here is a list of participating shops in Texas.

please feel free to share your pictures of row by rows for 2016.

even if you have pictures of row by rows that are NOT from Texas please share, we would love to see them. include the shop name and city /state please!

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With the terrible weather down there, are all these shops open?

row by row 2016 home page

it says USA, Canada & Europe! so for you travelers out there this summer should be great fun. on the link above, click on the "start here" on header. it'll take you to a page of license plate images for each state. click on state or canadian province for locations of most participating stores. click on the Europe link on header and you go to page of participating shops in various european countries.

To think this started just a few years ago only in one area, and now it is world wide.

Thanks, Carla. I am looking forward to this year's RXR. So many adorable and beautiful rows out there, all expressing different ideas of Home.

Look what I found  -

Looks like a great way to make a RXR quilt that usable for a bed quilt with style!

Oh you should not post such things, you know me, just got to do this one for my house decor. LOL

I sew want to go to the shops today and get my row by rows, but stuck at work.  Lunch hour is going home to let dogs out without being able to stop at a quilt shop.  No time.  Oh bother.

I just thought the bed quilt pattern is so adaptable for any theme, any year - at least the horizontal rows.   

Kenya and I have gathered much of the DFW area in the last few days, still need the southern area!

They have all been open so far Beth, but if there is a problem it would be in the Houston area.

Love the Wonky houses! Where was this one from?


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