Some of my still-working friends have asked "how's  retirement effecting your life?" They're as apprehensive as I was . I totally enjoyed my business, it's all I talked of & was absorbed by. Now it's been over 3 yr., and they ask, "don't you miss it?" The answer is a resounding "No".I don't miss the working world, I've moved on. I did miss the comraderie of those I worked with, especially since I moved, but now we have internet:)

Those who are concerned with "too much of a good thing" get confused between vacation, and retirement. David & I have had the many personal and financial crises that effect everone's life together, but we've always  had a good marriage, (44 yr. now), and that doesn't change after retirement. Unlike a vacation, where there's pressure to "have fun or else", there's no backdrop of work to compare time spent with. In preparation for retirement, we got a motorhome, and made some plans. House repairs, car purchase etc. all needed to be done while we still had incomes. Like  adjusting to married life after being single,a couple has to make some adjustments.

We have a balance of "together" , and "apart" activities. Together we enjoy golf, 50-60's sock hops & concerts, classic car shows , and volunteering at A.R.K. David has woodworking and model trains for those rainy days, while I enjoy all types of needlecraft (especially quilting). If not for this it could have been more difficult to spend 4 mo. together in a 40 ft. R.V. For other couples it could be bridge, squaredancing, fishing, the main thing is to enjoy each other while we can, and to enjoy all that life brings while we can. It can be grandkids , or a sunny day in the park...doesn't have to cost a thing, Life is short, and we're a long time dead (as some wise person once said).

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Comment by Lora Frisch on August 21, 2012 at 4:03pm

Retirement gave me the time to explore fabric crafts.  For years, I'd been a programmer and computer system administrator, there was so much to learn to stay in my field that I had little time for anything else.  The last few years I worked I joined the Embroiderers' Guild.  After retiring, It felt so good to work on fabric as opposed to the ephemeral of learning the next computer application.

Comment by Ethelda Hillsman on August 19, 2012 at 3:52pm

We've been retired 16 years. I couldn't agree more with you on all points. It doesn't take a lot of money (except maybe for my fabric addiction, lol). We also do many things together, but I have my quilting and he has HAM radio. We are never bored!

Comment by Michelle Costen on August 19, 2012 at 1:54pm


Unique individuality being shared in one beautiful life -  Living creatively and happily together...:) It sounds to me like your life has just begun.:)

Comment by viki hagan on August 19, 2012 at 12:17pm

Well put.

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