If you're a REAL quilter, you have at least one UFO (unfinished object) and one WIP (work in progress) stashed in the closet or stacked on a shelf. Maybe you just need quilting suggestions, or maybe a fresh eye from a new online friend can help with block arrangements. How about a UFO swap? Any UFO conversation is welcome.

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Comment by Zoetc49 on Friday

It is 1:15 am, I mowed the lawn at dusk to take a break on the quilt room. I have been rounding up the kits and projects to put under the cabinets in the new area. I am finding that I have way too much fabric. Riana, I wish you were coming back to Florida as I could get more larger chunks to you, but I am gathering a box that will be a bit bulky, plan to go though more. I recall you mentioned the group in Florida, as I got though more I will put some aside. 

I am too tired to write more, goodnight/ morning that is. 

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Thursday

Wilma, my Dresden neighbourhood class isn't until Feb. 6.  I am looking forward to it.  I'd love to see yours and maybe you can tell me a little about the making of it.

I felt my eyes closing a little this afternoon but I have had a nice dinner of a stuffed chicken breast and some roast potatoes and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin along with a glass of apple cider.  So decadent!  This evening is good T.V. and I'll work on finishing my snowman.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Thursday

I'm going to use Riana's 20 min. rule with my daughter when she is here and see if she will help me with my quilting. Haha!  I have a bag of Hallowe'en candy to offer her.  I had to confess to the cashier in the grocery store that the candy was for me - kids are not allowed in the building.  There are 100 candies etc. in the bag and I opened it last night and had 2 twizzlers.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Thursday

Mary Fons was such a good speaker this morning.  She talked about the history of quilting in the U.S. but in a delightful way illustrating it with 6 of her own quilts.  She live streams on the history of quilts on if any of you have heard of this.  It is connected to Amazon.

I signed up for 4 playdays on the 1. circle attachment, 2. designing quilts on EQ 8, 3.  Snow dyeing and 4. fusible applique.  Slight charge for using her equipment for the snow dyeing.  Otherwise the classes are free.

There were lots of other activities; but I did not sign up for them because I want to work on my quilties.  I have so many kits just waiting to be sewn.  I did indicate my interest in a 2 day retreat in November.  (sleep at home).

I did hand embroidery while the meeting was on and my snowman is coming along nicely.

Then, this afternoon I ran errands - bank, grocery store, drug store, another drug store and fabricland.  The sale was on and I got several items 50% off and 1 - 70% off.  Now to rest!

Comment by Riana Noyes on Thursday

Mary, if you stay or if you sell, you'll want a new or " refurbished" generator. Bringing in a power line would likely be way too costly. With the advent of electric vehicles in Ca., a charging station may have to be added to the household at some future time. Your painter sounds like a gem ♡

Comment by Riana Noyes on Thursday

Zoe, my grandd ( now 10) just finally finished putting borders on her quilt  we've been working on during her infrequent visits. I only made her take out the very worst seams ( gaps, big jumps) and the woggly other seams remain. Now that it's all together and pressed, it doesn't look bad at all. Mostly, l can "quilt out" the sketchy parts ,lol. Beware that your student will only really be attentive for 20 min. stretches...after that, offer a small break ( cookies & milk, walk the dog, etc.) before resuming for another 20 min. 

Comment by Wilma Schirra-Kays on Thursday

Mary, I hope your generator can be revived.  Am sure you do not want to have to invest in another.  It is always something.  Glad the painter shared his sandwich, bet it was good.

Liz, your classes sound wonderful.  I am trying to use up a lot of my fabrics.  Yesterday I quilted 2 table runners and a bench pillow.  Today I put the backing on the bench pillow, so after I finish the pillow I will do the binding on the runners and then I have to do the top of a Christmas Dresden Neighborhood, with Santa and his sleigh.  Teaching class on Monday.

Zoe what a nice offer to teach a young girl how to make a quilt.  Am sure you will enjoy helping her too.  I used to help 2 of my grandsons use a knitting loom.  They liked to make hats for their parents when they came to visit.

Packed some boxes today.  Tomorrow morning will pack for 2 hours and then sew.  Had to repack the temporary boxes of my MILs china she brought from England years ago.  We are going to take it with us, hopefully can sell to in NC after we get settled.

Love your quilts, Liz and Riana.  Off to bed.

Comment by Zoetc49 on Thursday

Mary, I am sorry that you are having such issues. Will you need to replace your generator now?  I know when we painted our home, it first started out to power wash the home, then we found a leak, then we had to replace the roof, then they told us we needed to get the trees removed to help the roof, then we got the outside painted.. and then later the inside. During that time, I personally laid a new front lawn, then did all of the garden beds. But, now that is all done and I get to enjoy playing the toss out junk and

Oh, my I was not able to sleep last night so I decided to go through my Christmas stash. At one point I was going to make each of the nieces and nephews Christmas quilt blocks and send them each year, but then my older niece said that no one wanted them- which I later discovered was a lie, she always lies ! So, since I had sent them to her to pass on as she lived closer to everyone at the time- she instead kept them all. So, I decided not to do that again. So. I decided last night to put all the blenders together and all of the novelty fabrics together.  I ran into a neighbor and I asked her daughter is she would like to learn how to make a quilt, she said yes ! I said , what about a Christmas quilt", she was thrilled !  Her mom has her hands full with three small children but his young gal is about 9. I will help her with the top and let her mom help her tie it, unless they want to send it out to have it quilted.  It might not make a huge dent in my stash, but it will be fun to help teach her.   

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Wednesday

Life isn't meant to be easy, Mary.  I'm glad that I am not painting my place.  I still am trying to get an electrician.  It's been weeks now.

I just loved Jen Kingwell!  What a wonderful quilter - Zoom really brings us some great speakers.  I would like to be able to use colours like she does.

Now I have Mary Fons' trunk show tomorrow morning.  And I'm getting ready for my class with Jennie Rayment.  Quilters from other countries really do things a little differently and it is so good to be exposed to something slightly new..

Comment by Mary Moore on Wednesday

Painting saga: Sunday night before the painter was coming to power wash the house  the generator died (we get  electricity from it and a bunch of solar panels that feed batteries [that are not as healthy as they could be]) Need lots of electricity to run well pump and pressure tank.  Monday and Tuesday had enough solar to run house, but not too late in the evening. Paul took various generator parts down to be checked(selinoid and starter engine are fine).  Tuesday night the optimistic painter brought stuff and his generator which seems to be powering the house and I hope the water stuff today.   It does not seem to be talking to the batteries. Our 18 year old generator is out of print, and no one wants to come visit it.  And it is cloudy today.

But the painter just offered me one of his peanut butter and honey sandwiches.


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