This will be snowmen and or snowpeople only with wintery backgrounds, snowcovered trees & houses,birds or anything wintery as long as there is a snowman in it somewhere. Scenes are fine if you like.


*Blocks do not have to be complicated, just fun.

Applique, pieced or embroidered are welcomed. 

* 12.5 x 12.5 - you may want to cut them at 13x13 so they can be trimmed later.


                           DEAD LINE IS DECEMBER 1ST. 

* deadlines are firm!

* blocks must be in my hands by or before that date.

* late blocks will be returned to you untraded.

* If for any reason you can't not complete your blocks please feel free to drop out but please let us know so we can attempt to fill your spot.

* please use quality fabric that is not thin or see through. 

* it is perfectly acceptable to use fabric pens for eye, mouth and for detail in  your blocks! Keep other embellishments to a minimum for quilting purposes.

*You will provide a self addressed and stamped return envelope along with your blocks. You will be responsible for making sure you include enough postage.

*You will need to comment regularly  once a week or so, so I know you are still interested. If you don't I will assume you are no longer interested and remove you from the swap.

1. Carla - finished

2. Kenya - REC. Del 12-5

3. Jean. -REC.  Del. 12-7

4. Chris - REC. - Del. 12-7

5. Connie - REC. Del. 12-7

6. Beth - REC. Del. 12-6

7. Anna - REC. 12-8

8. Wilma - REC 12-7

9. Sharon G. -  REC. Del. 12 -8

10.Mary Anne - REC. 12- 6 Del. 12 - 12

11. Lisa - REC Del. 12-8

12. Cheryl Laughlin -  REC. - Del. 12- 7

Swap started :July 21st

Ends on December 1st.

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Replies to This Discussion

Good girl Connie! I am glad you are in! I need support too!

I don’t want to count.  Not sure I can beat your record, Jean, but I know I have at least 25 UFOs and WIPs and Swaps unfinished, so I am all in for a let’s get it done 2019 Resolution.  Maybe we can host one a quarter and see what we can finish.  One of my UFOs is an oversized queen that just needs binding and another is a QOV that is partially bound....then of course there are the two FatCat BOMs that need to be finished......yikes maybe I have more than 25....

The only way it can work is if we check in every few days with photo updates. We have to be each other’s accountability partners :)

 I agree, Connie.  We can try to make this fun. 

Absolutely!! Thats def. In the plan!! Accountability and fun is key!! I may do prizes too. Will have to see. Its still in the thinking process. Lol. 

United we sew. 

Yes!! Thats a cool way to put it!!

I look forward to seeing what a FatCat quilt is...but I promise I won’t start one, lol.

I was pretty pleased that i wasn't that drawn to them for next year. Lolol.

Oh JEAN!!!!!! WOW WEEEEEE HUN. that is crazy. I have around 14 i think of swap blocks. I need to quilt several tops too. 

Yes you do  NEED the finish the swaps group!!! Lololol. But i think several of us do. I am determined to get some done in 2019. They bring no honor setting in drawers unfinished. I have visions of all our hard work setting in zip locks ay a garage sale for 5.00. Lol. I would rather fonish them up. And seriously, the hard part is over! Its just a matter of connecting the blocks now. That goes pretty fast. 

Each time you will choose the blocks you wish to work on. It can be any of the swap blocks or even just blocks you have had forever. You will work on connecting them and show pictures of your progress. Then hopefully  quilt them and show a finished product. I cant wait. I am looking forward to it. 

Yes, indeed, lol.  Well, there’s plenty to enjoy over the holidays, anticipated grandsons, and so on and then we can dig in.  I have those same visions of ziplocks and while it may be impossible to get all of them done, I had better start.

Anything is better than no finishes! And they can be as simple or as complicated as the person wants. You might look at some of yours and see if any of them would blend into one quilt too. Maybe some are close enough??


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