My step father called one day and asked if I would make him a Kentucky Derby Hat Quilt. He and his new girlfriend want to raffle it off to benefit a battered woman's shelter in Florida. And...did I do embroidery? Because they wanted the hats to be embroidered!!! Uh HELL no I don't embroider!!! But you are in luck because I have a friend with a professional embroidery machine! My friend was kind enough to do 5 very beautiful hats for this quilt.


2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome and I was pretty depressed about it. Its an autoimmune disease attacking my moisture producing glands in my mouth, nose and eyes. This is a forever thing. I am not used to having things they can't fix! I have had 7 surgeries in my lifetime. There is no surgery to fix this.


The day after my diagnosis, my quilt guild president emails me and says that a lady had to cancel going to our weekend quilt retreat because she had emergency surgery. This lady does not want her money back, just wants to offer it out to someone else in the guild, and they are offering it to me!! Of course I went! I had such a blast! And I spent 25 hours of that weekend working on the hat quilt and got the top done! It came out fabulous! My very best piece work so far. I am very proud of it.


Now comes the hard part. Quilting it!! I have found some great ideas for quilting the flying geese and the border on pinterest, and I found some stencils on line that I am going to use. I just hope I can do as nice a job quilting it as I did piecing it.  I have also sketched out an idea or two. But how do you get those ideas from paper onto the quilt top? Do you use a light box and trace them? I don't think the dark fabric will show through. My thought was to copy them onto paper piecing paper and stiching right thru it. I don't know how bad the paper will slide all around though. I will have to try some samples first. The idea is too complex for a homemade template.


This is my dilema. How to get the ideas from paper to the quilt top. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Karen Lightman on November 4, 2013 at 3:35am

Some say you can draw your pattern on to some of that celephane that sticks...grasp...whatever. Draw your pattern on the celphane and it will stick to your quilt top. All you do is sew over it with a small stitch so the celephane will come off easily. I keep mispelling celephane I think but anyway....I think this is a good thing to try.

Comment by Lisa Wagner on November 3, 2013 at 10:27am

Thank you so much Sue. I will be machine quilting this on my home machine. I don't have a longarm machine yet. My husband promised me one when my daughter graduates from her very expensive school she is going to for the next 3 years! LOL. And I do as little hand work as I can get away with : ).

Comment by sue brigle on November 3, 2013 at 8:24am

WOW, beautiful! So very well made!!   Do you machine quilt or hand quilt?? If you machine quilt, can't you draw it out and follow with the laser?   If you hand quilt maybe you could make a stencil? Whoever wins this will be a very lucky person.  However it gets done, it is going to be beautiful.

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