How many injuries have you had over the years of quilting?  Oh the agony we can go through wondering every time we get hurt how long will it be before I can quilt.  I have poked my fingers so many times I can't even tell you, but I have some scars from them.  Now the Rotary is another thing, I have two long ones that while looking at my ruler I forgot to watch where my hand was, yup I did it right across the knuckles.  Then there was the time that I thought I had everything in place and that darn rotary took my fingernail with it, OUCH.  But the worse was my Industrial Bernina, now I have to explain an Industrial, they are high powered and high speed (the motor is on the outside of the machine) when in use it can make my studio rock n roll!  Well she did it to me, watching my long strip buzzing through the machine and all of a sudden a guessed it the needle went right through the nail, didn't feel it until I tried to take my finger out.  I had to detach the needle from the machine.  Should I or shouldn't I go to emergency??  I wanted to finish that quilt square, so I sat down, took a deep breath and pulled it out....HOLY OUCH @#@#@#@#.  Like every quilter who is drawn to her machine nothing was going to keep me down.....just keep quilting and you will be happy and forget all of your pains.


So how many injuries have you had?  If you haven't yet, count yourself blessed but warned that you will receive the highest honor in quilting, the Badge of Courage ~ A QUILTING SCAR.

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Comment by Harriet Campbell on June 24, 2011 at 2:47pm
I been there done that I  hit my knuckle and had to keep it in a splint for 3 day because when I would bend it would bleed I work in a Library and it was not a good thing to bleed on the books. Away I have to have surgery on my right hand two knuckles and my wrist I go back to the Dr's July 5 to set a date looking for word for no pain but not the time lost at the sewing time Happy
Comment by QuilterBridget on June 24, 2011 at 12:12pm
When I very first started I was extra careful with the cutter; I was so worried about dropping it on my foot or something.  While I was worrying that I should put shoes on, I slipped and cut my finger.  Even though it required a trip to ER it wasn't that bad; you can hardly see the scar now.  I can still remember that creepy feeling knowing what you did, but not wanting to see it.
Comment by Nancy Hubbard on June 23, 2011 at 5:14pm

The pinky on my left hand received a jolt one night.  It was 11 p.m.  I was working on the long arm and I heard it before I felt it...but yes I quilted over it.  Off to the ER...and returning home close to 2 in the morning with 4 stitches.  Needless to say there was not a drop of blood on the quilt...the industrial needle broke in half so I had to go hunting for one part as the other remained in the machine.  I did not go near the frame for about 10 days and in that time frame, I removed my own 4 stitches about 7 days after being 'stitched' up...and however gross it may sound, I taped those stitches in my journal along with the story, of course.

That part of my pinky is still numb and there is a zig-zag scar that zig's 1/4 inch in one direction and zags a 1/4 inch in another.  I've told  myself I now will have a 1/4" reference whenever I need one.  Although I can pretty much judge 1/4" by the eye...I use this little reference just for fun and then share the story if anyone asks...LOL

And reading your post has made me aware I do have a Badge of Courage!!!  Thanks, Mona....

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