a good look at all the rusty-red earth PEI is famous for. We stayed in Cavendish, and spent 3 days enjoying local golf. At the beach, I waded into the Atlantic.(having done the same on the west coast a few yr. back in the Pacific) .On a cooler day,we went touring,saw lighthouses, stopped at a seaside restaurant, a toy "factory" (wooden toys for the grandkids) then on to Charlottesville  quilt shop- hopping along the way.(Got  PEI tarton fabric, & lighthouse pattern). We enjoyed dinner at an authentic Irish pub.

     A ride on a huge ferry (along with transports) took us to Nova Scotia. We drove to our destination near Halifax. Most of the province is coastal towns with fishing as the main industry , while the inland is rugged, and suitable for cattle and sheep. We experienced the past at the citadel in Halifax, a canon fired at noon, demo's of the old equipment/firearms, and a lovely view of the harbour. Later we drove to Peggy's Cove, a very photogenic town with it's lighthouse on the rocks and quaint old fishing shacks etc. (of course this is not the norm, as fishing industry now uses state-of the-art trawlers & docking systems).Along the way was one of the cutest farmer's markets I've ever seen, and I got photos that I'll use in future for needlework. Lunenburg, where we saw masted ships at dock, was a lovely town, and I found lots of souvenirs, (but alas the quilt shop was closed ,Thanksgiving in Canada). Before leaving , we toured a small woolen mill, (got yarn to knit a jacket), then we headed homeward, back through New Brunswick again,  Quebec ,to Ontario. It rained a bit on way, and we were thankful that the fall weather had been so nice fr our trip.

     We've decided to go back again, and on this occasion see NewFounland and stop longer in New Brunswick. We'll go earlier in the year, as many of the attractions were closed for the season after Labour Day. All in all, I have to say I'm awed by the beatiful and diverse country we live in.


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Comment by Lana Laqua on October 18, 2012 at 11:05am
Sounds like a great trip! I love Quebec City! I've been twice and it still one of my favorites. There is so much scenery in eastern Canada/the maritimes. I loved Cabot trail in Nova Scotia, and the "flower pot rocks" in New Brunswick.
Comment by Karen Lightman on October 16, 2012 at 7:48am

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I enjoyed reading about it : )

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on October 15, 2012 at 2:48pm

Hi Riana,

I read about your trip.  Great job!  It is very simlar to the places we went to on our trip to the Maritimes.  It's good that you wrote about it now while the trip is still fresh in your mind.  Do you have some photos too?

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