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Adding Binging Before You Finish Quilting?

Started this discussion. Last reply by PJ Serge Jun 29, 2011. 9 Replies

I'd like to now your opinion if this is correct or not. Would you do this to your quilt or would you do it the traditional way after it has been quilted?Write and let me know.PJContinue

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Tell us about yourself—as much or as little as you like.
I am a fairly new Quilters and just Love it. I am in the works of hand quilting a top for a wall hanging for my daughter as a gift. It will be the first one I've done by hand. All the other practice pieces I've done to starte the one I am doing for my husband is by machine. I love all aspects of quilting.
How many quilts have you made?
Do you want to make quilts, or simply enjoy them?
How long have you been a quilter?
I've been quilting about four years now.
What is your favorite quilting technique?
Don't have one, like everything. But now I'm doing more thread painting.
Why do you quilt?
For the joy it brings the party it's given to.

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At 12:02pm on December 29, 2011, Glenda Foley said…

I am curious about your Hawaiian quilt. You will have to post some pictures when you finish it. I do some handwork. Not a lot. I just don't feel like I am any good at it. I guess practice would take care of it.  I made 2 little boy quilts for a friend of mine. Her husband is stationed in Germany. They turned out really cute. I am making one for another friend. Her little girl is going into a little girl bed. That reminds me, I should get busy on that quilt and get it finished. Have a good day.

At 11:15am on December 28, 2011, Glenda Foley said…

 I am so sorry to hear about your illness and surgery. I bet that was pretty scary. I will pray for your speedy recovery. I can't imagine what it is like not being able to quilt when you have the urge. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. I am not doing anything for the New Year. Staying close to home. I will probably curl up with a good book and do some reading. I haven't had time to do that for quite some time.

It has been near 50 degrees here the past several days. WOW a heat wave for this time of the year. Not much snow as we have had the past 2 years. This is OK by me. Please keep me posted as to how you are progressing and hope for you to get well very quickly. Sending my love and well wishes.

At 8:37pm on December 27, 2011, Glenda Foley said…


Yes I have been very busy. I am so sorry I haven't responded until now. December was one whirl wind of a month. With all of the many activities going on, I had 2 quilts to finish and a casserole cover to make. I had to stay focused or my whole life was going to go down the tubes and I wouldn't be ready. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the birthday wish. To celebrate today I worked at the local Food Pantry, didn't even get to do what I wanted to do and that would be ---sew. I have 3 quilts that need to be quilted. I made 2 for Quilts for Kids. Need to get them finished and in the mail. Tomorrow, that is on my list.

I promise, I will be more prompt in writing my friend in the future.

At 11:27am on August 27, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

That is just for yardage.  I have a whole other way of organizing scraps and fat quarters.  Anyway, that's another reason why I feel guilty for not quilting.  I feel guilty a lot!  You would think I was catholic!  My grandma was catholic and she always felt guilty about things.  I don't know if being catholic has anything to do with guilt or not.  No offense if your are catholic!  I'm a non-denominational Christian.

I went to Costco yesterday too, but I just bought one thing because I needed to buy printer ink as well.  And I went to staples for that.  Usually I tell Brian if I'm going up to costco, but he was still sleeping when I left so I didn't say anything.

I read this morning that NYC shut down a major subway system.  That it's the first time they've ever done so for a hurricane.  I don't usually keep up on the news unless something major is happening.  I hope your area isn't hit hard and that your power doesn't go out.  When we have storms we're always hit the hardest because we're right on the beach.  By the time it gets over the mountains the winds have died down a bit.  It's normal for us to have 80mph winds a few times every winter.  yuck. 

Brian spent a whole lot of money on stuff for his Camaro a few years ago, just like I spent a lot on quiting stuff.  I got a frame and a new machine, and of course tons of fabric.  So neither of us could say anything.  The past two years since Brian's sawmill shut down have been really hard, so we don't spend money at all like we used to.  Being poor wouldn't be so bad if I knew our utilities and house payment could always be paid on time.  And that there's food in the house.  I get scared a lot but I try not to because it doesn't help.

Well, I guess I'll go for now.  I'm keeping your in my prayers that the storm doesn't affect you too much!


At 11:17am on August 27, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

My mother-in-law always gets on my case about donating things.  She said that we're not in a position to be giving things away and I should be selling them instead.  The way I feel is that what goes around, comes around.  And if you do things for others it's better than being selfish.

I have never tried quilt as you go.  I've read instructions about how to do it, but I think it's one of those things where someone would have to show me.  Have you heard of Betty Cotton?  She really got the quilt as you go thing started, but I don't like her way at all.  I saw her on sewing with Nancy and I think she makes it look complicated because she says hers are to be made so they are reversible. 

Yesterday I starched and ironed fabric and cut some pieces.  Then I started the half-square triangles.  I decided on a table runner.  Even though I was working on it I didn't feel like I was having fun like I used to.  I think maybe I'm just worried that I won't finish it.  Maybe if I actually finish something I'll feel better.  But at least I finally started!  It's going to be easy...just three 12" sawtooth stars with borders.  I'm using some ginko leaf fabric that I just love.  I collect ginko leaf fabrics.  I don't know why I got hooked on that, but I did.  I go through phases.  For the longest time I just wanted to collect 30's stuff.  And then it was Asian. Then I wanted to collect solids.  Oh yea, then I got on a paisley kick!  I have loved paisley since I was a kid and when I started quilting you couldn't find any anywhere.  Then a few years ago I started seeing it so I bought all I could find.  And now it seems like there is too much out there.  I'll bet it goes out of style soon because they've overdone it.  The fabric companies always do that!  I have too much fabric which makes me feel really guilty now.  I would probably freak if I saw it all in one place.  I have a bunch in large storage bins and I have a cabinet full, along with a chest of drawers.

At 11:09am on August 27, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

PJ, do you think we should start writing through the in-box?  That way we can talk as much as we want without getting cut off.  There is one other person here that I talk to a lot and we use that instead of the comment section that anyone can read.  The in-box is private.  I think it would be a good idea.

The banking thing got straightened out.  They are issuing me a new card and they put the money back in my account that the person stole.  And now it's up to their fraud department to figure it out.  I have used the card for three things in the past month and I'm sure whoever got my number got it that way.  One was to pay for the Quilt Show, so that's unlikely.  The other was to Mona Rae through pay pal to buy one of her hangers.  And since that went through paypal it's mostly likely safe.  The other was on the phone to the collection agency, so I think they're the ones.  So I'll do what my husband says to do.  Only send them money orders.  If I send them a check then they can get my checking account numbers.  I never used to be worried about shopping on-line, but this is the second time this has happened in two years.  I use paypal whenever possible.  I can't use it now until I get the new card.  Anyway, I'm just glad they gave me my money back.

We are two years behind on our house taxes and I have no idea what we'll do about the insurance when it comes up in November.  Sounds like we're almost in the same boat...at least your taxes are paid!!!  I wanted to have the taxes and insurance be part of our housepayment, but it wasn't a choice where we have our mortgage.  It would have been so much easier to not get behind!

You said Paul isn't supportive of your quilting...do you think he's envious because you have a hobby that makes you happy?  My dad didn't like us having hobbies because he said it was a waste of time and money.  I think we need hobbies because they make us happy.

At 11:28am on August 26, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Yea, I heard about the big storm.  A few years ago we had a hurricane (which has not happened on the west coast in over 100 years)...it was so bad that all of the phone lines were out and you couldn't even use your cell phone.  There was no electricity for 5 days and it was in the middle of winter.  Our house had quite a bit of damage and then the ground was so saturated that our sewer line broke.  So we had to get a loan from the bank for $4000 to have it fixed.  So there we are in the middle of this mess and couldn't use any water...we had to use the neighbors bathroom.  We have a lot of storms here in the winter time and almost every year part of our fence blows down.  Once a bunch of roofing came off.  It's scary because we don't usually have money for unexpected expenses.  Not even a regular credit card.  So, I keep my fingers crossed and pray whenever we have a storm that there isn't more damage.  I hope you don't lose your power!

You're lucky you can make payments on a sewing machine.  The dealer where I bought mine doesn't offer payment plans.  That would be so nice if they did!  Brian always notices the big stuff and there's no way I could hide a machine!  He's very observant and even notices new fabric when I have it out.  But he really can't say anything because he has a 1968 Camaro that he's restoring.  He put a lot of money into it several years ago when we had the money to spend.  It was nice back then.  I made $15.50/hour and Brian made $18.00/hour and we both worked full time.  Now we are living on my disability, his unemployment and his few hours of work.  I'm just hoping nothing happens to make us lose our house.  We've lived here for over 20 years and have had a few close calls.  I have got to stop worrying!  As soon as I wrote that my stomach got all knotted up!

Well, I need to cut this short; I have to get to the bank when they open.  I hope you have a good day!

At 11:20am on August 26, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Wow!  I love the quilting designs you have on the block you posted!  That looks great!  I used to always have a few things going...I liked to have a quilt that I was planning, one that I was piecing and one that I was quilting.  I kept that up until I lost the mood.  But maybe the mood is coming back because yesterday I designed three table runners and one table topper.  And I chose some fabrics to use for a fall theme.  If I have the fabrics cut out, and actually start sewing, then maybe I'm coming out of my dry spell.  I sure hope so!  The reason that it's so important to me is that when I was quilting I wasn't worrying all the time about things.  It was the perfect escape and I was much happier back then.  That's what I miss the most.  And I need it now more than ever since I have bigger things to worry about.  The latest is that someone got my debit card number and used it to charge $40 on Apple Itunes...I don't use that.  The last time I used the card was a few days ago when I made a payment over the phone to a collection agency that has my medical bills.  Then a few days later there was the unauthorized charge.  So I need to go to the bank and get that straightened out.  I'm just hoping the person doesn't have access to the main checking account; that they just have the card number.  The bank put a hot-card alert on it.  Just another hassle.  I only use this card when I shop on-line and have never had a problem until now.  So I won't use it again over the phone because I'll bet that's what happened.  I need some ink for my printer and I was in the middle of ordering it this morning and totally forgot there was an alert on my card...duh!  I must still be tired!  Anyway, the bank will do a dispute, but in the meantime I don't have the $40 until it's resolved.  Grrrrr!


At 12:25pm on August 25, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Yesterday I was so nervous because Brian had to call unemployment to see if he has any extensions.  He had a zero balance and they told him last week that he had to wait until yesterday to call and find out.  We were so nervous because we'd be in BAD shape if he didn't have one.  He works part-time, so they don't give him the full amount of unemployment, but it makes it last longer.  Anyway, it turns out that he has a 20 week extension (which will last longer than 20 weeks because of his job).  We were soooooo relieved!!!!  Now the only problem is going to be with the union he was forced to join. They said he has to pay back union dues from when he got hired in February.  It's so not fair that he has to join the union and pay the same amount of union dues as full-time employees do!  He works less than 20 hours a week but has to pay the same amount.  I'm worried they're going to take all of the back dues out of his checks until it's paid off. They won't tell us how much it is.  He will be so mad if he goes to get his check and doesn't have one.  They told him he had to join the union or he would be terminated.  Too bad that's not illegal.  I looked into it, and there are only 22 states where it's illegal to force someone to join the union.  And of course Oregon isn't one of them.  It seems like everytime we take a step forward, we take two steps back!  Isn't that the way?  Well, I just need to be glad about the unemployment and not think about negative stuff.  I'm an expert at thinking negative!  And Brian is just the opposite.  He never worries and always says things will get better.

Well, now that I've talked your ear off I guess I'll go.  What are your plans for the weekend?  We're doing the usual...nothing!  Anyway, I hope you have a good day!

At 12:19pm on August 25, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

So, I guess ideas are at least a start!  You mentioned that book, Zen quilting.  Well, I bought that when it first came out and I thought it looked so much fun; that was a few months ago too.  I thought for sure I'd get off my butt and get excited about doing something again.  But of course I just set the book aside and filed the idea in my head to do later.  I have too many ideas and I really need to focus on ONE and get moving!  Anyway, do you have books like that at your library?  Our library only has super old quilting books...ones that use templates and don't mention rotary cutters!  If I had to quilt using templates I wouldn't quilt!  And having to cut out stuff with scissors...yuck!  Anyway, I thought the Zen quilting looked like a good way to practice free-motion quilitng.  I need a hoop though.  The hoop they show in the book is thinner than an embroidery hoop.  I wouldn't know where to get a special hoop like that.  My quilt shop doesn't sell any. 

Well, it's cloudy and cooler today.  GOOD!  I have the windows open and the fans going because it's hotter in my house than it is outside.  It's supposed to be cloudy until Saturday and then it's supposed to get hot again.  We didn't have nearly this many sunny days last year!

So, did you finish your BOM? I've never done anything like that before.  I was thinking about making a sampler quilt with all the blocks different so I could learn some new stuff.  But the other part of me wants to make easy things like tablerunners to sell.  I just need to do SOMETHING! Anyway, how many block for the BOM do you have to do?  How large will it be when it's finished?  And what colors are you using?

Does Paul ever get on you about spending money on quilting stuff?  I don't think Brian has a clue as to how much stuff I have!  I mostly shopped on-line and I'd be the one getting the mail, so he'd never know.  But now that he's home all the time I can't sneak stuff into the house!


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