My first born granddaughter, Ruby Charlotte is only 4 years old.  She is normal sized as 4 year olds go, maybe a little tall and fun to be with.  She and her brother (and mom and dad of course) spent nine days with us at Thanksgiving and as soon as they left, I got started on finishing up her Christmas quilt and here it is.  The funny thing is (and the reason I mentioned her age and size) is this quilt is gi-normous!   It is about 94 x 94 inches and has 4,710 cut squares and Christmas tree pieces in it.  It weighs a ton and the poor child will not be able to lift it for a decade!

I started on this quilt while recuperating from knee surgeries 4 and 5 last year and by the time it was ready to be backed, I had plenty of fabric left over but did not have enough of any one fabric to back it so, necessity being the mother of invention and me needing to do something ELSE with this enormous project, I made her a pieced back.  Here it is.

Presto! Chango! a two sided quilt!  I want to take a  minute here and explain the center grid of blocks because their arrangement is very critical to understanding my granddaughter, Ruby.  Ruby is very smart.  She knows all about following the rules and getting along with others.  She is very successful at pre-school! But she is also a unique, creative, one of a kind kid. So, you see that square that is tilting its way right out of the grid?  Every once in awhile, that's my Rubykins! 

The dedication reads, "For my granddaughter, Ruby Charlotte Osborn with love." Below in the lower right is my signature, the date (Christmas 2018) and location where made (Greensburg, PA).  Rubykins, I got it done by Christmas.  Grammy Gigi loves you with all her heart.  Please don't hurt yourself picking this thing up until you are at least 14!

Merry Christmas from here!

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