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  I just read Ellen Anne Eddy’s Blog about hoarding and I began to look around me and see if I too was a hoarder. Well, yes, I guess I am, but why? What is it about a creative person that makes us keep everything?

  I still have a size 9 dress that I just love, of course I haven’t been able to wear it for at least 29 years! Why do I still have it? I am pretty sure, even if I lost weight, I would never again wear a size 9 or that dress, it is for a much younger woman then I. Why do I still have it? Maybe it can be used to make something new, something that I will love just as much, something, someday.

  When I was a mosaic artist, before my hands grew tired, I could see the possibilities of how different objects would look, mosaic. Like a tabletop, a flower pot, any piece of furniture, and even the pictures floating in my mind. Then I would see the ceramics and dishes that I used to create my tile pieces and I could see how I would cut them and remake them. The creative mind is an interesting study in eclectic thinking! I still have all those odd ceramic pieces and tons of beautiful dishes, that someday, I will find a use for.

  I now fill my world with fabric, threads, hundreds of patterns and books about sewing, and all the new gadgets I can get my hands on, because, someday, I will use them to create something wonderful and fulfilling. Yes, creating is fulfilling and for me the need to do it, is over whelming. My mind is constantly filled with ideas of how to make my world more beautiful to me and at the same time, I am hoping that other people will also find my world beautiful.

  Am I a hoarder? Yes! Are you? 

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Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on June 1, 2012 at 1:55pm
in this context, yes..i am a hoarder. there i have committed in print! but, like you, i see something and sometimes, immediately, an image forms in my mind of what i will do with it, or all the possibilities of things i can do or uses i can put it to. sometimes there is just a vague thought/recognition of potential creative use for it...and then after i have stashed it for some time..i am pondering an issue..and the it doesn't go explodes in bright burst of AH! HA! light. and then i enter into manic until i have completion, almost as if i cannot stop for fear of losing the vision.

creativity is to my mind the most awsome blessing HE gave each of us. my son was a creative child...thought surely he would spend his life in his love of graphic arts...instead he does comp programming & has made a name for himself for the way he so creatively writes code & solutions to coding issues ...creativity takes so many forms in each of i said, the greatest blessing that He gave us.

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