The is the 2nd Wonky House swap that I'm hosting.  They're hard to make "wonky" but it's addicting and a lot of fun!


This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.

SIZE: 12.5 inches un-finished  

NUMBER OF SQUARES: You can commit to sending any number of squares for the swap, but don't forget to keep one of your own. Will get back the same number you send.  Need 12 for a "quilt" and you'll want to make one to keep for yourself. 


THEME: Winter preferred, Christmas is OK too

DESIGN: wonky house/building (additional details fence, mailbox, tree, wreaths, snow, clouds, etc. can be added).  Feel free to add embellishments like embroidery, buttons, beads, etc.  All of your blocks do not have to match--use up those scraps :)

TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, appliqué, free form, touches of embroidery, etc.

SWAP METHOD: Centralized. 

That means your Wonky House blocks will be sent to me – Erin Thompson.

Along with your blocks, US Residents will send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send you back the same number of Wonky Houses (made by others in the swap)! International members I will send you a Paypal invoice for your shipping costs.

DATES: ALL blocks must be in my hands by September 15, 2012. If you get them done early, send them!

INSPIRATION: Google “wonky house quilt blocks” for ideas, but use your imagination, this should lots of fun!  My personal collection for inspiration: There are many tutorials online, but here’s two to give you an idea of the complexity of the pattern.

Please don't join if you're pressed for time or can't make the deadline. There's always next time!

If I have left anything out, or you have any questions, of course, please ask!


Erin Thompson (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Mary Aldrich (11 blocks)
Susan Skuda (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Jackie Harris (11 blocks)
Linda Kaskla (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Laurel Monson (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Joyce Messchaert (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Troi Sutton (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Angie Chappell (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Mary Moore (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Terri Jones (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Karen Lightman (11 blocks) - RECEIVED
Melanie Keith (11 blocks)
Gayle Clements (6 blocks) - RECEIVED
Marilyn Sue Chapman (8 blocks) - RECEIVED

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Jackie, I received two of the same blocks in my set.  I'd be happy to exchange it as well as make another one of my own for you, if it helps.

Jackie, I've got extras of mine. I'll exchange with you.

Jackie, I have one that i can exchange with you. Just let me know.

Jackie, I have two blocks I can exchange. I received one of my own back and would be willing to make you another one. Just let us know!

Dear Erin,

Thank you for all the work you have done. 

                      Sincerely,  Mary

My houses arrived today.  Here is a pic of the city park with lake they will be surrounding.  I plan on making cornerstone wonky blocks with a church, school, city hall, and quilt shop.  Then frame them with a City name in wonky letters. 

Any suggestions on the name? (Lake Wonkytonk, Wonkyton USA,..etc.) Thanks ladies for the blocks!  They are very cute!

Terri, that is absolutely adorable. How imaginative. I love it. Mine came today too, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet.

Very creative! 

that is so cute.

I love it!  Great job!

I received my squishy today! What fun! Thanks to all, especially Erin. Now figuring out how to set them. That will be fun too!

Thanks, Erin, for hosting this swap. I received mine today. I'm sorry the creators didn't put their names and home town on the blocks so I would know from whence they came but they're all very cute. They will reside on my design wall for awhile until they tell me what they want me to do with them. Thank you all for participating. 


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