I am so enjoying the New Year Challenge for 2014.  I have been able to finish at least one project a month.  The thought of next year has crept in.  Seeing my piles of scraps, as some of you may have, and being influenced to join in the Scrappy Quilts Group, Leaders and Enders, my goal for 2015 will be to make 12 scrap quilts.  That is one a month.  I believe this is doable.

Along with that goal of scrap quilts, finishing 22 kits I have purchased will be a goal as well. 

Going to ponder if I should add my last 6 UFOs on this list. 

That would be 4 quilts/projects to complete per month.  My husband does want to visit with me. LOL  Definitely on my list will be not to purchase any fabric next year.  Like that will happen.  Although I think it would be a great way to use up some of that fabric you just don't want or wonder why you purchased in the first place. 

With this listed, that means if I finish all of these, all children will have 13 quilts in their dowry completed.  Does that mean that any new ones will be for the future grandbabies?

I do have a daughter getting married most likely in 2015.  I have that to help me along with my goals.  I want to make her wedding dress.  My embroidery machine will be hard at work.

Just some thoughts for 2015.

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Comment by Beth A. North on April 15, 2015 at 2:54pm
Project Kits UFO Quilting to be done WIP - Cut up and ready to sew
Welsh Garden Wholecloth Hawaiin Hand appliqued Floral Star Machine Embroidery Blue Dr. Suess Cat in Hat
Snowman kit Old DWR Quilt Star Vintage Ebay Customer Signature Quilt
Log Cabin Quilt Show Kit Crazy Scrap Star Quilt Colored Basket Vintage Drunkard Path blocks-leader ender project
Monkey Quilt Lilac Pickle Dish Green Basket Vintage Phoebe's Quilt - Scrap
Barn Chick Quilt Butterfly Wedge Quilt 30s Reproduction Applique Center Wreath Candy Queen Strip Quilt
Cow Quilt Batik Delectible Mounts Satin Ebay Monkey Hexagon Quilt - cut up
Dear Jane Cross Applique Quilt Challenge INMQ Quilt Purple White and Gray Modern Quilt
Bear blocks from Montana Wall hanging Flower Applique Wallhanging Vintage Double Wed Ring Quilt Ebay Charles son wedding quilt
Edyta Star Flower Kitchen Block Swap X-Blocks Windfarm Quilt Snowman Quilt for my Bed
Twis & Turn Bargello Color Crayon Rose Floral Repro Robbing Peter Pay Paul B&R Delectible Mountains Red and Cream
Plaid Farm Quilt Hand Quilt GFG Vintage Shekenah Wholecloth Starlit Garden
Jinny Beyer Quilt Blue Embroider Jacket Row Robin Quilt APQS Hunter Star
Steelers Quilt Batik Strip Swap 10" Square Swap MQResource Kids double wedding ring quilt
Wild Flowers Quilt Embroidred House Quilt BOM Football Quilt Kit
Love of Blues Kit Marlena Christmas Embroidery Quilt Christmas Wall Hanging
Flynn Star Signature Block Swap Thanksgiving Wall Hanging Bear Panel Quilt - Barb Has
Crystal Star HST Block Swap Fairground Sale BOM Quilt Cow Wall hanging-Barb Has
2" squares quilt Apple Core Scrap Quilt Vintage Pink Tulip Blocks Jan Krentz Christmas Star Quilt for Class -Barb Has
Hexagon Quilt kit (3) 30s Quilt Kit Crazy Rays
Cabin Plaid Quilt Kit Jungle Swap Quilt Moose Wall hanging
Civil War Kit House swap quiilt Chicken Wall Hanging batiks Challenge List for Contests
RWB Heart Bargello Challenge Table Runner Moose Wall
Starlit Garden 30s Orange Fabric block swap 30s Marlena Repos
Edyta Star Fireworks Quilt Log Cabin fall Blocks Hunter Star
Embroidery Trout Quilt Vintage Bow Tie Blocks Crazy Rays
Spiral Embroidery Design Quilt Tumbler Scrap Quilt Starlit Garden
Feathered Star Quit - Eleanor Burns Shekenah Wholecloth
Blue Love Bargello kit Green Basket Vintage
Hawaiin Applique Wall Hanging Kit
Missouri Daisy
Folksy Basket Quilt Scraps
Fiberworks Flower Applique Kit
Hand Dyed fabric strip quilt

Orphan blocks.

I am progressing for sure.  If I could just get to some quilting I could get done.

Comment by Beth A. North on March 16, 2015 at 4:27pm

Dr. Suess is completed, the drunkard path blocks are being done as I go, my leader and ender project, the fairground sale BOM quilt is being put together tonight, found some border fabric, the Starlit Garden applique is waiting for some right thread, the 30s quilt kit is half done, just working on some 16 patch blocks, finally figured out how to do the Crazy Rays so that should get done, and working on tracking applique onto fusible for the Edyta Starr Fiberworks quilt.  Progress is happening.  Working hard to stay focused.  Hopefully get some of my quilting done.

Comment by Beth A. North on February 25, 2015 at 2:29pm

I have finished the Jelly Roll Scrap quilt (2 of them), the Spider Quilt, and the Civil War Swap quilt.  Mr. Moose is in the thread painting stage now.  Will be a couple weeks to get to him completely, working on the quilting list and the WIP tops list. 

Comment by Beth A. North on February 19, 2015 at 7:24pm

Upon further review of my projects, I keep finding UFOs that I have started and hid away.  I have color coded my Projects into sections so I can keep further track of my status for the year.  I am not going to finish all these and that is ok with me.  What I do need to do is tackle what is in my WIP list, quilting list, and UFO list.  As I finish a WIP or UFO, I move it to the Needs Quilting list.  As I find projects here and there, they get added to the UFO list or WIP list.  The Kit list are actual projects not started but have the fabric pulled to do.  I am not concerned at all with these getting done.  By the time I finish all my others, there has to be a couple show quilts in those stacks.  Off to the longarm this weekend and hopefully finish the Dr. Suess top and Ugly quilt.

Comment by Beth A. North on January 29, 2015 at 4:55pm

As the year has turned:  I have finished one of my projects on the list, a group of quilt blocks that I did a swap last year and made it into a quilt for the future son-in-law.  Turned out nice I think.  My quest for each weekend will be to keep up on customer quilts, but to quilt one of mine per week.  I have about 10 to 12 tops in my closet that are mine.  Have to fit them in somehow.  I am also working on finishing up three more tops.  Yes, doing them at the same time, leaders and enders.  Will post again on Monday to let you know how the weekend goes.

Comment by QuilterBridget on January 1, 2015 at 11:26pm

WOW! Your goals sound like mine used to!  I was totally hooked on quilting for 5 years and made them non-stop.  Many were donated and some were sold.  Then I totally burned out, went back to school, and lost track of time.  I haven't touched my machine in a couple of years.  I didn't think that would ever happen.  So my goal for 2015 is to dive in and get busy with SOMETHING!

Comment by Beth A. North on December 10, 2014 at 5:05pm

Getting close to end of the year.  Looking forward to the new quest coming up.  I think I have found all of them, but holding out for the final count. 

Comment by Beth A. North on November 4, 2014 at 4:11pm

Wow, did not realize how many kits I have.  Nice thing is that I am not finding any more UFOs hiding anywhere.  Now to get busy and set to get these done in 2015.  I need to stay focused. 

Comment by Beth A. North on October 30, 2014 at 2:51pm

Ugh!  I just found a couple more projects that were not on my list that I cut up the fabric and set in a bag to make.  This is getting a bit old.

Comment by Beth A. North on October 14, 2014 at 2:14pm

The list is growing even more.  I now have 21 kits in my inventory that I have purchased  in last three years, 15 more UFOs to get done, and at least six patterns set for my scraps.  How does this happen?  Won't be doing any shopping for some time unless it is for backing and batting.  This girl will be doing lots of pantos on these quilts or paying another large price for custom quilting. 

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