I went to the quilt show in Miamisburg yesterday. It was very nice. My favorite quilt shop was there among others. And some beautiful quilts on display. My favorite was a Dear Jane quilt done entirely by hand and my other favorite was the oldest quilt in the show. The oldest I have ever seen. It was found in someones attic. It was in fantastic condition, and it was made in the 1830's or 40's. So amazing to see such an old quilt. It is about 100 years older than my oldest quilt.  It was neat to see what some of the old fabrics looked like. It was beautiful. I just wish I would have taken pictures of these too quilts. I was so busy admiring them that I forgot to pull out my camera.

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Comment by Susan Bosshardt Sinks on April 29, 2012 at 9:30am

Dee-  I am so glad to hear about you hand quilting those old tops. I have a top that my great grandmother made, that I would like to hand quilt ( I do all my quilting and piecing by  hand) .   At the Miamisburg quilt show, there were a few quilts that the tops were quite old, that someone had sent out to be machine quilted. That would have been ok, but the did an overall quilting design ( my friend calls that scribbling on a quilt with thread) and it really took away from the beauty of those old tops.  I have also been told by an appraiser that if I quilt that old top, it will take away from its value because they appraise it as new, ( they appraise from when it was last worked on).  I say, it has more value because it can be used and enjoyed. And I will be honored to quilt on my great grandmothers quilt top.   It is great that you are auctioning those quilts off for a good cause. I hope you get what they are worth! Please post pictures when you can!

Comment by Dee Shreffler on April 28, 2012 at 4:15pm

We have a real nice quilt show here at Chatauqua Institute in Mayville, NY. It is in the fall and I'm already looking forward to it.I don't think I've ever seen a quilt from 1800's. We (Stitch in Time Quilters) have been handquilting a few from 1920's.  We have completed a Hexagon Star, working currently on a Double Wedding Ring, and have a Grandma's Flower Garden to layer and quilt this fall or winter. They all will end up in a benefit autcion for Heritage House (a childcare center).

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