This swap is for (12) 12 1/2" blocks of any type of heart/s.  (You need to start with a 13" x 13" piece of fabric) 

We are looking for bright, unusual, colorful bohemian type hearts.  They can be patchwork, pieced, applique, embroidery, whatever you like.  Just make sure that the heart is centered on the block.  The heart can be any size.  They can be embellished with lace, rick-rack, or anything else as long as it can be sewn through when quilted.  When sewing is completed, you will cut the blocks in half and send in 6 rights and 6 lefts.  You will get back 6 rights and 6 lefts.  These you will then sew to the 6 rights and 6 lefts that you kept.  You end up with 12 blocks, half with your heart and half with the other participants.

We are looking for blocks that represent you.  Maybe you have horses, and your blocks all have horse fabrics, or maybe you are a Star Trek fan, or you love jigsaw puzzles and you do crazy block hearts.  It is all up to you.

The standard swap parameters apply of course.  And don't forget to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to get your return blocks.

Blocks will be due to me by February 8th.  (Just in time for Valentine's Day)

If you have any questions, just let me know.  Thanks, Kathy G.

1.  Kathy G. (received)

2.  Ginny A. (received) NA

3.  Jean M.  (received)  9405 5036 9930 0417 5797 85

4.  Donna R. (received) NA

5.  Wilma S. (received)  9114 9999 4431 3036 6976 78

6.  Beth N. (received)  NA

7.  Lisa G.  (received)  NA

8.  Melanie K.  (received) 9405 5036 9930 0417 5797 78





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I agree with Ginny, Wilma; they are great.  The anticipation is mounting. 

You didn’t keep us waiting all that long.  I only wish you could have come home to less stress.  I am sorry for your mother, sister, you and all.

Those look great! 

Package has been mailed.  Tracking #9505 5100 5533 9042 5119 06 … receipt indicates expected delivery on Wednesday, Feb 13.  Thanks again for giving me time past the due date.  Wilma

Ladies, I am happy to announce that everything has arrived and your Valentines will be send out in the morning.  Thanks again for a wonderful swap.

Yay...And thank you for suggesting this fun swap.  I have enjoyed it and am certain I will enjoy putting the blocks together.

Thank you for hosting.  Look8ng forward to the swap.

Yes from me 2 Kathy-Thank you for hosting the swap and I'll be waiting to arrange my hearts also  Happy Valentines Day to Everyone and thank you in advance for 1/2 your heart!!!!

Got my blocks today and I love them!!!  Thanks, everyone.  I have already trimmed them and sewn them together.  Also, have cut sashing for them, lol.  Did I say I love them?  So, with any luck, I will have a photo in a day or two.  

I have got to apologize to all of you.  My embellishments were closer to the edge than I thought.  Hope none of you break a needle, like I did.  Also, I guess the embellishments were supposed to be things that added edging to the hearts, etc and I went overboard with my ribbons and beads.  Please feel free to cut them off if they give you a hassle.  I can’t say I wasn’t thinking because I thought about it a lot, but I didn’t understand.  Sorry, gals.

 Thanks again!

Jean - you DID NOT misunderstand!  You just have a really creative mind and I'm sure I speak for the group - your blocks are lovely!  I also got mine today and can't wait to start work on them, BUT - we're going on vacation tomorrow for a week.  Rainy Myrtle Beach (my DH checked the forecast because we're supposed to golf).  Rain for 6 of the next 7 days!   We are hoping that it turns out to be morning or evening rain so we can still golf.

Anyway, I'll tackle the blocks when I get back.  Hope to have them done by March.  I'm thinking two small wall hangings or 4 table runners or some mix thereof.  I'll post progress pictures in a couple weeks.

Love you all!  Thanks Kathy for being such a gracious hostess!  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement (and prodding) and creativity!   Mwaaaah - a big post Valentine's kiss to all!

Thanks, Melanie.  I sure hope the weather forecasters made a mistake and Myrtle Beach has weather suitable for golfing.  Have a good time-no matter what!

I love your beads that you embellished with, Jean! I am sure my quilter will be able to handle it or I will take pics and take them off to be reapplied after the quilting is done.  

Ah, thanks, Ginny.


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