getting things of my mind

I quilt coming here and posting because I sent a pattern and some fabric to people here and it seems they were lost somewhere in outerspace a 20,00 pattern and 25.00 in fabris now this doesnt seem to be a lot of money to some people but I live on SS so am tightly budgeted. So I was angry, I kept coming back ever once in awhile and seeing what everyone was doing but didnt say anything. some times at night I read your posts.

and I have been battling cancer for 2 years , lost a lot of my…


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I am back

I have been very sick had a tumor the size of a nerf football removed from my right leg they also removed a lot of muscle, I had 6 surgery in a 2 week period. then ia in a rehab now Iam out and feeling better I now have 7 weeks of radiation to do 2 down 5 to go this everyday stuff is killing me. then my car died so had to buy a new one. for those trips. I am ready to finish some project that need to e finished . but cancer is not going to change my life I am very optimistic about life I am…


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everyones quilts

yesterday I browsed the photos of quilts. there were so many with no comments on them. We all need to encourage everyone by at least letting each other know, we saw your effort and you get at least an E for effort. a like takes very little time. A pat on the back is so encouraging makes you want to start another project. Makes you feel good and makes you know others are interested.And you are learning. Each quilt we make takes a lot of time planning and effort to finish.and aren't we all…


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was a long winter

It was a long winter for me but I did finish 2 ufos one I started in 2004 and my  little brown bird quilt. it took me a year to do, almost 1000 one  inch leaves in the border. so it is at the quilters. cant wait to see it quilted. my long arm quilter is a ski instructor and snow  on Mt. Hood than usually  so she went skiing and fell and broke her arm. she is just out of her cast. but anxious to do the quilt. What a  hated it by the time I finished it. But I have one ahead it is a scrappy…


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I have seen so many new people joining this little quilt group in the last few days. Its winter and time to do inside stuff. I so enjoy reading everyones posts. All the gardens put to sleep for the winter . All the outside chores done. Now its time to sit and sew. I have been trying to get my best friend to join but she doesn't facebook hates it . I tried to tell her this is different than facebook. these are all mature women who mostly discuss quilting . A very social place to make friends…


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quilts and fall

It has been a wonderful fall day, we are having a reprieve from the Oregon rain, for at least 7 days so says the weatherman. The leaves are beautiful and the pumpkin patch is open to the public, The little People on T V have a pumpkin patch and thousands of people go out  to Rolof farms ,everyone wants to talk to the big tv stars. it makes a big traffic jam every weekend.I am staying home this year we usually go ,to a little farm close to home.  my little granddaughter said she wanted to be…


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So I will jot down some quilting thought I had today. I saw there were several new to quilting quilters I want to save you a lot of work and sorrow. My first quilt oh it was so lovely my first completed handpiece, and handquilted binding on. after all the work it was dirty so I washed it when it came out of the washer it was pink. It had a red lining it was a seven sisters all those little diamonds hand pieced came out pink. Always, always,wash your fabrics before you sew them in a quilt.or…


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crazy quilt

I was given a sack of old ties and I picked out the silk ones and made this crazy quilt. I wanted to practice some embroidery stitches I was taught as a child. and how to make ribbon roses I had a book of course and so I got some muslin and started.granny always made her crazy  quilts on old muslin. She made me one when I was young I briar stitched every single block in different color embroidery thread and loved it but in the confusion that was my younger ,married life I lost it.but I still…


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old quilting.

I looked up the sears quilt contest in 1930 or about. I was so amazed at how the quilts have changed.All those ladies made those quilts as very special quilts in a time when things were hard for the average family.

  I have all these new things to quilt with my computer to look up patterns,my printer to print out paper pieced patterns. all the rulers and rotary cutters although I still prefer  shears.  all the new thread. great sewing machines.I learned to sew on a treadle machine.…


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We are having a wonderful Indian summer day. All the rain is gone for the moment but if you know Oregon it is coming  back . So will I enjoy the sunshine today. I was watching the pbs this morning an…

We are having a wonderful Indian summer day. All the rain is gone for the moment but if you know Oregon it is coming  back . So will I enjoy the sunshine today. I was watching the pbs this morning and learned  something maybe not all of you know there is a place on the web called quilters To look up quilt names and patterns of quilts it is very informative and needs to be in everyones list of reference library.I spent an hour on there .


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Linda we have had several rainy days have broke the record for rain in September 5 inches by this morning and we had a small tornado that just doesn't happen in Oregon. trees have fallen and people have been without nieces husband is gone deer hunting and she had a tree fall over in their backyard and their patio cover blew away. I just stay in my little cocoon warm and toasty quilting away . looked at quilt books  all  afternoon .took picture of my halfsquare baskets and looked for…


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It is storming so here buckets of rain.went to church got wet and cold. I have one more basket to do for my quilt by the time I have them all done I figured out a way to make them faster on well maybe I will make a quilt out of all these orphaned pieces I have left. So back to my little brown bird quilt.and all those millions of little leaves. and stuffed berries. Think I will put on a pot of soup and watch it rain

I have seen some pretty amazing quilts on here the last couple of days…


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tulip quilt

I finaly found the pattern to the tulip quilt. anyone who wants it just email me at I will email it to you.It is just a little 2 page thing hope you can make it out from the pattern just look at the quilt and work it outI will email a pic.  it is storming here in Oregon very unusual for Oregon this time of year. Uor Indian summer is gone.the street outside is flooding.

A hot cup of coffee and back to my quilt.

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tents of cairo

Rouge  this was at the end of Alex Andersons new show on her new book of scrap quilts. on The Quilt Show there is a man who is making a documentary and has been doing it for 2 years is suppose to be out in December. those guys were appliquing sitting right on the side of the street. they were beautiful he was doing needle turn but taking pretty large stitches. the canvas must be pretty stiff they marked it by stabbing holes in it with a big needle. send me your email address and I will send…


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I just watched a short film on the quilt makers of Cairo> I am so inspired how wonderful. and they applique on canvas. they are spectacular. It makes you want to quilt more but oh where oh where do we find the time to do all the quilts in our heads?

then you look at all the quilts on here and you get so inspired all the artists out there who just think they are just making a quilt,everyone of these quilts is a piece of art in the making from the simple scrap quilt to the most…


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little pieces

I have been making half square triangles all day. I am so greatful for the paper patterns to sew them they are not so daunting now they all come out so nice and neat and everyone is the same size. I am making 10 inch baskets  with them  of them I got tired so came in here to see what everyone else is doing. Love to read about everyone and their quilts. It is cold here tonight winter is here. snow on Mt. Hood yesterday the skiers are probably praying for it to start and stick. extra quilt on…


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