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Comment by Zoetc49 1 hour ago

I have been making progress on my nephews quilt. I got into yard work again, then shopping.. and back to the quilt. The other day I got 20 blocks put together, 36 are needed. Since it is being made to look like a scrap quilt these last blocks I will have to plan to make sure the fabrics don't clash. I laid out the blocks and made sure the colors of the leaves worked, got that figured out, labeled them of which row and what colors to use on the log cabins. One is either green/brown/green or brown/green/brown . I was too sleepy to work on them today, so hope to sew some tomorrow.

I have a long list for 2021, but I will only start out with the ones that I did not get to this year.     Lost Duckling Help Duck Find Path Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1128108779

Comment by Linda Koller 5 hours ago

My list for 2021 is the same as 2020. I am sewing again but small projects like kennel quilts, dog coats, and bow ties for dog collars. In physical therapy until end of year. Feeling much better except for past couple cold days...temps below 50 here in Tucson, nights in the 30's!!

Comment by Barbara Hughes 8 hours ago

I want to see Mary's tapestry also.

Comment by Gail Brown 11 hours ago

I have been "missing in action" for a while.  Seems that our GP has had us running inseveral directions at once.  In the past few weeks between hubby and myself we have had several different kinds of medical tests done, still have ore to go.  Anumber of skin cancers have been remoed from hubby with more to go for and myself, we are paying for all the time at the beach, camping and on the boat. My back is still a problen, thouh not as bad as it was.  It looks like the three PHDs that I have finished may be it for this year, but I have finished several smaller projects that were easier for me to manuver around.  I am looking forward to 2021 and being able to finish some of the larger things and using the framefor them.

Chris that is absolutely gorgeous.  Mary I want to see the tapestry.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Riana's post perked me up and I am ready to start 2021 with a similar project to the one I started 2020 off with.  I have a whole set of patterns with fabric for a Joann BOM quilt.  It is very pretty with lots of curved pieces (like Drunkard's Path).  I haven't even opened any of it.  So it is pristine and waiting for the ball to drop and the clock to strike 12.  I'll look for it at the bottom of one of my plastic bins and have it ready to photograph so you can see it when it comes time.

So everyone should keep working until Dec. 31 - then, start all anew with a new list - of course, only if you want.  I will - just to give myself something to look forward to.  I also picked out a new pattern and the beautiful batik my daughter gave me last Christmas and went through my stash and put in every piece that coordinates with it so this will be project 2 for 2021.  The next project (no. 3) will be my beautiful Kekfesto fabric from Hungary that Jim gave me for my birthday or Mother's Day (forget which occasion) and gather some coordinating fabric and look for a pattern.  None of these are UFOs so they will be special for 2021.  Of course, I still have about 160 UFOs which I will keep working on.

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Final date is Dec 31/20.... so procrastinators can leave them until Dec.30, stay up all night trying to finish one more, then start 2021 off depressed or you can get the #1 next priority piece out of the corner, figure out what the next step is, and get cracking! < Whip sounds, snap!>   Anyone " stuck" for any reason should post a photo and a question on here, where friends can contribute help.

What to quilt? Here arevmy personal suggestions...

  • On a busy busy ( scrappy style) quilt, the quilting seldom shows. Just add a simple texture repeated over the whole piece.
  • On a quilt with lots of negative space, look at examples of quilting designs in books, pinterest,mags.. Find one you like, then go ahead and mark your favourite on the quilt.Go slowly / carefully if you must.
  • On a quilt with a bold pattern and/ or applique , outline the important elements, but just " fill" dead spaces between...don't let the quilting take away from the visual impact of the piece, rather, try to repeat, echo enhance( veins on leaves, details in large petals etc.)
Comment by Barbara Hughes on Monday

Chris, You expressed exactly how I am. Piece a quilt and then don't like the colors or Piece it and have no idea how to quilt it. duh!! When I attempt free motion it is a loooong sloooooow process. I am like Liz I fold it up real nice and put it in the back of the closet. I haven't tried repurposing yet. However joining the PhD group has motivated me to finish some quilts. But I'm not sure if I will make it getting 6 quilt projects finished by the end of December. What is the final date anyway??

Comment by Linda Koller on Monday

Mary, will we see the whole completed tapestry?

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Monday

Very good, Mary.  So happy that you got the tapestry done.  It won't be a concern and you can knit away!  I looked after one problem after another today and I have one my call left to make on Doug's behalf and I can have a nap!  Just remembered my reno man is dropping in this afternoon - I need him to order long skinny lights that can only be ordered from Montreal for my den.  Riana, I wanted to tell you that the fabric I talked about yesterday is completely heat-set so you should not have any bleeding.

Comment by Riana Noyes on Monday

Chris, your masterpiece needs careful thought and planning. Doodle , doodle doodle! Here's a couple of ideas to start you off...ghost vines/ flowers in outer border on piano keys.Organic paisley backgrond in white area rulerwork echoes behind pointies. Nemishing behind inner blooms on the dark.And either rulerwork or stipple on inner white star points ( l like the ruler lines). This is going to be a fabulous quilt...just texturize , as it's already a masterpiece!

Comment by Riana Noyes on Monday

Mary, so glad that tapestry's complete :-)) what a relief that must be! Time to reward yourself with a teensy bit of sock knitting...then on to the Hawaiian quilt! Yay!

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Monday

Chris,  I couldn't possibly give you any advice on free motion quilting on a long arm because I have never done it, but I know how to deal with a big quilt that I have lost interest in - either you hide it away for umteen years in a box under everything else in the closet or you repurpose it.   If you are serious about repurposing I will send you some links that have helped me.  

Comment by Chris Michelle on Monday

Hello ladies, just checking in to see how things are shaping up. I have the Valley Blossoms on the long arm machine but I am not a good FM Quilter and am struggling to decide what to do around my applique pieces. It is all basted and some of the SITD is done, but I have not really touched it in about a week. I did return to my sewing room this week and break out my On Ringo Lake and start sewing blocks again. I laid it out on my design wall and I really hate the fabric I chose...it overwhelms the quilt....so now I am not really motivated to get it sewn...ugh.

Sorry I don't check in more. I really struggle with keeping up with conversations in this format. It is too complicated to try to keep track of everyone's comments, going back over several pages and having to try to remember who said what etc. I do enjoy reading everyone's comments and seeing your photos. You ladies are all so talented.

Comment by Mary Moore on Sunday

Now, the tapestry is really done, done, done.  My mood was so bad last week I started 4 pairs of socks, and ordered more knitting needles.

Comment by Riana Noyes on October 18, 2020 at 9:13pm

Zoe, did you get any sewing in this weekend as you'd planned?

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on October 18, 2020 at 11:15am

Thank you for thinking about me in your prayers, Barbara.  I took inspiration from your tackling the cleaning of your bedroom.  We have a bank of closets between the ensuite and our bedroom and they could use some sorting and a cleaning of the bottom shelf and floor that I use as a catch-all.  I don't have a lot of clothes so the seasonal change-over isn't a chore.  I only keep clothes that fit me.

I love sewing my scraps!  But once my current project is a finished top, I am going back to sandwiching.  My DIL will soon have 4 batts for me.

Comment by Barbara Hughes on October 17, 2020 at 8:41pm

Riana, I did watch a video of Leah Day using a panto. But she did not mention the things you brought up about practising with the light first. Good idea.

Comment by Barbara Hughes on October 17, 2020 at 8:39pm

Offering your practise pieces was so kind of you, Liz. Sorry about your 3 languishing quilts!! 

I haven't any quilting done. Had to get my bedroom fall cleaned. It needed it badly. And finally retrieved my fall/winter clothes. Cleaned the closet yesterday and the room part today. I will start my sewing  again soon.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on October 14, 2020 at 12:47pm

Yes, Barbara, You will just have to quilt all my quilts in Tiny Town!  You wouldn't want to be in Ottawa right now.  From what I see in the newspaper, most of the infections are in schools and in long term care homes. I used to think I'd go happily to a retirement home and then a LTCHome when my time had come but I've changed my mind.  Even the Red Cross is being asked to come in and help take care of the elderly in our LTCHomes.

Comment by Barbara Hughes on October 14, 2020 at 10:52am

Thanks Liz, but I think that the closest I can get is in Tiny Town,

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