This swap is for (12) 12 1/2" blocks of any type of heart/s.  (You need to start with a 13" x 13" piece of fabric) 

We are looking for bright, unusual, colorful bohemian type hearts.  They can be patchwork, pieced, applique, embroidery, whatever you like.  Just make sure that the heart is centered on the block.  The heart can be any size.  They can be embellished with lace, rick-rack, or anything else as long as it can be sewn through when quilted.  When sewing is completed, you will cut the blocks in half and send in 6 rights and 6 lefts.  You will get back 6 rights and 6 lefts.  These you will then sew to the 6 rights and 6 lefts that you kept.  You end up with 12 blocks, half with your heart and half with the other participants.

We are looking for blocks that represent you.  Maybe you have horses, and your blocks all have horse fabrics, or maybe you are a Star Trek fan, or you love jigsaw puzzles and you do crazy block hearts.  It is all up to you.

The standard swap parameters apply of course.  And don't forget to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to get your return blocks.

Blocks will be due to me by February 8th.  (Just in time for Valentine's Day)

If you have any questions, just let me know.  Thanks, Kathy G.

1.  Kathy G. (received)

2.  Ginny A. (received) NA

3.  Jean M.  (received)  9405 5036 9930 0417 5797 85

4.  Donna R. (received) NA

5.  Wilma S. (received)  9114 9999 4431 3036 6976 78

6.  Beth N. (received)  NA

7.  Lisa G.  (received)  NA

8.  Melanie K.  (received) 9405 5036 9930 0417 5797 78





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Thank you.  I will get to them as soon as we return and finish them swiftly.  

Wilma, may God bless you and your family with a safe trip and lots of fun on your travels. God bless your mother with swift healing.  Give patience and peace to all.  Amen.

I definitely have no problem with any delay.  I also have all the hearts on the blocks and am now doing embellishments.  :)

Thanks, Melanie.  I will finish up on return.

Wilma, Donna and Melanie have said it well.  Go do what you can for your mom and take care of yourself.  The hearts will be fine until you’re able to get to them.

Thanks, I love what you did.  I hope mine will embellish quickly.  She was in ER on Jan 10th too.  Had a syncope... sure hope she does well while we are gone.  My sister will be keeper and she is in a great memory care place.


Blocks 2 and 3 done - here is photo of all three with my coordinating socks!

Blocks 4 and 5.  

How very pretty!  Love both of them.  Is the second Alice in Wonderland?  Looks like thr cat is going to have a split personality lol.

Yes, all the hearts are from the Alice in Wonderland collection.  I couldn't decide where to make the split.  I have another one done with Alice and the rabbit.on one side and the queen and knave on the other.  I had saved the prints and this seemed to be the thing to do.

Well, I love them.

How very pretty your hearts are.  This will be a fun quilt.  In fact it may be a reversible quilt as my Featherweight group has done this on a smaller scale.


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