Last summer I got quilting fever and was on a roll, knocking out a bunch of quilts through the spring.  I've kind of gotten over it now.  This always happens to me with crafts.  I turn into a maniac for a while and can't put the needles, the hook, or the sewing machine down, but then eventually I get worn out and leave unfinished projects in my wake.  I have a few UFOs that I would really love to get done, but I have absolutely no desire to sit at my machine right now.  I really need to finish my comforter and a QFK top that is just hanging in my closet.  Hoping to start visiting the site more regularly in order to get inspired.  Fingers crossed I'll catch the bug again soon!

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Comment by Karen Cazad Adkins on October 8, 2012 at 11:29am

Julie, I totally understand about being in a slump....I do that with all my hobbies from time to time....sometimes due to lack of time to give the attention I want to a project; sometimes I truly get bored with the process...sometimes, like now, lack of money can contribute....don;t worry, the quilting bug will return..and generally with a vengeance, which will necessitate hours at the machine and in the fabric have a consistent stack of UFO's---generally I get the quilt top done, then I get frustrated finding the perfect backing fabric--or like I said, no money to  go buy the fabric to finish.....but then I get the bug back and to heck with all else--they all get done....then I have to start all over

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on September 27, 2012 at 10:24am
reading your post karen, realized that i don't really get in a slump when it comes to quilting. i am such a boring person, i have never, until recently made a quilt or started a a quilt just for fun. there has always been a recipient in mind from the purchase of the fabric, even when "buying" out of my stash, to the last stitch, usually late at night a day or two before to be presented. seems from the time i learned ro quilt, so that i would know how to quilt the tops i had inherited fr my grmother to now, hubby & i have found quilts in some form or another a "great" idea as special gift to mark someones milestone etc. now that life is slowing down ...& we be empty nesters & nearing retirement, the idea of making a quilt just for the fun of it is starting to seep into my brain. but not quite to the brain core yet. lol. currently...hexigon quilt blocks in various stages of completion and assembly were in big bag of scraps fr mil church group. a couple of times i have rec'd bags of precuts etc that have been purchased at yard sales w me as intended recipient. thank you to these special women..i will complete the hexigon quilt & donate to thier annual quilt fund raiser. they make tied quilts of colorful squares and hold annual funraiser auction. my thought...maybe this hexigon "quilted" quilt will add a bit more income and it can be my thank you for thier largess. oh, the bags of precuts are too small for thir uses, why i get them. my other wip started out selfishly enough, i love blue & yellow. ergo, go thru scraps, remnants leftovers to make myself a blu/yellow quilt! i even redrafted the pattern to reduce it to large lap quilt size. intended to be the FIRST quilt i have ever concieved/planned/intended for me & me alone! whoohoo time! but as i sit and work when time permits...time and life events have continued to toddle along around me. and this quilt is now intended for dear friend of hubby & i that we have traveled around the country with. we almost always got sent to the same jobs over the course of our construction bumming years. he has, like me, developed increasingly sever health issues, and , i don't know...sitting sewing one day, looking at the pretty clusters of colors in my growing scrap pretty, i thought of him. dh & i had been sorta worryingly discussing him recently. blu & yellow quilt has a beloved family friend in mind as recipient. lollol...someday i will sit down and make one for myself. when time stops running me ragged w "need to do" & "need to get that done" distractions and i can just sit and stitch for the sheer pleasure of it. and i can finally have my blue & yellow quilt, and quilt gramma's tops. but...well, that has become sorta shifted over to the "need to do" w special story will be quilted and passed to oldest grd another to the youngest. a slump...wish i had that sort of time..i really really do! lollol :))!!
Comment by Karen Lightman on September 27, 2012 at 9:12am

Rogue I am the exact same way...tho I rarely get in a slump.  I am too new to quilting for  What happens is I get bored with a wip and start another to keep me stimulated. I also have a serious OCD thing about finishing something so I only allow myself two or three things at a time and always finish them in the order they were started. But like you I always have one wip to fall back on.  If anything ever lands in the UFO drawer it means it was just too ugly to finish and will most likely never be quilted...or I'll finish it to give to the Union Mission for homeless people. 

On the brief occasion I do get in a funk and feel no desire to quilt it usually takes one magazine to get me back at it...hehe...I'm so easy! Good luck Julie...I hope you get back in the mood....the holidays are near, maybe you'll need the escape route from too much family...another reason I rarely get in a

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on September 25, 2012 at 8:55am
i understand. sometimes i feel like i must be a bit bipolar :)) . i spent a marathon day yesterday on working in side filler blocks and beginning borders of scrappy hexagon quilt top. so many other things that i should/coulda been doing. but there i sat...didn't even want to stop to eat, puppy is developing such excellent bladder control. lol now i will prob let it sit....for a while...prob long while...tho not too long as i came back down last night and pinned another border on. thank goodness dry climate...pins won't rust as the whole affair is set aside once more.

i go on these day long, sometimes longer, sessions. but it fills the need to be creative. it doesn't bother me at all if wip's languish for extended periods...there are so many things i need to do..and it is somehow comforting to know that if i just want to sit and be creative, i have a wip sitting ready to pick up and sit and stitch quiet w my fuzzys in attendance.

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