I have returned from my jaunt with loads of fabric, a new husband, and the flu.  Yikes.  We got in late last night and I kind of threw stuff at my sewing room.  After my death march to finish 4 quilts for grand daughters (mission accomplished) my sewing room is in a bit of a shamble.  The final quilt was finished and bound at 6pm the night before we left.  Sewing machines all over luckily you cannot see the mess on the other side of the table, thread, machingers, leader and enders!  Yikes.

Pile of scrap fabric, and batting under the ironing board, fabric laying all over. Sorry for the wonky photo.

My cutting table covered with rotary cutters, left over binding, rulers, extra cutting mats, new fabric acquisitions, newly sharpened scissors (Thanks DAD!), patters via mom, and of course a huge bag of chocolate, and underneath it all my poor Easy street quilt parts waiting to be put together. 

Had a wonderful time visiting my family, a little bit of antiquing, quilt shopping, and lots of time with the female grand minions.  It was wonderful.  So while I work at cleaning up this disaster and recover from the flu, and a snow day for the male minion persuasion say a little prayer for me.  :) 

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Comment by Colette LeFever on January 28, 2013 at 5:57pm

Rogue thanks.  There are definitely different strains of flu out there especially between the east coast/midwest and west coast.  Finally feeling a wee bit better. 

I lucked out at Fabric Depot they had a 30% off sale, on all fabrics (I barely made it there on the last day which was Monday) and I also had a 35% off coupon.  I ended up with 10 yds of batiks for my strip swap and my stash for about $100.  Not too bad considering I have very expensive tastes when it comes to Batiks.  :)

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on January 28, 2013 at 11:04am
comsider it done!

hmmmm...you go to portland for a week & come home sick. i went to portland for a week, sick all the way home and still sick. think maybe we should quarantine portland till flu season over? lollol

piles of fabric and bag of chocolate! wow! so, what did you think of discount fabrics? were the batik selections as wonderful as my severely aching head and fevered eyes thought it did?

congatulations again on your nuptuals...may you have many years of quilting bliss in you little corner of heaven while he sits in his corner with the tv...:))

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