This will be snowmen and or snowpeople only with wintery backgrounds, snowcovered trees & houses,birds or anything wintery as long as there is a snowman in it somewhere. Scenes are fine if you like.


*Blocks do not have to be complicated, just fun.

Applique, pieced or embroidered are welcomed. 

* 12.5 x 12.5 - you may want to cut them at 13x13 so they can be trimmed later.


                           DEAD LINE IS DECEMBER 1ST. 

* deadlines are firm!

* blocks must be in my hands by or before that date.

* late blocks will be returned to you untraded.

* If for any reason you can't not complete your blocks please feel free to drop out but please let us know so we can attempt to fill your spot.

* please use quality fabric that is not thin or see through. 

* it is perfectly acceptable to use fabric pens for eye, mouth and for detail in  your blocks! Keep other embellishments to a minimum for quilting purposes.

*You will provide a self addressed and stamped return envelope along with your blocks. You will be responsible for making sure you include enough postage.

*You will need to comment regularly  once a week or so, so I know you are still interested. If you don't I will assume you are no longer interested and remove you from the swap.

1. Carla - finished

2. Kenya - REC. Del 12-5

3. Jean. -REC.  Del. 12-7

4. Chris - REC. - Del. 12-7

5. Connie - REC. Del. 12-7

6. Beth - REC. Del. 12-6

7. Anna - REC. 12-8

8. Wilma - REC 12-7

9. Sharon G. -  REC. Del. 12 -8

10.Mary Anne - REC. 12- 6 Del. 12 - 12

11. Lisa - REC Del. 12-8

12. Cheryl Laughlin -  REC. - Del. 12- 7

Swap started :July 21st

Ends on December 1st.

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Great minds, Carla.  One of the ones waiting to be quilted is just that.  It will make an attractive wall hanging now, rather than the original queen size that I had originally planned about a dozen years ago.

Well i sure can't  throw any stones. Lol. I have so much to do! Somewhere in all this i have a baby quilt to make and two more family quilts. But i find putting the blocks together goes fairly quickly. Its the finding a place to make a quilt sandwich that is hard for me. Even quilting it isn't a big deal. Its just getting that sandwich assembled. :)

You gave me an idea...the coasters my dil wants for Christmas can be squares from one of my projects.  The other fabric can go back in the stash and I will be able to scratch one of the list.  Great idea and prettier coasters.  Thanks 

I might make a table runner out of some other (6” blocks) I found.  They were too big for coasters and too pretty also.  Meanwhile, my house is upside down with cookie recipes and stuff to roll out the cookies that are chilling taking over the kitchen, quilting stuff all over the cutting table, and piles of WIPs on top of the ironing board.  Oh the fun of Christmas!:-)

You guys are getting me excited about finishing these projects 

Oh, good!  All I have to do on th coasters is the bindings.  They’re 3 1/2” lemoyne stars that I hand pieced a few years ago.  They’re not very well done, but pretty for coasters.  I put a layer of insulbrite and a layer of cotton batting.  It’s made them nice and stiff.  My question is: will the insulbrite, whose shiny side faces the backing, conduct heat from hot mugs to the table?  No, idea.  Could use your advice.

I think it will shield or absorb  the heat rather that conduct since thats its real purpose. 

So I will give her a note saying turn coasters over for hot drinks.  Does that sound right?

I don't think they would be a problem either way.


I wanted to share my excitement that my newest Grandson, Mason Alexander, was born last night at 10:25 pm! I was there when he was born, which is a first time for me. Besides my own children, I have never seen a baby being born before. So happy for my early Christmas gift!

How exciting!!!! Congrats to you grandma!!!!  So precious!


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