Good morning Ladies,

I have been reading our members posts here and Personally I feel this is getting out of hand here with the fabric quality ordeal.  I feel the same way Loretta does here.  We are here to have fun swapping with others.  I think if you feel some of the fabrics we have been sending back to you are too cheesy and low grade for you to swap and can't except the quality of the fabric we send out then please don't join the swaps.  We are here to trade as "One womans junk is another womans treasure" so to speak.  but as it is stated in the rules, NO see thru thin fabrics, ect.  That means 100% cotton which is what I sent out to you all in my swap.  Our ancesters didn't care what they used, they used what they could and made BEAUTIFUL quilts...and they lasted for years.

I have been sewing for many many years and my kids wear their cloths for meany years to come.

I shop at Joanne fabrics and walmart too and love their fabrics.  I'm not picky either what Shop I get them at as long as they are a nice fabric and I feel they will wear well.  

So if you feel that our fabrics aren't good enough quality, I'm sorry to hear that.  

You could swap amongst each other I guess.  In this group you have to trust your host to be fair to send you nice fabric you can use in your quilts...and just accept that.  I look at it this way I could use whatever I get on something...wallhanging or potholders or something like that.  

Anyway I just want to welcome all who would like to stay and enjoy the fun.  I want to encourage our new quilters to join in and have fun with us. I'm sorry if this offends some of you, but this is my group after all and I want to be fair to everyone here.

Happy Swapping ladies.

Diana, Owner and Administrator of the "Swapping" group.


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Gayle not all the swaps call for "Quilt Shop" fabric (only a certain few hosts have required it). I for one have received several swaps from you and each and every one of them have been wonderful. If the host requires a certain type of fabric, it will be posted on the swap. If it's not what you're comfortable with, then just pass on that particular swap. I for one wont be "requiring" quilt shop fabric for any of the swaps I host in the future. I hope we see you in many of the upcoming swaps this year.

Troi,When you have time would you explain to me how to host a swap? I've wanted to do this  for a long time but not sure how to do it. I understand you have to post certain rules,but for instance how do you put the names on here of who sent you your project? Any info would help.Do I go under discussion and post what i would like to do?


If you don't mind Troi...I will help Pat here.  First if you would like to Host a swap and haven't done it before...just ask away. I am the admin for the group here, so I am here to help as will others.  

You will have to set some rules for your swap...such as colors and themes.  what size of a block or what it is you are swapping. If you go in and see some of the rules that other swappers have posted in a regular can see Pat what it is you need to do.  it will help you alot.  

Just go in and type in the names of people who want to join in on the swap. You put those in the box you typed a post in.  To add to it, You can copy and paste it

to a new post and add new names to it if you want.  Or retype them if you like. Its all up to you on how you want to do it. 

When you receive all the blocks or whatever it is you hosted to swap....put them all in a box or basket and mix em up and close your eyes and pick them out for that person next on the list....its easy.  hope that helps.

When that time comes...just let me know and I can help you...ok? thx Pat


Diana,thanks for replying to my question.I understand about all the rules and I also understand how swapping is done,and the mailing part.What I don't understand is where do I post the "Rules of Swapping" like you have done at the top of this thread,do I go under blogs or discussion or what?

Let's say for example I want to start a 4th of July project,where do I post the rules and names of people when they respond they would like to join.

Pat...go up and add a discussion. that is where you post you said...where everyone has posted the Swaps.  When people has asked to join in on the swap...just start a post and type their names in.  You can add to the list of people by either retyping the name list or copy and paste them.  for some people its easier to just type the list over and add to the list of who else wants to join the swap.

if you would like help with copy and pasting...let me know I will try and help ok?  hope to see you host one soon. 

    "I for one wont be "requiring" quilt shop fabric for any of the swaps I host in the future. I hope we see you in many of the upcoming swaps this year."


   I'm happy to see this posted.  I love swapping, but I don't have a "quilt shop" anywhere within driving distance from me.  I couldn't afford their prices even if there were some.  On one board I'm on, the hostess even specifies NO CHAIN STORE BRAND FABRICS.  I have a Walmart, a Hobby Lobby, a Hancock's and Ben Franklin's , but no quilt shop.  I've been quilting for about 25 years now and my quilts have certainly been used and washed.  So far they're still holding up very well. 

  I will surely be looking forward to seeing what swaps are posted that will allow us to play too. 


Thank you both, Troi and Mary.

Back in the day....they didn't have all those fancy fabrics to be picky.  The only thing that is really specified about fabrics is that it isn't see through and light weight.  I too get alot of my fabrics at the places you talked about Mary.  I can't afford to buy all the 10 to 12 dollar fabrics. The other fabrics I have bought work great for the quilts and projects I need them for.  We hope you will join in on the Valentine Runner swap with us Mary and Pat. Have a great New Year all.  Diana

 I know this is not a new post but this is a good post for several reasons.#1- everyone should be able to swap. it's fun. and that's why Diana started it. #2 another reason is to clear things up a bit. there are some - not all- swaps that do require quilt store quality fabrics.  but it's a simple solution, if you want to join a group that does do the quilt store quality fabrics then you would be very welcome , however, you are certainly not left out if you don't have access to them because there are plenty of swaps to enjoy and everyone seems to enjoy them all.#3 freedom of choice. join the swap you choose. it's simple, the rules are posted on each swap. if you don't like the rules you may choose a different swap. no pressure at all just join the ones you like. #4- it's so great to see so many quilters joining this sight and getting to see how many of us there really are! wow! when I joined this sight there were a little over 3000 and now there are over 14000 that's amazing. so if you have ever wanted to be in a swap ? go ahead and try it!!  it's great fun and I will likely join in on others when I get a grip on what I already have lined up. 

carla,I agree with you,I see no problem if a host wants only quality fabric,I for one purchase only top grade fabric,there's no need for anyone to feel hurt if this is what the projects specifies.Like you said there's always other swaps for anyone who wants to join then by all means join that group.I suspect at times we quilters do get a bit snobbish at times,but when I do quality then that's what I want to receive back.

I was also thinking about hosting a swap. I have never seen an Embroidery quilt block swap happen. These are fun. I was wondering what you all would think of that?



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