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Tell us about yourself—as much or as little as you like.
In 2009 I began quilting and finished a Bargello Heart as my first project. I am looking forward to many new projects and more quilts!
How many quilts have you made?
Do you want to make quilts, or simply enjoy them?
How long have you been a quilter?
1 year
What is your favorite quilting technique?
Not sure. Haven't tried many.
Why do you quilt?
I love being creative and keeping busy! My husband says it is my new addiction.
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Great idea!

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 8:31am 0 Comments

My quilt group had a great idea. We picked a New Year's resolution: finish a UFO, including details about it. An example: finish snowman wall hanging, have blocks, need to sew them, quilt it and bind it. Or for newbies, learn new technique like binding, applique.  Write it on paper, give it to our program director. In December, out come the cards. Bring project done or not.

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At 11:10am on December 2, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

The busy time for my family is brother, sister, mom and myself all have July birthdays and our anniversary is in August, and then we turn around and it's September and that's when my husband's family has a slew of birthdays.  I wish things were spread out more evenly throughout the year because the time I dislike the most is between New Year's and Memorial Day.  That's a long way between holidays!

I love Bargello quilts.  My husband got me a book about how to make one (a beginner type of Bargello), but I've still been nervous to try one.  I like to piece one square at a time; I don't strip piece and the way it shows to make the Bargello looks especially difficult.  It's one of my favorite styles though and I hope one of these days I get over my nervousness about it!

I've quilted all of my quilts from day one because I didn't know there was any other way.  I taught myelf to quilt using books and the internet because there aren't any classes around here, and it wasn't until I'd been quilting for a year or two that I even heard of a long arm quilter!  The largest I'm able to do is a queen size.  We have a king size bed and I'd love to make a quilt for it, but I would definitely need it to be quilted professionally.

I'm still waiting for your pictures!!! LOL!!! 

Anyway, I hope you had a nice birthday!

At 7:46am on November 26, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

Happy birthday, Mary~I hope you have a wonderful day!

At 11:37am on September 16, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

What a great idea!!!  I would love to do something like that!  I have a bunch of pictures from our honeymoon from 28 years ago and they're just in a box, never looked at.  I think that's the most creative thing I've ever heard of doing.  I know what you mean about finding pictures on the computer!  Mine are all mixed up because I didn't know how to organize them when I got my computer.  I'm sure I have thousands as well...many years of Christmas, lots of dog pictures and flower pictures and of course quilt pictures.  I was really into photographing flowers for several years and I'd sure love to take the time some day to sort them all.  Or even burn them onto CD's and delete them from the computer.  Plus, pictures hog space!

At 11:04am on September 11, 2011, QuilterBridget said…
I can't wait to see your photos!  I love looking at what everyone has made, although sometimes I'm pretty intimidated!  I just need to realize that I've been quilting for 6 years and not 30!  What do you mean by a picture project?  Is it a quilt?  Do you like quilting your own quilts?  It's so great that you have a stitch regulator; I wish my machine had one!  Quilting is my favorite part of the process.  Getting them basted isn't my favorite, which is why I have yet to finish a few.  I like to use LOTS of pins to baste and it takes me ages!  I have a frame that I hate because it's a real pain to get it loaded up, but the whole point was to not have to do any basting.  I haven't even done any practicing on it in a few years and I really should because it was one of those things I just HAD to have!
At 3:08pm on September 9, 2011, QuilterBridget said…
Thank you for the compliment on my quilts.  My very best ones were made during my first two years of quilting.  I think back then I didn't know any better and wasn't afraid to try things.  Now I feel like I'm in a rut!  I have been in a slump for quite awhile, but I think I may finally be coming out of it.  My husband said I need to challenge myself more so I don't get bored.  I was making a lot of quilts to donate, and I make pretty easy patterns for those and I think I just got lazy!  I have three lap sized quilts that I've been working on.  One of them I'm disappointed in because I had the border all picked out and now I don't think it looks good with the top.  So I need to find a different border fabric.  I need to make myself finish these projects before starting yet another!
At 11:37am on September 8, 2011, QuilterBridget said…
Hi Mary~thanks for adding me as a friend!
At 12:53pm on June 29, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

You're so lucky to have the stitch regulator!  I tried it at the quilt shop and couldn't believe how easy it made quilting!  You can just focus on what you're doing without having to pay attention if you're going too fast or too slow.  I'd love to have one!

I have some stencils and I use them occasionally.  I've found that I have a hard time following the lines, so I usually just do continuous line quilting.  I need to learn some new designs though.  I'll do the standard meandering as well as loops, hearts and stars.  One time I "McTavished" a quilt, which was really fun.  It has to be the right project though because the quilitng is so dense that your quilt ends up being stiff.  Luckily it was for a large wallhanging and not a lap quilt.

Well, I can't wait to see your project when you finish!  I love looking at all the quilts people post!

Are you going to post a picture of your bargello quilt?  I'd sure love to see it!  I have a book on making them, but they look kind of hard and I haven't tried yet.  My first quilt was an easy Log Cabin.

At 11:30am on June 28, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

I did machine quilting from the beginning because I didn't know there were people who could quilt quilts for you.  I learned using books.  My favorite "learn to quilt by machine" book is "Quilting Made Easy" by Maruine Noble.  The first thing I made was a log cabin quilt and I did "stitch-in-the-ditch" on that one.  Just doing that was plenty of quilting.  I've always wanted to try an all-over grid pattern.  I think those look neat, but my walking foot doesn't have the attachment for keeping your spaces even.  My machine came with the bar, but they made it for the piecing foot and no way am I quilting without the walking foot (or the darning foot).  I don't understand why they made it for the piecing foot!

Congratulations on your new machine!  Does it have the stitch regulator?  The growth charts should be super easy to do simply because of their shape.  You'll have plenty of room under the arm of your machine.  I hope you'll post photos when you're finished!

At 10:58am on June 17, 2011, QuilterBridget said…

I have never sent a quilt out to be quilted, but I really don't think they are supposed to mess up your quits!  I'd have been pretty upset!  A friend of mine made her first top and she took it to the long armer...she was told that her borders needed to be redone or else her quilt would be wavy.  She hated the thought of undoing all of that work, but said it was worth it in the long run.  I think she was lucky to pick a long arm quilter who paid attention and knew what would happen.

Anyway, the first thing about the borders is to make sure they are straight when you assemble them.  When I make the strips I put them together on the diagonal instead of attaching them straight across.  And I make sure they are straight to begin with.  It's much easeir if you make something that doesn't require long borders!  Anyway, the next thing I do is to measure through the center of the quilt, then measure each edge.  I divide by three and use the average.  Some say to just measure through the center, but usually my quilts tend to be longer on the outsides by 1/4 inch or so.  That's why I get an average measurement.  If it's a weird number, like 53 7/8, I round it up to 54.  ALSO, when you attach the border don't start pinning at one end and work your way down.  Find the center of the border and put a pin there.  Fold the top and find the center of the top.  Line up the pins and pin at the center.  Then put a pin at either end.  Then pin each half..I put a pin in the center of each place there is a pin (I wish I could make more sense on that part).  I just don't want it bunching up in the center either.  Hopefully you're familiar with easing; I never learned to sew when I started quilting and used books for instructions, but if you know about easing then that's what needs to be done so the borders will be even all the way around.

Gosh, I just re-read what I wrote and I hope it makes sense.  I have a hard time describing things like that!

At 7:52am on June 16, 2011, QuilterBridget said…
Were your borders wobbly the first time? 

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