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Comment by Linda Koller on June 4, 2018 at 4:27pm

Riana, Arizona is now almost comparable to California as far as living costs now. The Phoenix area now is full of smog and even more populated than when I lived there. It was beginning to have that problem about the time I moved. If I return to Arizona I'm thinking maybe Tucson area. First however, I'm looking at San Rafael, CA where my daughter-in-law (who is the daughter I never had) and grandchildren live. They have been begging me for years to come there to live. The agencies I'm working with here have given me the contacts in California to work with and I'm getting a letter from my doctor that I need to relocate for medical reasons which will put me higher on the waiting lists for low income housing. Once I sell my home, I will have more money to work with and my bills will be paid off. I'm working with financial advisors from my mortgage people (who by the way granted a loan modification to lower my payment), medical advisors, and the realtor has relocation experts to help the moving process.

Mary, I think San Juan is less than 2 hours away from San Rafael. The grandkids however have my week pretty filled up! There is also a HALO (Havanese Angelic League Org.) group in the area. So, I will have plenty of support if I ever need it with Indy and he can have some play dates perhaps. And there are 6 Lutheran LSMC churches in the area to choose from too. I've even looked for local quilt shops...Berkley and Petaluma. Petaluma has been on my bucket list to visit. But if the agencies give me positive feedback or if it looks like I can find a place, I'll be back!!!!

Comment by Mary Moore on June 4, 2018 at 2:22pm

Gee Linda, We might be in the same state, wish my area had a more reliable climate.

I remember seeing Barbara's puppet, but forgot they were her creations.  She is just too talented.

I seem to be finishing knitting projects with all the doctor office waiting. 

Comment by Riana Noyes on June 4, 2018 at 2:20pm

Gail, welcome back, we missed you. I'm afraid l was under the impression you were on vacation...far from it, l now see. Hopefully, you'll have had your share of lifes trials, and things will start working out better. The idea of hexies was of our MQP newer members, Christina Rhebergen, has posted some LOVELY small projects handstitched w/ EPP...check the gallery. know l've always wished you could return to your beloved Arizona. Ca. is more expensive than Az., l believe, not just real estate, but living costs. Ask your advisor to check out both & give reccomendation.

Comment by Gail Brown on June 4, 2018 at 12:34pm

Linda I'm so sorry to hear about all your problems.  Please, please try to get that blood pressure under control.  I know that stress is a big factor, I struggled with it for years until my doctor found the right combination of meds.  

It sounds like your financial advisor gave you some good advice.  Stress does not play well with other problems, BP, COPD, and heart issues.  Take all the help you are offered and do what's best for you.

Your Women of the Bible quilt sounds like one I just put together, parts of it several times.  Seemed like a jig saw puzzle.  Now that it's together it's wonderful, but every time I look at it I'll remember how it tried my patience so I'm giving it to my Grand Daughter.

Please take care of yourself, sending Hugs and Prayers.

Comment by Linda Koller on June 4, 2018 at 12:06am

For some reason I'm not receiving notifications. Will check into why that is happening.

Gail, so sorry for all the tragedy. Praying God wraps His comforting arms around   you and gives you peace, healing for your hubby, and as a caregiver rest for you. We women tend to take care of everyone but ourselves.

Mary, ask Barbara about puppets! Indy loves her puppets..especially Spot!! Altho I think he had a crush on Julia too. lol

My Women of the Bible quilt is coming along. I'm in the middle of putting together section C. It's a bit more complicated because halfway you start attaching to section A, then go back to finishing section C.

I'm behind on my round robin because I ran out of fabric and had to wait until I could find someone to take me to a fabric shop. Now that I have the fabric, the next clue has arrived so now I'm 2 clues behind.

So much is going on right now. So many decisions to be made and once they are made, things will be happening fast I think. Got my loan remodification to lower my house payment. With it came free financial planning. All the financial problems my former guardian left me with has produced so much stress that I'm having blood pressure problems. With family history and the way my BP has been spiking lately, I'm open for either a stroke or heart attack. The financial counselor recommends selling the house and moving to a climate conducive to my health. The doctor is in concurrence with that recommendation. So I may be putting my house on the market when I return from California depending what I find when I'm out there. I've been given names of agencies and realtors that will help me with relocation and low income housing. I also have realtor friends in Arizona.

Comment by Mary Moore on June 3, 2018 at 9:35pm

Gail,   Please don't believe you are whining, you are just describing the not so Golden part of our Golden Years.  Our health issues, and our children's problems just keep happening.    I wish I was as articulate as all our supportive friends here. They have helped me this winter, as my husband continues to meet his health challenges.  A younger friend has supplied us with a local "herbal" concoction to use with anxiety and insomnia.  So far all I have done is open and sniff the bottle.  Is that the same as not inhaling? Hugs.

Comment by Gail Brown on June 3, 2018 at 6:41pm

 Just wanted to let you all know understanding and prayers are much appreciated.  I'm just glad to be back and more like myself again.  Looking forward one day at a time.  Isn't it great what therapy comes with some fabric, needle and thread.

Comment by Deanna Davis on June 3, 2018 at 6:32pm

Gail ~ welcome back, and I send prayers for you and your family. We are women of strength and that is tested a lot in our roles as a wife and mother. Taking care of yourself is so much put to the back burner in those roles.  We have all been there at one point and we are here to listen .. 

Still working on girls' quilts, Elise is done, Riley has all the blocks, tonight is sewing that one together, and then there is Peyton. Tonight is laundry and sewing since I was able to get my outside stuff done early.

Comment by Ginny Andersen on June 3, 2018 at 3:24pm

I am so sorry to hear of your trials and tragedy, Gail. Prayers for your family. It is never bad or weak to ask for some help. That can make all of the difference. We women are such caretakers that we all too often forget to take care of ourselves. Sounds like you are doing what it takes to makes things better for yourself and that is good..

Comment by Barbara Hughes on June 3, 2018 at 2:33pm

Gail and Elizabeth, so sorry for the sad things  you both have been going through.  Sounds like there is now some light  at the end of the tunnels. Please take care we are all for you. May the Lord give peace and comfort.


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