Snowball wrecked my old foam exercise mat. This cheap, thin, foam wasn't much to look at, but it did the job. So, I decided to measure it ( @ 20 x 74) and make myself a replacement.

My drawer of scrap strip pieces was pretty full from a season's sewing. I separated the bright/solids from the other prints etc., and sewed together a group of strips from each pile. I ended up making a "good " side with a somewhat planned transitions of solids in the longest ones, then a back piece out of the random lengths of leftovers. I could have used anything here, squares, rectangles, or gone horizontally. Just make a piece of fabric bigger than needed by 3" L and 3"W.

Next I made up the batting (also from scraps). Since I had some of the thick wiry stuff for bumper pads, I used those by whip stitching them together, plus some regular batting. It has to be thick, about 3 layers of regular polyester batting should do.

Here is my sandwich. I spray basted it together, and added a couple of safety pins for good measure.

I decided to stitch in the ditch from the "good" side,and allow the stitching to fall where it may on the back. The thread is heavy duty machine quilting thread by Guiterman. I used the walking foot and a long stitch, necessary due to the thickness. Even so, I found I still needed to "help" the fabric through. This was not as easy as I thought!

Finally the piece is quilted,and after measuring it, I marked a straight line with pencil to where the finished edges would be.  I found I'd lost 2 1/2" in width due to the quilting, but none of the length. I set the machine to zig zag, and followed my pencil line. Next I trimmed off the excess. Then it's back to my scrap drawer for some binding.

I measured, and found I needed to piece @ 200 " of my 2.75"wide strips to go around. Not bias. I also cut 2 x 36" x 1.25" for ties.

The binding was double, and all machine sewn, because of heavy wear. After that was on, there was just the ties to do. I sewed the 2 ties up the length, folding in the raw edges ( even the ends). To find their best placement, I rolled up the mat, and tried them out for position. I could have changed them here, before sewing on , if I'd found they weren't long enough, but they were OK.

As you can see, I sewed mine  along the line where I stitched the binding on They are 7" from edges of mat, and 8" from "ends" of ties (asymmetric) I went over 2-3 x to secure them.

So here it is. Now I can keep fit for all that golf and gardening!

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