Fall/ pumpkin themed but NO HALLOWEEN  blocks please!!!!!!!

This swap will be for 12.5 inch blocks. Applique, piecing or embroidery. If you choose embroidery make sure its a large pattern so that there is not a little patch on a large block please.

I am looking for 12 swappers only on a first sign up basis. 

You will have a full four months to complete the blocks! 

So what do you see when you look into your pumpkin patch?? Pumpkins surely!  But is there also a scare crow? Black birds? Squash? Use your imagination! 

.                                     RULES: 

Blocks will be DUE no later than September the 20th! That means they need to be in my hands by that date! 

********************** late blocks will be returned to you untraded***************

Use Quality fabrics! Use fall colors!! 

You will send me a self addressed and stamped envelope for return of your blocks. 

If you forget your postage I will hold your blocks until you send me the return postage!

If you can't make the due date please just say so soon enough that we can attempt to get a replacement swapper! 

You MUST comment regularly so that all swappers can see activity on your part and know you are still on board with us. Even if you just shoot me a personal message that is fine as long as I know you are still with us. if I don't hear from you regularly I will assume you are no longer interested and your spot will be replaced. This will stop any disappointing situations where someone signs up and then we never hear from you again.

 Block 1 group:                      block 2 group: 

1. Carla Walton - DONE         carla - DONE

2. Kenya Hampton - REC.     kenya - REC.- Blocks on hold

3. Connie Wilkerson. - REC    Connie - REC. Blocks on hold

4.Wilma Kays.   REC.   - Del.           Anna -  REC - del

5. Jean m. - REC.  -Del.               beth - REC - Del

6. MARY-ANNE B. - REC.  On Hold      Jean  - REC. - Del.

7. Beth North     - REC - Del                group 2 closed.

8.  Anna   -   REC - del                      

9. Kathy Gurgone - REC. -  Del. 

10. Lisa Gorski - REC - Del. 

.        Let's Have Fun!!

Started May 20th

Ends September 20th

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and now....on to borders!!!!

I love this Carla! So cute.

Thank you! I got more done today!!

Wow that's a beauty, Carla!

Thank you. It is partially you - without your knowledge - who has encouraged me to get things finished up. I have been watching your finishes and thinking i need to be dping that! So here we go!!! Thanks! :)

You will sort of have to use your imagination until i can get a better picture. My sewing room is very small. 

The box on the right is my cat Mau's box she sleeps in. This week she is chicken nuggets. Next time in might be broccolli. Lolol. I get boxes from Sam's for her and put blankets in it. She loves it because it's covered. 

On the left bottom the blue box is all of my row by rows from all the years. 

The b ext two up are scrap boxes. Why arent they in my closet you wonder? Well because its already full. Lololol. 

I think this turned out great. Another top down!

I really like the alternating darker backgrounds with lighter backgrounds.  You make me eager to start on my pumpkin patch, but it has to wait...I am still trucking, lol.

Oh you noticed the alternating of light and dark background! Cool. Lolol. That was my OCD kicking in. Ha!

So pretty!  You did our blocks proud!

Got my backing in for this quilt! Yay. I love it.


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