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I'm back!

Hello everyone!  I just came back here after going through over three years of a major dry spell.  I can't believe I ever stopped quilting!  I even stopped reading quilt magazines! I went back to school for a couple of years and it took up all of my time.  I just hope I can get the bug back!  I've so missed quilting, yet I am finding it hard to accept the fact that I can do what I want now that school is over!  And of course I'm overwhelmed with ideas and don't know where to start!  Since…


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So excited!

I'm so excited!  One of my Alliance for American Quilts contest entries is up for auction this week and someone has already bid $50 (starting bid).  For more information about the AAQ auction, here's a link: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs011/1101594196900/archive/1108613702498.html

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Out of it; I hope!

Well, I guess I'm finally out of my dry spell!  I've made several things this past month and I'm back to where I used to be with a few quilts in different phases of completion and one in the planning stage.  I'm so glad for this site because of all of my friends and acquaintences here who have encouraged me to get back to it.  I thought I'd lost the quilting bug forever!  I always go overboard with hobbies only to lose interest after a year of two.  But quilting…


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Finished something~Finally!

I finally finished something!  Every month I donate a quilt to the AAQI http://www.alzquilts.org/ and this is my October submission.  Although I donate a quilt each month, prior months quilts were all ones previously started, but unfinished until it was time to send one in.  This is the first thing I've made from start to finish in a very long time.  I had started…


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Finding discussions

I just figured something out in case there is anyone who doesn't know about it.  I was looking for a certain discussion and I went to the groups and typed key words in the search bar; in this case I typed in "fabric quality".  Several posts came up with links to any discussions related to fabric quality.  There is a search bar in the forum as well, so if you can't remember if it was a group post or a forum post, then just search them both.  I…


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Getting back in the mood

I've been in a quilting slump for quite awhile now, but I've been gradually coming out of it thanks to a friend of mine on this site.  She has encouraged me tremendously and I can't thank her enough.  I love it here!  I've met so many wonderful people.  It kind of makes up for not having a guild to belong to.…


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Finally gonna do it!

OK, I'm finally going to do it...take my machine in for servicing.  I haven't done much sewing at all during the past few months because a-I'm not really in the mood, and b-my machine has been acting up.  It sews just fine, but it sounds like some gears need greasing.  I'm good about oiling it regularly, but when it gets serviced they clean out the lint and grease from inside the machine and add new…


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Fabric Diet

I'm seriously thinking about going on a fabric diet.  I've been quilting for almost 6 years and have a stash that would satisfy 10.  I knew I was "supposed" to have a stash, but at first I didn't know what all I needed, so I bought everything imaginable.  I have too much and certainly don't need more.  I'm a firm believer in supporting my LQS, but then again my own family needs to eat as well!  So I'm… Continue

Added by QuilterBridget on July 6, 2011 at 1:38pm — 22 Comments

Play day!

Well, today I designated a play day.  I've been piecing and sewing and today I want to pull out the fabric paints and Paintstiks and just play around and experiment.  I haven't done so in ages; I guess I just don't like the mess that happens when I pull out the paints.  I need to get an early start because I like working on the dining room table and that's where hubby does his homework.  The last time I…


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I just won a $20 gift certificate for the Fat Quarter Shop from the April shop hop.  Of course I ended up spending more, but that's what usually ends up happening!  I'm on a leaf kick, so I bought this collection:…


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In case you didn't know, on the home page there is a list of each day's birthdays in case you want to wish someone a happy birthday.  It's on the right side of the page towards the bottom.

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Stuck and frustrated

I've been working on a quilt that I should have finished a month ago.  It's like I'm in slow motion or something.  The top is pieced except for the borders and I don't know why I can't make myself work on it.  It's not like I don't like it, I think I'm just disappointed because it's too large; I had wanted to donate it to "Quilts for Kids" but it's way outside their size guidelines.  I'm sure I'll end up…


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Quilt Journals

I already posted a detailed discussion in the Newbies group, so I'll just keep it short here.  Do you keep a quilt/idea journal and if so, what kinds of things do you put in it?

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Totally bored!

Well, I've already spent my allotted time here earlier today, so I really shouldn't be back...but I guess I'm addicted!  After I was here I finished the top to a quilt I'm working on...need to do the inner and outer borders next (just not in the mood right now).  Then I did the dishes, the garbage, folded clothes, rode my exercise bike, took a shower, went to the store, and now I'm back.  I woke up at 4am… Continue

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Couldn't help myself!

Well, I just couldn't help myself!  Our LQS was having their annual Memorial Day weekend sale.  25% off everything in the store!  I stocked up on batiks (which I always say I don't care for) because there isn't anything else I need right now; I already have a large stash (except for batiks).  I figured if I worked with batiks more maybe I'd start liking them.  Don't get me wrong; they're absolutely…


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What about my scraps?

In the beginning I was so organized; all of my fabrics neatly stacked and arranged by color, style and theme.  Single yards are easily organized.  But soon the scraps came.  At first I kept everything, no matter how small.  I was quickly overwhelmed and realized I'd never use those tiny pieces, so I started only keeping 6" pieces or larger.  I kept them neatly arranged in a dresser, again sorted by…


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Parked in front of the computer

Well, today I'm too tired to do much of anything, so I decided to park here for awhile.  Awhile has turned into a couple of hours!  I've been enjoying looking at photos and gathering ideas...as if I don't have enough in my head already!  I never used to be interested in looking at quilts; I only wanted to make them.  But I've been inspired to try a few new things.  I think I need to get out of my box and… Continue

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So Quiet!

Where is everyone?  All of the groups are so quiet!  I just thought with so many people here I wouldn't be able to keep up with the groups I joined.  Maybe it'll just take time to really get rolling.  Then it'll probably be so busy that I won't be able to keep up!  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands?  Actually, I don't do facebook or twitter or have a blog or anything.  This is the only "fun"…


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New Group Added

I just added a group titled "Newbies" for new quilters as well as those who wish to offer advice and help those who are new to quilting.

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Fabric Swap!

Hey everyone!  A fabric swap is being organized in the forum under "Having Fun" and is being hosted by Diana if anyone wants to join in there's still time.  She's aiming for the end of May.  This will probably be for fat quarters; it's not been 100% decided yet.  Anyway, check it out!

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