Patchwork Christmas in July block swap.  Patchwork or paper piecing, no applique or embroidery involved except for decoration purposes.   You choose the pattern you want to use, just make sure the fabric is Christmas prints. Blocks will need to be mailed to me by July 1st.  

Each participant will need to make 12 blocks.  The blocks need to be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".   Keep one for yourself and mail the others to me with a self addressed stamped envelope to receive your return blocks.  There is no limit to the number of participants as long as you get your blocks to me by July 1st.

Thanks to everyone who participated.


Anna Quilts -                  9405 8036 9930 0659 1485 42

Linda Kaskla                   9505 5102 7672 8183 2539 11

Donna Rosengarten      9114 9014 9645 1229 2558 14

Chris Michelle                9405 5096 9993 8567 3215 69

Connie Wilkerson           9114 9014 9645 1206 1750 67

Carla Walton                   9114 9999 4423 8858 4900 26  

Beth North                       9505 5102 7672 8183 2538 98

Kenya Hampton               9505 5102 7672 8183 2539 04

Delphine Barnes              LC782994530US

Libster -                           9505 5100 1236 8145 0722 55

Wilma Schirra-Kays         9114 9012 3080 1173 1691 74

According to the post office everyone should receive their boxes on Thursday, except for Delphine and they expect hers to be delivered by next Tuesday.

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I love that these blocks are more like good old fashioned patchwork. Once we get all the current swaps completed I may do a pieced scrap block exchange. As scrappy as you need to use up stash!

Carla, since I only need a few more of each, I will send both and you can fill the missing slot.  

I think Anna took the missing slot. You will be sending this one to Kathy. ;)

I like that thought. 

I was having so much fun making blocks, that I made extra also.  If everyone who made extra blocks wants to send them in, I will divy them up among everyone.  Just put your swap blocks in one ziplock bag and your extras in another one so that I will know the difference.  Who knows, we might all end up with 14, 15, or even 16 blocks depending on how many extras are sent in.  I like the idea of using up a lot of scraps, it gives me an excuse to go buy replacement fabric.  Whoops, I can't believe that I admitted that out loud.  My husband will have a

Senior moment....forgot Kathy had this one.  Ok I will send them along with my swap ones.  So it will bev2 sets from me......I am TRYING hard not to buy more fabric...really trying

There is always a reason to buy more fabric :)

Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.

My husband had a spinal cord stimulator trial implanted in his back yesterday to try and help with the pain and to lower his need for narcotics.  But his pain is now through the roof.  Everytime the doctors try to do something to "help" with his back pain, they only make it worse.  This is a man who was an avid mountain bike rider and sportsman, who now has trouble getting out of bed.  This has been going on for 3 years now and I am about to lose my mind.  He hurt his back on the job and this has been a nightmare.

I married a man who is 15 years younger than me so that he could take care of me when I got older, not the other way around. (Joking of course)  I love this man dearly, but yesterday when he came out of the doctor's office he was in so much pain he was white as a ghost and shaking.  It made me cry to see him like this.

Now that I have finished with my "poor me" post, I will get back to the things that are keeping me sane at the moment. Sewing.

Oh Kathy, that is so sad.  I cannot imagine what your hubby is experiencing.  My sister has all types of issues with back pain, has tried shots, etc.  It appears The back is the worst of them all.  Prayers and thoughts for you both.  Yes, sewing is a brain turns to the sound of the needle and calms me...UNLESS the machine acts up.  My “official” swap blocks are packed in a baggie.  The extras are only missing 4and I should finish those today....I will need that peace of mind after spending the morning with my 96 (almost 97) yo mom with severe dementia.

I understand. My husband has chronic pain as well. It never ends and he takes so much medication it scares me.As a result he is reclusive and participates in nothing. It is very hard on both of us. Nobody ever comes over to visit or anything because he doesn't want it. There Pain is very hard on not only the person who has it but the people around them. And you feel helpless because you can't do anything for them.

wow ...what an odd time for me to wander into mqp & see what you've all been up to while i've been down w bronchitis -again- and my "new normal" back pain. degenerative spinal disease started at about age 17 i am down on couch more than not. pain pills seldom work when pain at worst. dr advised against surgery ..damage now so extensive i'd be in surgery for several years w no guarantee that pain would be reduced or removed. and the disease is progressive ..ergo, i guess what he actually tried to tell me was that nothing would stop it,s continuation. still, as i lay here w my only escape now -reading scifi novels on my sons kindle account that he added to my ipad, i find it odd, that i suddenly decided to torture self w wandering thru my favorite quilting site to see what people are creating ...and find this discussion. my heart goes out to each of you w husbands in pain fr back issues. you can't stand, sit, walk w/o excrucuating mind bending tearing pain. my husband cannot relate to what i live with, but he is a saint in his tolerance of my moodiness, w/drawal fr all that we used to enjoy doing together. and i think he feels as bad about my increasing inability to sit or stand to indulge in my most favorite past time ...quilting.

   ...bless you carla & kathy for not making disparaging comments re: what your life is like w the men you love & how thier issues have changed your lives. you are saints, like my hubby

Well it's not like they can help it or wanted it. I just learned to live with it too. When I need company I go visit relatives and stuff. And I don't hound him about attending family events. I understand  Rogue. More than you can imagine. It's just very disheartening not to be able to do anything but then.....neither can the doctors. 


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