This will be snowmen and or snowpeople only with wintery backgrounds, snowcovered trees & houses,birds or anything wintery as long as there is a snowman in it somewhere. Scenes are fine if you like.


*Blocks do not have to be complicated, just fun.

Applique, pieced or embroidered are welcomed. 

* 12.5 x 12.5 - you may want to cut them at 13x13 so they can be trimmed later.


                           DEAD LINE IS DECEMBER 1ST. 

* deadlines are firm!

* blocks must be in my hands by or before that date.

* late blocks will be returned to you untraded.

* If for any reason you can't not complete your blocks please feel free to drop out but please let us know so we can attempt to fill your spot.

* please use quality fabric that is not thin or see through. 

* it is perfectly acceptable to use fabric pens for eye, mouth and for detail in  your blocks! Keep other embellishments to a minimum for quilting purposes.

*You will provide a self addressed and stamped return envelope along with your blocks. You will be responsible for making sure you include enough postage.

*You will need to comment regularly  once a week or so, so I know you are still interested. If you don't I will assume you are no longer interested and remove you from the swap.

1. Carla - finished

2. Kenya - REC. Del 12-5

3. Jean. -REC.  Del. 12-7

4. Chris - REC. - Del. 12-7

5. Connie - REC. Del. 12-7

6. Beth - REC. Del. 12-6

7. Anna - REC. 12-8

8. Wilma - REC 12-7

9. Sharon G. -  REC. Del. 12 -8

10.Mary Anne - REC. 12- 6 Del. 12 - 12

11. Lisa - REC Del. 12-8

12. Cheryl Laughlin -  REC. - Del. 12- 7

Swap started :July 21st

Ends on December 1st.

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Very Cute....Love their little faces.

Carla took the words right out of my mouth, Chris.  Even the little boys are darlings!

Oh my how cute are those! 

Thoughts and prayers needed.  Mom fell early this morning (about 12:50 am).  Have been at the hospital from 1am until 9pm tonight.  She burst her T12 vertebrae and will have surgery at 8am tomorrow (Sunday).  We have not told her she is having surgery, hoping she will get a good night's sleep.  The doctor gave us all the pros/cons of surgery at 97yo.  The pros outweighed the cons.  Off to the hospital at 6am so we can see her before she goes into the prep room for surgery.

Will do, Wilma.  So sorry you, she and yours have to go through this.

Thoughts and prayers are with you all, Wilma. 

I’m prayer for her and you! Keep strong! WOW she’s up there in age hope all goes well. 

Well the water supply is all hooked up. Furniture back to it correct spots. Pictures hung. Rugs set except my kitchen haven’t found them yet they are the thick cushion chefs mats for in front of the stove n my work area. TV up n running so now we can lounge n watch the tube. Kitchen almost functional except the cantilever with work lights and good over stove which gets worked on this week. Got the lights so hubby n son can get the proper fit. I’m starting to cleanup my sewing room too! Sheesh I have as many quilt books as I have cook books! 

Surgery was a success.  Doctor said her heart rate, breathing on own after tube removed and blood pressure were amazing for someone her age.  Now the fun will begin.  ICU again tonight, regular room for next 2 days and then off to rehab/skilled nursing for a couple weeks.  She will wear a protective vest/brace for about 12 weeks.  The challenge will be rehab with dementia...thanks for thoughts and prayers.

Glad to hear.  She certainly has a strong constitution.

Nice to hear surgery went well. Keeping you in my thoughts. 


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