Patchwork Christmas in July block swap.  Patchwork or paper piecing, no applique or embroidery involved except for decoration purposes.   You choose the pattern you want to use, just make sure the fabric is Christmas prints. Blocks will need to be mailed to me by July 1st.  

Each participant will need to make 12 blocks.  The blocks need to be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".   Keep one for yourself and mail the others to me with a self addressed stamped envelope to receive your return blocks.  There is no limit to the number of participants as long as you get your blocks to me by July 1st.

Thanks to everyone who participated.


Anna Quilts -                  9405 8036 9930 0659 1485 42

Linda Kaskla                   9505 5102 7672 8183 2539 11

Donna Rosengarten      9114 9014 9645 1229 2558 14

Chris Michelle                9405 5096 9993 8567 3215 69

Connie Wilkerson           9114 9014 9645 1206 1750 67

Carla Walton                   9114 9999 4423 8858 4900 26  

Beth North                       9505 5102 7672 8183 2538 98

Kenya Hampton               9505 5102 7672 8183 2539 04

Delphine Barnes              LC782994530US

Libster -                           9505 5100 1236 8145 0722 55

Wilma Schirra-Kays         9114 9012 3080 1173 1691 74

According to the post office everyone should receive their boxes on Thursday, except for Delphine and they expect hers to be delivered by next Tuesday.

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I'm doing Christmas Stars.  I have 6 blocks cuts already from one set of fabrics.  I have another set of fabrics ready to cut the other 6 with.  I'll post pics when I get them sewn.

Good to see you playing in this swap. 

Thanks, Beth.

Question for everybody.......How do you feel about a fabric with a bit of metallic in it?   I have some with large ice skates and snowflakes on it. The skate runners, laces and snowflakes are silver metallic.  I'd like to use a 6 1/2" square in the center of 6 of my stars that would have a pair of the skates featured.  If you would rather not have metallic, I certainly understand completely.  I do want my blocks to fit in with everyone else's. I'm going to wait to cut those centers until everybody weighs in on it.  

I have no problem with it. I think Carla’s cardinal fabric may have metallic also

Mine has some metallics also.  I think a lot of Christmas fabric does.

  Okay, if others are using it, I'll go ahead and cut those squares and start sewing tomorrow.

Connie is right, mine does have some too. It's fine by me

 I didn't even think to ask. Lololol.

I am doing a split 9 patch,  no 2 will be alike

Ok I guess I will do this one also.  Can reduce my stash.


If there is a spot open I will take it.

Yay. A bakers dozen. Welcome aboard.


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