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  • Knoxville, TN
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Tell us about yourself—as much or as little as you like.
Dabbler aspiring to become a true quilter...
How many quilts have you made?
Good question! Lots of wall hangings, a few larger quilts
Do you want to make quilts, or simply enjoy them?
Definitely make them
How long have you been a quilter?
Dabbled for years, just now seriously learning
What is your favorite quilting technique?
Artistic license
Why do you quilt?
Enjoyment! Fabric!
Do you have a website?

Susan Skuda's Blog

QuiltCut 2

Posted on July 23, 2012 at 9:52am 9 Comments

I've been looking into all the different cutting systems for a while now -- I am not patient enough to cut well and too cheap to buy all precuts when I have so large a fabric stash (and my mom's I can rob as well!) I am the queen of the dreaded "V" cut on long strips and just HATE it when the bulk of my fabric slips off onto the floor...  So when I saw the QuiltCut 2 system advertised in this month's McCall's Quilting magazine, I thought this looked like just the right system for me.…


Nothing ventured...

Posted on June 26, 2012 at 2:00pm 17 Comments

Almost withdrew the quilt from my first show ever at NCQS earlier this month (cold feet!)  So glad they encouraged me to go ahead...  So if anyone is hesitating to enter a quilt for competition (you know who you are!) - I say, "Just DO it!"  You never know what might catch a judge's eye...  (I'm still in shock!)  Wondering if I should quit now while I'm ahead . . .…


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At 7:58am on June 27, 2012, Carol Ann Wojtowicz said…

Susan that is an awesome quilt, I'm glad you posted it. I also was shy about entering in our county fair, but my quilt shop owner encouraged me a couple of years ago and I have since won several red and 1 blue ribbon---keep up the good work

At 1:19pm on April 7, 2012, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…

you are most welcome, susan. i worry sometimes about some of the 'gerneralities' drifting around here and other great places to hang and visit and learn. don't usually comment about them ...but after reading your note...decided to add my two-cents worth to the issue of basically pampering the sturdy little fw by 'not putting too many miles on'. even the motor if maintained properly should be good for a million miles or more :)). be sure to look up the david callum ??? site...he is full of useful info.i use zapmeta..has always been better than google...i think it still is. so here is a page for all things featherweight 221. it includes a site which has available for sale the book by nancy johnson sebro, a blog about the care and maintenance. one where you can download a copy of the owners manual.

i sometimes have to giggle a bit. after sewing on my machine for over 40yrs, using it ...appreciating it's versatiliy and sturdyness....and lightness when i started going to quilting seminars and group meets. all of a sudden my little work horse is a little 'treasure' and featherwts seem to have become the most sought after of the old machines...even it there are others that are more technically better...more stitches etc.

oh well. i will continue just to appreciate my 'gift' from gramma, and use it till it goes on to one of my grdaughters.  i hope :))

oh heck...     page of sites with parts and repair sites    dave's page

...added link below because the tool sounds cool and i am going to go ck it out here nxt.

Block Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro gives you picture blocks using quilting's easiest shapes to
use, the rectangle and square! Over 50 blocks in 4 different sizes

softexpressioons is one of the best sites on net i think. software, books, tools, free & shareware...been using it since i first learned to use the net...a lot of yrs ago.

search page......

k...been lookiing for page for nancy...none that i can find. not even a blog. but here are some links to play on when you have time.

have fun.

At 12:38am on April 6, 2012, rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP said…

hi susan. just read the note that you sent to the featherwt group. don't see it in any of the discussions. so sharing my thoughts on your query here. my fw was used by my gramma to make most of my clothing in fifties. i inherited it fr her estate in late sixties. i used it extensively for many years. i sewed much of my clothing. moved a lot...made a lot of curtains custom fitted table cloths, draperies name somthing that can be sewed on a sewing machine and i did it with my little fw. then early 80's i decided for sewing the sweatshirt type materials and other knits - making clothes then for both my son and i, plus married a construction guy and we continued my love of relocating ...often .. moving...a lot, i was all that time still making clothing and household articles.  bottom line --- i have read many comments in the fw group re: not wanting to "put too many miles" on their machines. these little machines fact probably any machines made before we started building them out of plastic gears, shafts etc...would hold up to a lot more "miles" than the machines manufactured in recent years. they are all metal, they are tough. the finish is called japan black. is sturdy but should be treated with a bit of respect...ergo-good if you have the case. when i fist started using mine many years ago, i had not been taught the care and maintenance of sewing machines and was always having timing issues with my fw. a kind, older repair guy...wrote a note [which is still in the case] and put it in with my machine when he finished fixing it for me....again. :))  his note explained about tension setting and needles - sizes for diff fabrics and little things that basically are basic rules for use ...well for any machine. go on the featherwts. you can find the yr yours was on singer site, david...i think the last name is mc callum...not sure...but when you search fw his site will be there among all the others. he specialized in older machines. i have his book on the care and maintenance of featherwts also the book by nancy johnson-sebro. both books excellent...and tho care & maintenance is purpose of both...both have diff approach and lots of historical trivia re: these remarkable ...sturdy .....will run forever machines. have a treasure.

added any mechanized piece of equipment...if it is not used it will deteriorate. anything with moving parts...electrical components....need to be run. just like a car...the lubricants can settle and pool, there are a host of issues use won't make it last any longer by not using it. and i have avoided using any 'cleaning' products on mine...the beautiful gold leaf trim is gold leaf for real and fragile. many well used machines ...including mine to some tiny bit..but i have seen some that the leaf is completely wiped off in wear areas of the body. careful of storage...moisture can cause damage to the japan black finish.

have fun.

and use it. mine outlived gramma...and it is going to  outlive me :))))

.......and welcome to My Quilt Place and the fw group.

At 1:47pm on April 4, 2012, Deborah Craig said…

Welcom neighbor!


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