I was just wondering if anyone here is doing this?  I signed up and love the video, the instructor, the written instructions, and especially that it's free!  I'm fairly new to quilting and have been looking for something in my price range to do, so I saw this and jumped on it.  Here are my 2 blocks for January.

Happy Sewing!


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Hi Jamie

Love your blocks.  It looks like you are going blue.  The finished quilt will be so pretty.  I signed up for this BOM but have not started it yet.  I have not decided on the fabric I want to use.  After seeing your blue I may choose a single color to do all the blocks...maybe red.  Please keep posting your pics. 

I'm doing this. Haven't made the blocks yet but hope to this weekend. I'm planning to do mine in reds and greens for a Christmas quilt. I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm doing it too!! I have made the first square bur messed up on the second one, going to retry the second one over the weekend. I think this is going to be fun.


I'm doing it!   It is fun but I'm antsy having to wait til February to ge to do the next blocks!

Hello Ladies,

I am also doing the Craftys BOM Blocks. Actually Jamie yours look very familiar. Here are mine.  I hate waiting too.  I have already got my name of my quilt and its colour theme and have been buying fabric to go with these blocks. Would love to hear from you all. Julie Beard.

Hi girls, here is my first block of February's Block of the month Quilt from Craftsy. Be careful when making this block as there is quite a lot of baulk at several joints.  Also I recommend if your going to make these blocks that you make them 2/8 th of an inch bigger.  This will allow you to have a normal 1/4 inch seam and meet the 12.5 inch requirement.  I must say this block is actually slightly smaller than my second block, but it is 12.5 inches as required.  So I would for any of the remaining blocks make them 2/8 th bigger or risk not succeeding in the 12.5 requirement. I have not had to remake any of my blocks, so far.  This block thank goodness despite the baulk was okay to make!!!!  

Here are my two blocks together:  There colour is navy and white.  As you can see the chevron block is slightly bigger than the other.  I could trim them but won't until I am ready to join them up to reduce fraying.  Hey why don't you make this Craftsy group an official group rather than hiding it here.  I would never of found it here unless I hadn't written to Lalena.  Julie Beard.

Hi Julie,to avoid bulk in the center I recommend that you iron all your seams open.Years ago this was a no-no but now teachers are saying what I just told you.


Glad to see so many are participating!  This has been a fun project so far.  I can't wait to get to February! I'm afraid my colors did not come over right on the computer.  These are actually both purple (my favorite!). I hope everyone will post pics of their blocks.  I have really enjoyed going through the photos on Craftsy to see what everyone else has done.  I think doing the Christmas theme is a great idea and I may start to do a second set of blocks this way, too!  I'm glad they are only going 2 blocks at a time - any more and I would probably be too discouraged to try.  That's why I picked a BOM even though you don't know what it will look like at the end it's not too intimidating to start (and keep doing it).  Looking forward to seeing your work!


I have signed up for the class, and like the others I have not decided on my fabrics.  I went to Johnson City, TN for Christmas but I didn't make it to any quilt shops.  We only had three days and I spent all my time with family (grandsons). I love Tennessee but my husband can't breathe there so I guess we won't retire there.

I love the colors on your blocks!! I still need to make the square on the right.


Love the purple fabric in your wonky block.  Have you done February Blocks yet!!!!


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