Jim and Ramona Tennison with "The Old Man's Log Cabin" and the Warren great grandchildren

Mothers and daughters.  The eternal struggle to both define ourselves as "nothing like our mothers" and cherish those things that make us alike. We look so much alike, my mother and I, that MY grandson, Wyatt calls her Gramma Gigi, which is his name for me. We both love books and movies, good food and wine, and we could talk, talk, talk forever.  Politically and religiously, we are farther apart but on the basics, I think we can agree on most things and the important thing, that no matter what happens, LOVE ANYWAY.  So many times in my life, through bright moments and disappointments, kids, in-laws, and divorce, job loss, and betrayals, exciting new opportunities, cross country moves, and health challenges, I have heard her voice in my head (and over the phone), encouraging me to choose to love.  Love anyway.  It has become my mantra.

My mother and I have had an interesting and unconventional life story. We have spent many years apart from each other, not by our own choosing.  We have reunited and started the relationship over.  When I had my first child, she changed her life, moving from California to Illinois to be close to her first grandchild and I. So we lived within 3 hours of each other in the Midwest and "Gramma weekends" were the best things ever for me and my daughters.  When she was called to a church in Parkersburg, West Virginia, I moved out to Southwest Pennsylvania to marry George and we were within three hours of each other again.  Now she has retired to Southern California and I must share her with my brother, Greg and his family.  Love anyway.

My mother is one of the youngest great-grandmothers I know and here she is with her husband Jim and four of her six great grands.  Early on, my  mom was one of my greatest quilt fans and supporters and always encouraged me to be the best I could be.  I am sure she is actively cheering on these young ones now.  We are all so lucky to have her. 

Merry Christmas, Mom and Jim.  We love you.

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