Does anyone have a favorite batting or thread that they like to use in the whole cloth quilts?

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Favourite thread is definitely Gutermann cream especially for quilting- I find its strong enough for pulling through, its heavier& less likely to twirl up & then knot. I like to use between size needles bout an 8, but have to have a needle eye thats not too fine re threading. need to remember to throw them away frequently tho as they soon lose their sharp point- come in packets of 20. Batting? Well like to use heirloom, cotton-type. as expensive as I can afford after all that handwork... Whilst in N Zealand, wool batting was cheap & loved using that, but back in the UK, its too costly & hard to get. Ann
My favorite thread (right now, but is subject to change depending on the project) is Sulky Blendable cotton in 12 weight. I love how it looks and feels. My favorite batting is Quilter's Dream cotton, request loft. It is so soft and easy to quilt through. I have a wool batt that I bought a few years ago, but I've never tried it. My needles are usually a between size 10, though sometimes I use a 12. I don't think that I have tried the Gutermann thread for quilting. Thanks for the information on what you use.
I like to use the Hobbs 80/20 or the Legacy 80/20 and cotton battings like Quilters Dream. They are easy to needle, have a nice drape and the quilt gets a traditional look. I prefer the YLI hand quilting thread but I have also used Coats, Gütermann and King Tut by Superior Threads. My favourite needles are John James #11 or Roxanne #11. I like the needle to be short but strong for hand quilting.

I much prefer the YLI hand quilting thread - I have to order from Red Rock Threads; but it makes the quilting stand out. I use either Heirloon 80/20 or most recently the wool batting; I, too, use the between needles - John James size 11 with the larger eye; I keep sandpaper handy and touch up the needle point at least once per sitting - makes them last a lot longer.


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