2021 PHD Challenge

Have you decided that this is finally the year you clear up those unfinished projects of the past? Join in the fun, and earn your PHD in completing those projects half done! Here are the 6 rules: 

  • List limited to 6 projects for the year ( average 2 mo. per project)
  • Ufo projects only (  must be already started)
  • You must have the pattern, fabrics, backing ,and batting for completion on hand
  • Photos of each unfinished piece must be posted after your list.
  • Make a list of what is left to do below each project's name (eg:  quilt, bind, etc..)
  • ☆ optional...tell us why a project has " stalled"... do you need help? Etc.


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Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 26, 2021 at 9:02am

Chris, your studio will have a lovely floor!  And lots of room!  Riana, your blocks are really nice.  I think the "Alberta" writing looks good.  It shows up well even on the screen.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 26, 2021 at 9:00am

Good Morning!  I was working on my X-block project during the sew day on Saturday.  Halfway through I realized I didn't have the lights I needed.  So I had to improvise and finally cut some more etc.  It meant that the new pieces weren't evenly distributed  and not as light as the original pieces etc.  This morning I found a big pile of lights that had slipped from the table unto a chair that was tucked under the counter.  So now I have to find some darks to go with the lights.  Maybe I'll put it away until next sew day.

Comment by Chris Michelle on April 26, 2021 at 7:40am

What a great adventure you had Riana! Those are the things memories are made of, aren't they. Your block is great, but the stories behind it are even better!

The tile was laid in the studio this weekend. We have a hallway outside the room and a closet where the electrical box is currently located that still need to be done. I didn't have enough of the prepping materials last week to get that done. Here is a photo of what it looks like as of today.

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 25, 2021 at 9:48pm

Today, l sewed a while with Elizabeth ( online using messenger video). I finished my travel block for province of Alberta. We drove there in a rented Winnebago with our 3 young children and an lrish setter named Rusty. The trip sure was an adventure! My youngest got diarhea. The dog kept getting into the " kitchen" garbage when we weren't looking, and l got an ear infection from the high altitude in the Rocky mountains. But we saw lovely prairies with grain elevators, dinosoar bones in the badlands ( below sealevel!) and went trail riding on horseback wearing our new western hats. Some pieces of the landscape part was a gift from Liz 2 yr. ago when l visited. I fused details to it and stitched it down. The embroidery part may get switched...not 100% sure l care for the font of letters.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 25, 2021 at 11:13am

Zoe, I need help almost constantly with my computer.  There is so much to learn.  For example, last night my son taught me how to move something from junk to the inbox, otherwise, it could not be opened.

Comment by Wilma Schirra-Kays on April 24, 2021 at 4:42pm

Well the furniture arrived on a giant pallet.  Hubby put the sewing chair together...has great height and is adjustable.  Cats all over the fabric.  BUT we are headed out to see grandsons on Tuesday, so assembly will take place on return...week of May 4 I hope to be ready to clean up all messes.

Riana, love your travel quilt.  I should do that for our trips.  Thought of taking a favorite picture from all the places we have been outside of the USA and doing art blocks and making a quilt.  But first I need to finish my PHDs and UFOs.  I now have 4 baby quilts to bind and one large quilt.  I also have bags of projects I found while clearing out closets...so my goal is to get busy.

off to finish up some additional bibs, onxies and burp cloths for great grandson...August will be here before I know it.

Comment by Zoetc49 on April 24, 2021 at 11:12am

Chris, That table looks very nice ! It made me start looking, but then I recalled that I converted an old vanity for a sewing table. I use an office chair that will adjust to the height. This will work for now, if I lose height like my mom and aunt one day, I will re-look at my situation. Many years back I found an old singer table, the guy had removed the pump and put a flat black top on it. Years later I changed out the top with a lager one. It does not allow for my machine to drop down, but in time I guess I could convert that. My dad did that with a desk for my mom, so it gives me ideas. Before I moved, I had just bought a beautiful wide yellow desk that I wanted to use , but there was no space at the time to bring it, so I had to leave it behind, I sure wish I had kept it now. All this to say, it sure is fun to get a nice piece of furniture to help us enjoy our quilt habit/ enjoyment/ craft/ addiction.

Comment by Chris Michelle on April 24, 2021 at 8:22am

Wilma- I can't wait to see your new sewing room furniture. I ordered the Americana Luxury Sewing cabinet for my Dream Machine to go in my new sewing room. It arrived this week so it is currently in my living room waiting for the sewing studio remodel to be done. I plan to make new cutting and pressing tables using the electronic height adjustable bases sold on Amazon. I am hoping to be able to make the cutting table also a large light box using a clear top and some LED lights underneath. However...today is the day when they are supposed to start laying out my tile in my studio! I got it painted and prepped the floors for tile this week. There's still a lot of work before it's done, but I am hoping it will get grout and trim and have all the cabinets installed during the coming week so I can move my stuff in also!

I am really loving your travel quilt Riana. Making great progress on that project. I like all the details you are adding with the embroidery. Makes it extra special.

Comment by Zoetc49 on April 24, 2021 at 1:52am

Riana, Blue bonnets are the flower, but you will always hear people singing the " yellow rose of Texas". Just a thought for the Texas one. 

I have had a hard time with my computer for the past week or more, it was so slow. Then when I tried to clean it up, I got locked out of not being able get on to any server, I was able to get hold of the computer antivirus company and after an hour on hold, he got me back on. Still will need to reset many things. I was happy to see my emails and even find the Passwords to get back on here. Tomorrow I will make a point to organize my passwords.

Comment by Linda Koller on April 23, 2021 at 11:12pm

Cute Bermuda block, Riana. And, I love that Arizona fabric!!!!

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 23, 2021 at 9:46pm

Next came the Texas block l hadn't been sure about...l improve sewed some sunbonnet flower fabric, and 2 others to the Pt. A square and the longhorn. Big block....but Tx prides itself on all things large,lol. Then, since my embroidery machine was behaving well, l also added lettering to my PEI lighthouse block.

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 23, 2021 at 9:38pm

Today l got out the Arizona fabric, cut out an 11" square, and added machine embroidered lettering.

Comment by Kris Howell on April 23, 2021 at 7:40pm

Riana - that Bermuda block is adorable!  And you should certainly put the hearts on it. Thanks for the ideas on how to quilt the Visions of the East!  I'm not ready to start it yet.  I just finished quilting the Star Wedding Ring quilt.  Now I'm off to YouTube to review how to cut a bias binding, lol!  

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 23, 2021 at 12:58pm

You know, now that I see your block, Riana, I think I would like to make some travel blocks too.   The Bermuda block  turned out very nicely. I am making another "Spring Chicken " block for my daughter's quilt.  I work on it in between working on the stars, my main focus.  I almost think I should do stars tomorrow during the sew day but I have to pay attention to them to get all the points nice.

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 23, 2021 at 11:53am

Liz, great idea...l'll be sure to quilt hearts in the background :-)) ln Bermuda, the big thing is bridge tournaments... many  resorts were booked because a large one was being hosted on the island that week. I don't play cards.

My finished block!

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 23, 2021 at 10:12am

Riana, I didn't realize that your trip to Bermuda was your honeymoon - you should have some hearts in the sky overlooking your cabin - "romance in the air".  Doug and I went to Jamaica for a week on our honeymoon.  We stayed in an all-inclusive resort that was very nice.  We both got terrible sunburns on our first day.  My parents stayed with the boys.  The next time we went to Jamaica we took Jim.  He won the chess tournament and got 2 bottles of rum.

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 22, 2021 at 8:59pm

Liz, we all dream of a quilting " room" like that,lol. Our Burmuda trip was 5 days long...our honeymoon when we got married in Jan. 1968! David took me along while golfing ( l loved walking a golf course , but didn't play for years). To his playing partners, he introduced me as his girlfriend! He did appologize over a nice candlelight dinner later,lol.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 22, 2021 at 7:04pm

Wilma, we are all waiting to see your new quilt room furniture.  I wish that I could knock out the walls between my living room and quilt room and bedroom and I could just have one big quilt room and I would cook, eat and sleep among the machines and fabric.  It would be the ultimate open-concept design.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on April 22, 2021 at 6:57pm

Your Bermuda block is very nice, Riana.  Doug and I were supposed to go on a Bermuda cruise but he needed heart surgery so we had to cancel the trip.  So I haven't been there.  Today was a bit complicated so I only got 3 star blocks done.  I had an appt. with a pyscho-therapist for grief counselling but I don't think I'll continue.  It was hard on me.

Comment by Riana Noyes on April 22, 2021 at 5:50pm

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