Under the Sea 12.5 inch Block swap. Applique only. Hand or machine. swap is now closed to sign ups

This swap is for 12.5 inch blocks APPLIQUE ONLY  with back round colors to match the theme. Shades of blues, turquoise or swirly looking fabrics......whatever looks watery...or interesting.  the back grounds do not have to all be the same and your choice of creatures do not have to be all one color either!!embellishments are allowed but keep them quilt friendly please.  Let's make these more realistic looking and not cartoonish. Sea creatures, sea shells, coral, colorful fish,octopus, dolphin,star fish,jellyfish,clown fish, sand dollars crabs whale.....just to name a few ideas. Whatever you like! You can find ideas on coloring pages magazines and even left over row by row H2o patterns! When you decide what you will make let me know so I can post that.

You will make 16 blocks that are 12.5 inch square unfinished. Send 15 keep one for yourself.

.      swap rules:

Dead line for sign up is when I get 16 swappers. Then it will close.

Blocks are DUE no later than June. 20th. That's 3 1/2 months plenty of time!.  the blocks will be sorted and returned within a week of getting them.

.                              ***********late blocks will be returned to you. ******** we will not wait******

If you sign up and can't make the due date please just say so. That way we can make an extra block for ourselves. 

You must provide a self addressed and stamped return  envelope. It would be advisable to use one that provides tracking and insurance but that's not required. I am not responsible for any lost mail though.

Quality fabrics are required.....no see through fabrics or poor quality.

You must comment on THIS post if you wish to join ( make your intentions clear!)and you MUST  comment and share progress regularly. This way we know you are still with us!! Anyone who does not comment or make communication will be removed from the swap. This is so that we do not get to the end of the swap and get disappointed because someone signed up then forgot about it. 

please " friend me" if you haven't so that i can communicate with you if needed. And send my address.

1. Carla - blue crab - finished

2.chef Lisa - clownfish - RECEIVED - DELIVERED 

3. Connie - dolphin - RECEIVED - DELIVERED


5.Jean M. - squid - RECEIVED  -  DELIVERED

6. Wilma -  idol fish - RECEIVED - DELIVERED

7. Mary Anne - sea horse. - RECEIVED - ON HOLD 

8.  Connie - Beta fish - RECEIVED - DELIVERED


10.Teresa S. - octopus - RECEIVED-DELIVERED 



13.Chris M. - jelly fish - RECEIVED - DELIVERED 

14. Cristin M - sea slugs - RECEIVED - DELIVERED

15. kenya H. -  Tang fish. - RECEIVED .- DELIVERED

16. Carla - Angelfish - finished

Started February 27th

Ends June 20th

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Ha hahahaha. Yes ma'am they did.

I have teeth and working on some eyes. 

Lol, Beth!!  At first I thought you were talking about a dental appointment.  Can you tell I am the process of getting a new crown?  At least I finally figured it out!

Hahahaha, glad to hear that Beth.

Today Lisa's blocks came...….GAME ON!

well ladied - my apologies for being late - I will be mailing all my Seahorses out tomorrow - I had been sick - pretty serious infection or so they thought and then not so sure - now they think the mumps of all things - so I have not been able to get out - on a good note - feeling much better - pain is all gone - and still waiting for test results.............here are the pics - went to pack them up today to send but didn't have any good envelopes that don't rip open so have to buy another pack today when the truck gets home from it's golfing adventure (not mine LOL).......anyway - here's the pic I just took before packing them up.

They are so cute even if they think they are tardy.  Glad you’re feeling somewhat better.  Hope you are back to yourself soon, Mary-Anne.

So glad you are feeling Better Mary Anne. I knew something was up because you are never this quiet for so long. It may actually be me that holds things up for a minute. Need to finish up Lisa's beautiful blocks....I love the Stonehenge fabrics and the design. Beautiful. These blocks will only. Be a few days late getting out at most so I think everyone can agree that these are more than worth waiting one more week for. Your blocks are beautiful!!

Yeah, cause mine are doing more stalking than swimming right now. 

LOL so glad I am in good company Beth..........mine went out today!

P.s. If Mary Anne's block come to you smelling like Lysol think nothing of it. Lolololol.....joking Mary Anne!!

 You crack me up.

Glad to hear you can wait a little longer - they were sent out today - signature required.........and NO they will NOT smell like LYSOL LOL - but perhaps some Terial Magic  :-)


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