Let’s do a block to “remember” this interesting period of time in our lives.  A neighborhood filled with trees and houses in memory of our lockdown.  We would use permanent ink or embroidery to label your house with your name and state (also city if you like).

Use the FatCatPattern “Backyard Friends” ... all patterns on sale at their website 30% off with coupon code TEXAS til June 1.  Or use any Applique house / tree pattern that is 6-1/2w x 9-1/2h or 13w x 9-1/2h.  We will use a light background, but use your scraps for the trees or house.
The picture below is a finished quilt using this pattern.

UPDATED INFORMATION... Any light background color (white, cream, tone-on-tone, light blue), add windows, doors, hearts, etc. and any style house you desire (applique, embroidered or paper pieced), just stick to either of above sizes, please add extra 1/4” around to allow for true-up by quilter.

Here are links from the I Spy Swap meant for this swap.



DUE DATE:  September 15 to Hostess (send me a message for address if you don’t have it.  
Make sure you include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

1.  Wilma Schirra-Kays

2.  Wilma Schirra-Kays

3,  Jean McCusker...received 8-26-20...mailed #9114 9999 4431 3036 7047 27

4. Jean McCusker...received 8-26-20

5.  Annie Lage..Dropped, no response

6.  Connie Wilkerson...received 7-10-20...mailed #9114 9014 9645 1206 2385 95

7.  Melanie Kieth....received 9-11-20...mailed #9505 5100 5533 0262 8844 43

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Replies to This Discussion

Just an update...I am waiting for Melanie’s blocks.  Will let you know when they are received and when I send out. 

Great!  Can’t wait to see everyone else’s houses and trees.

I’m ready to see everyone’s blocks as well :))

I have more patterns I want to try when we get all of our blocks. Can’t wait. :))

Are they also houses?  Or something completely different?

They are houses and trees to make a bigger quilt :)

I started doing that, too!

Has anyone heard from Melanie?  I have sent a couple of messages, she responded to the one in early August  but not to the next one.  Last note I saw from her was in early August on the UFO section.  Shall I hold the houses until the 15th?  Should I wait longer...thoughts...

I have not heard from her :( what about Annie

Annie has not responded to any emails etc., and has not commented since her first request to join.

:-( Too bad, but if we don’t get their blocks, we still have the makings of some darn cute quilts.  :-)

Oh, I guess we can wait another week.  Melanie usually comes through and if she doesn’t you can send one of ours back to us.  What do you think, Connie and Wilma?


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