If you're a REAL quilter, you have at least one UFO (unfinished object) and one WIP (work in progress) stashed in the closet or stacked on a shelf. Maybe you just need quilting suggestions, or maybe a fresh eye from a new online friend can help with block arrangements. How about a UFO swap? Any UFO conversation is welcome.

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Comment by Riana Noyes 7 hours ago

 Those are sweet, Zoe. I'll just be making " costumes" for now...she has a closet full of dresses and skirts already...her other grandma's a " shopoholic", lol.

Liz, l'm glad you're so enjoying your latest quilt project. No comment on the wine < grin>.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 8 hours ago

Riana, those 3 blocks were left over from a fabric I bought in Florida with flowered blocks.  I made a quilt of them and sold it to a neighbour's sister.

Today I drove over to Farm Boy and got a load of groceries.  This afternoon I plan on doing some more sewing on my Christmas nativity quilt.  I like how it is progressing.  When you feel good about a quilt you are working on, it makes the work more fun.  Then, I'll take a walk - not to MacDonald's - it was so busy yesterday - maybe to the Metro and I'll get some wet cat food and a bottle of wine.  So decadent! LOL  One's for me and it ain't the cat food!

Comment by Zoetc49 19 hours ago

Elizabeth, Thank you for your kind words all all. I have been lucky with the health issues. I figured each one out and the cure, then told the doctors and they often looked at the labs I ran or tested further and proved I was right.  I would be so much worst off if I had listen to most doctors. I do belong to many support groups on line, including caregiver. I think I spend too much time on the groups, been thinking of taking a FB break.

Riana, as I have been looking at all of my quilt books and deciding which must go, I came across this pattern. If you want it, I can give you all the information.    Flirty Skirts Quilting Pattern from the Editors of American Patchwork &amp; Quilting 

Comment by Riana Noyes 20 hours ago

My fabric arrived much earlier than they said! I can start cutting tomorrow.

Liz, that wheelchair lap quilt is lovely. Those big bouquets really make it special.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Mary, there is a foster parent for the Humane Society living in my building.  I am hoping to meet her.  She has a mother cat with a broken leg and 3 kittens.  I am still learning to handle what I am responsible for, but I admire people who do good works with animals.  You are very good hearted and I'm glad for you that your animals sleep a lot.  Mine does too.  I try to make his awake times cuddly.

I worked on a Christmas quilt from my 9 patch Pizzazz book.  But I got confused in the layout I had picked on the page, so it turned out I am using the same layout as for the Purple Prancing Packyderms.  That's O.K.  And I also worked on a wheelchair quilt using 6 inch 9 patches.

Comment by Mary Moore yesterday

We were just involved in the placement of a year old, unfixed pomerianian/husky mix. He was a tiny husky; white with blue eyes.  A rather careless niece in law of my son was couch surfing with her 3 month old baby boy, and this energetic dog after her boyfriend kicked her out.  Her mom came to get the baby, and my son got the dog who terrorized his geriatric dog.  Zeus had been a $3,000. puppy.  We finally found a good rescue group who immediately found him a calm foster home. He had lived in apartments with piddle pads the first year, and too much alone time. I never met him in person, which is probably a good thing.  My two old ladies sleep almost all the time.

Comment by Barbara Hughes yesterday

Love the wheel chair quilt, Liz. 

Riana adorable skirt. It needs some mickey mouse ears to go with it.

I can't look at those Havanese to long they are to too cute.!!

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Foggy and cool here, Liz. Santa Cruz is fortunate to be on the coast...however, fog does pose a driving hazard in hilly areas. 

My fabric order won't arrive for nearly 2 weeks ( regular delivery). Express would've been a better option, l guess. I'm a rookie at online buying, sigh.

Zoe, Liz got it right about your care for your mom. When my dad was alone, l too went the extra mile for him. Though he is sorely missed now, l have zero regrets.

Today's sewing plans have changed...helping out with a bit of mending.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday
Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

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