If you're a REAL quilter, you have at least one UFO (unfinished object) and one WIP (work in progress) stashed in the closet or stacked on a shelf. Maybe you just need quilting suggestions, or maybe a fresh eye from a new online friend can help with block arrangements. How about a UFO swap? Any UFO conversation is welcome.

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Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Riana, really cute skirt!  My Samsung is a Galaxy Tab E.  It was a gift from Jim.  I like it.  I like to play games on it and do facebook messenger.  I do not do other stuff because it is easier to type on my desktop.  And I like the large monitor, especially when Jim and I are trying to decipher old Hungarian records.  We have a terrible time with one particular guy's handwriting.  His "b" looks like "ny", for example.   And the signatories did not sign themselves which would have been a great help.  He signed for them.  And last names are often misspelled.  In the villages, about 1/3 of the residents have the same last name which makes it really hard to find the right person.  Jim spends hours going through birth, baptism, marriage and death records in Hungarian.  He uses Google translations when I am not on-line with him.  Otherwise we share his screen.

Zoe, try not to worry - so many things we can't control or change, so we are losing a lot of energy if we fret over those things.  Think of all you are doing to help your Mom have a better life and be proud of all your accomplishments.  You will never have to be in a position in the future where you will regret not doing enough for  your Mom because you will always know in your heart that you did everything within your power for her.  

Concerning your medical issues do what you think is right for yourself.  Self-care is important.  Let the Drs. have their say and try to follow their advice.  Try to find some group support from the organizations available.  Listen to what other people are going through - maybe you can help them as much as they can help you.  I'm in work in progress (just like our quilts) and trying  hard to reinvent myself.  I hope that my suggestions will be taken in the spirit I am offering them - a big, long hug to you.  If I were there we could cry together and then, smile.

It is already 79 in the condo this morning so I put on the a/c and I will finish my wheelchair quilt.  I'll take a picture of it then so you can see how I quilted it.

Comment by Linda Koller yesterday

Riana, I knew it was a Havanese puppy probably about 3-6 months old....reason I fell in love with it!!! Hope my puppy will be born soon!!!

Comment by Zoetc49 yesterday

Riana, the skirt is so cute ! I love the color !

I am tearing out patterns out of my books and magazines. I just have way too many patterns and I can tell pretty quick if I like a pattern.

Elizabeth, you inspire me. You are so strong. I know you had a wonderful life with your husband. It was hard for my mom too, then I moved in and we had to figure things out. I worry so much.

Last week I started having anxiety issues, I am not sure how good or bad your medical is up there in Canada, but here.. the insurance runs the medical care and then I was and still am fighting doctors who dismiss me and want to tell me what they think, but do not want to listen to me. I have figured every illness out on my own, why?? Thankfully, a treatment I figured out.. the Mayo clinic is running test on. I contacted them last week and told them what I discovered is working for me, but stated that I am not interested in joining their trail as I know what works and I just want to stay out of the ER. 

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Linda, l found the picture and was surprised to note it's a real Havanese! Looks like a toy my daughter had when young. I suppose sun glasses don't likely wear those anyways outdoors.

Today's sewing project.

Comment by Linda Koller on Friday

Excellent reminder, Riana!!!! What a cutie pie! Does this adorable baby belong to someone or did you find the photo online? OMG, I'm in love!!!!! I want to sit and snuggle with him.

Lately, I'm missing Indy so very much. I have 2 serious wounds on my arms from running into things and I've had to quit my mile walks until after my cataract surgeries since I'm literally blind in my left eye when outside...well the excessive heat has something to do with that too....111 today. An improvement compared to earlier this week when it was 116!

Comment by Riana Noyes on Friday

Linda, if l ever think you are giving in to temptation, l'll simply remind you with this...

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Friday

oh, I didn't mean to tempt you, Linda, I love that red and white collection too.  I am trying out a straight line quilting motif seen on Karen Brown's UTube doing a curvy line from top to bottom on the quilt and then echoing it.  And that's it.

Comment by Linda Koller on Friday

Just got my CT catalog yesterday. I love the red/white fabric collection!! I am NOT buying any fabric, I am NOT buying any fabric...I need to save money for my new service dog, I need to save money for my new service dog, I need to save money for my new service dog. I'm ok now....

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Friday

Eye candy for today:  check out Shabby Fabrics' Maryland Quilt (I LOVE it)  and Connecting Threads have 2 new cat fabric collections!


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