If you're a REAL quilter, you have at least one UFO (unfinished object) and one WIP (work in progress) stashed in the closet or stacked on a shelf. Maybe you just need quilting suggestions, or maybe a fresh eye from a new online friend can help with block arrangements. How about a UFO swap? Any UFO conversation is welcome.

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Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 28 minutes ago

I talked to a woman at the Humane Society about adopting a cat.  There are very few cats available and the price is really high.  I can adopt an older cat through the cats for Seniors program which is more reasonable in price.  I could not handle a dog at all, Linda.  I can't get up early to take one out and I don't want to have to take one out after dark either.  I'm better with a cat who will just stay with me in my home.

Comment by Linda Koller 5 hours ago

And, Liz, puppies do the same thing.....LOL....because they want your undivided attention!!!! ROFLOL

Comment by Riana Noyes 6 hours ago

Oh Liz, cats can be great company, but can also be aloof( this is called " catatude", lol). You will never be able to put your quilt on the floor for arranging blocks or your bed again with out some input on their arrangement...some very interesting ideas may result < grin> .

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 21 hours ago

I am thinking seriously about getting a cat.  I will talk to someone at the Humane Society and see what they say.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 21 hours ago

I was accompanied by a friend this morning to buy gas.  She taught me how to go to the nearest gas station and which pump to use and went through all the instructions and we went over them twice or thrice.  I sat out for a while on the balcony in the sun and talked to a friend who was cutting out all the dead parts of a hedge we have.  I sewed the quilt on the floor and then read outside for a while.  I am reading a great book by a Hungarian-born writer called "Lasting Impressions" about a widower approaching death.  This evening at 7pm I will be on a Facebook Messenger call when Kaitlyn opens her gift with the quilt inside.  I hope that she likes it.  I find I am much happier now that the weather is nicer.  But I love to sew so I am in and out throughout the day doing a little of this and that.  I throw in a few chores just for good measure but I don't have much in that regard.  I don't like to cook much.

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Yes, that chair is super comfy...l do have a wee bit of trouble reaching over the wide arm , as it is a bit high. So l use the desk next to it for my " side table" for my coffee mug. The drawers hold my pencils, paper, and sewing kit. That wicker chest is crammed full of charity quilts that must wait for covid scare to be over before the institutions will accept them.

Comment by Linda Koller yesterday

Riana, your floors are gorgeous! I'm with Mary...would like to sit in that chair!!

Zoe, and here I thought you had worked out the problems with the guy and your cabinets. Praying he installs them very, very soon! Chewy is a great solution for your dog food delivery. I used them for all Indy's needs because of my transportation issues. They are fantastic and have the best customer service in the world!!!

Mary, a pool...woohoo!!!! I know there are solutions out there for mosquitos. It's just a matter of finding the right solution for your area. Perhaps a huge canopy net...LOL

Comment by Zoetc49 yesterday

Riana, the floors look so beautiful !!  Your hubby has to be so proud of his work.

Mary, I hate that you had this type of experience, it is just so frustrating ! He is trying to make them nice, it just is that he put other things before me- even though he told me he was working on them. I sure with I had not used him. At the time I though it was going to be to my advantage.

Elizabeth, He has all of the cabinets at his home- two doors over, if they were here I would had been able to paint them and sand them, and fixed what ever needed done.. but in a way I am being held hostage with not being able to get to them, so I can't hire anyone to help. Never ever again !!!   

I have bought the last of the 47 pound dog food. I learned this time, it is just too heavy and awkward for me to lift, that size bag just keeps throwing my neck out of wack.  I think I will get on the band wagon of ordering the dog food to be delivered too. Right now we are stocked up enough till Aug., I am learning about stocking up during hurricane season. I love our dogs and will hate to see anyone them pass, but I think it will be better to have 2 dogs in the future, as I can load two of them in the car if we had to leave the area.  I used to think that being in an area with hurricanes would be easier than tornadoes, I think not. I hate them both !  Riana, I wish I could move to Canada...maybe the border??          

Comment by Mary Moore yesterday

Riana, that floor is so beautiful!!!  May I come live in that comfy chair?  I love yellow walls.

Elizabeth, I can't imagine planning a quilt on the floor now ,cats and dogs immediately claim any new surface there.  Before cats, and when dogs lived outdoors I had a sort of balcony upstairs over the living room. I would run up and down and up and down rearranging blocks.  I was thin.  Now I take phone pictures.

Oh Zoe, your workman saga brings back memories.  We were using a man I worked with at a school to install a Jacuzzi tub in place of a regular one. ( By the way, don't, the sound in a bathroom was overwhelming.)  8 months later it was done....but I had to patiently listen to abject apologies every day at school.

Barbara, Hope computer is feeling better.

Last summer dandelions suddenly appeared...I tried to tell myself they were a groundcover.  This summer I want them out.  Need to soak the ground first to dig them out...but I took a radio with me and listened to opera for three hours.  Today I can't move. 

Paul is flattening a bit of ground, digging stumps out, and compacting.  Our son got a 15' diameter above ground pool last summer to get through covid with three kids restricted to home.  They all loved it so much, they are getting something bigger, or deeper.  We are inheriting the old one.  We are justifying it as a second water storage tank ( we have a 1,000 gallon tank now for house use).   The fence will go back up after it is in; wish it would keep out mosquitoes too.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Yesterday I started sewing before 9am and I was still sewing close to 10pm.  I have a quilt laid out on my living room floor and I wanted to finish sewing the blocks and number them.  Today I must sew some of them together so I can walk across the room safely.  I also worked on 3 different quilts during the day sewing, ironing, pinning, then sewing etc.


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