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Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 8 hours ago

Lovely quilt, Zoe.  Nice that you have a helper.

Comment by Zoetc49 15 hours ago

The colors did not show up well here, she was more into painting than helping with this, but she did sew all of the fabrics in line, then I did the rows. The focus fabric was fish... for a Florida quilt.

Comment by Zoetc49 17 hours ago

Riana, yes, this is that nephew and bride.

I was informed that I am not supposed to know, but that my middle niece and her young daughter plan to surprise us in Dec. I have a easy quilt to get done for her, I do need to get back to getting the others done. I did get two easy strip quilts done this past week, I will post the picture of one.. they both are very much alike. My camera is not up here. 

Elizabeth, I know it hurts to go out to see Doug, I know you miss him.

Today I learned that a friend of my brothers had been exposed to his grandmother who had covid, she passed from it very quickly. He had seen my brother soon after that, a few days later he called my brother up and told him he was in the hospital and told my brother to get tested. My brother did not and did not feel he was close enough to the friend. He got a text today telling him that the friend had passed from covid.  My brother has not gotten the shot, I just reminded him to get it.  It concerns me  for my niece that she cannot get the shot as her mom does not see the need.    I am a little concerned about all of these kids wanting to come see my mom right now as they can get her ill.  I might need to encourage them to go to hotels and wear a mask when they come over. 

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

I drove out to the cemetery today to visit Doug and check on the inscription.  Lots of people were there visiting their loved ones.  

And I'm continuing cutting the flannel scraps.  Riana thinks that I won't be finished until Christmas - maybe she is right!  I have one more bag to wash, but the ironing pile is very high.  

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Zoe, is that the nephew and his bride that you made that lovely leaf quilt for?

Comment by Zoetc49 yesterday

Elizabeth, My nephew and his wife showed up today as a surprise , mom and I had not seen him in many years and the first time we got to meet his wife. We all went to the beach and I know I looked like a dork, as I had on a mask down there.. but so far I can still eat !

I asked them if they will take somethings back with them as they only plan to stay a day.. my niece got so spoiled !   It was fun to talk with him as an adult. I was surprised when he asked me if I talk with their dad... who is difficult, but I understand my brother.   We went out for dinner and I excused myself and tricked them and paid the bill, I knew he would not let me do it otherwise.  I have really missed seeing other family.

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

I got to play today!

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Saturday

O.K. Zoe, I know what EOE is now.  It doesn't sound very nice to have.  The site says to drink lots of water when eating.  I would think eating slowly helps too and taking small bites of food.

I am going to do some groceries today and will do some quilting.

Comment by Zoetc49 on Friday    This is a site I had not seen before. 

Riana I think I narrowed it down to pollen's.  Next month I will begin more treatments with allergy shots. I might see if what was in the air showed up as my trigger. I might just have to live inside forever !  

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Friday

Riana, these flannel pieces may be a life long project.  Haha!  Oh well, it hardly matters.  The prints are funny too - lots of dancing Shreks  in bright red.


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