How do you decide what design to make and how do you get started?

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I feel really inspired by the traditional patterns and designs of the North Country and Welsh wholeclothquilts from UK. From time to time I do something like reproductions, but not exact ones. I always try to change the patterns a little, to add a line here and there. I always decide for patterns I really like and I look through my books many, many times to find new ideas.

I don't do a mastersheet before starting to quilt, I start in the middle of my fabric and work towards the edges. When I begin a new quilt and I am not completely sure how it will turn out at the end! I only have an idea in my mind how it should look like and I try to follow my gut instinct.

Hi Andrea. I don't know if I'm brave enough to start a quilt without having something on paper first. I do love your quilts, they are so beautiful. Do you use stencils or free hand draw the designs on the fabric. I also look through books and online for inspiration.

I enjoy making both traditional and contemporary whole cloth quilts...  sometimes I map out the whole design on paper first and others I will only sketch the backbone.  By backbone I mean the shape that I'm going to fill in with freehand quilting.  (I do all my quilt by machine)  With my circle quilt in my photo album I only marked where the circles were going to be.  The rest was all done freehand.


Right now I'm designing a whole cloth that will be more on the traditional side of things.  This one I'm planning just about everything before I put it to fabric.  Here's my first sketch...


Now to design the borders... cause I'm not making a round quilt.  LOL

Here's a link to the album I mentioned .....
I love this design. Keep us posted on your progress. I find the designing of a whole cloth quilt to be a lot of fun.

I'm still trying to figure out this forum...  is there and easy way to link photo albums to a reply or discussion???  I was trying to find pix by members of this group and wasn't being very successful :-(


I love looking at pix of other's quilts!  Specially whole cloths... :-)

Hi Kim. What I usually do is click on the name of the person who wrote a comment or on their picture. Then when I'm on their home page I click on their photos button. I'm not sure how to add a link. You do beautiful work.

Thank you Pam...  :-) 

I'll try looking peoples pix that way...

I love whole cloth and trapunto quilting. I have started drawing out my next whole cloth trapunto quilt. I use the egyptian brand sheets because of there tight weave in thread count. I starch my fabric really well. This time I have drawed out a 96" scroll panto pattern that is being repeated row by row. I have marked guide lines to allign my pattern in each row, Its going to take me two weeks to draw out my pattern marking it one row aday. I pin my panto pattern to the carpet with t.pins and then I spray my pattern with basting spray to keep my pattern from shifting while marking and this works really well. I only move the fabric one row at a time the panto stays in place till finished. I use Derwent studio pencils to mark out my pattern and this washes out nicely. I use to use bic pencils but I now like the "derwent studio pencils" much better. Here is a sample of what I'm working on now.

 I have started to use Cindy Needhams stencils to get me started. You can find her work on You Tube. I look through some of the ideas in the adult colouring books and I have many many ideas collected on Pintrest to give me a kick start. i haven't been at this too long but find it exilarating. I am also working on vintage linens.


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