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There are 2 openings in the GREEN BATIK group and openings in WHITE, PINK and PURPLE BATIK STRIP SWAP!

One opening in the GREEN BATIK!

Please put me down for any of the colors that are still available.

Just let me know what colors to send.

Thank you

sign me up for the pink group please

OK, guess I will sign up for green and purple groups, please and thank you.  

Chef Lisa - you might want to put the complete rules for the swap in your header above - deadlines, quantity, any other info and information on how we exchange (centralized or individual mailing).   I need to go back and find that information before I put together my strips for swapping.  I may need to go to the fabric shop, too...

Thanks for hosting the swap and quilt away...


Sorry for the delay recouping from flu, But I did get the yellow and red mailed out. will try to get white out in a few days

I added Connie Leydig to the Pink group and Sandi Schadt, Melanie Keith, and Laura Marx to the Purple Batik.

Welcome Strippers!

When did you start this swap Lisa?? I don't see that you started this in my group.  I've noticed that some of the other swaps in other groups are coming into ours.  If you would like to swap in this group..please start it and end it here with these girls. If anyone would like to go and join in another group on swaps...thats great.  I started this group to do swaps with people who joined it.  That means to host a swap here and let others join in on that. 

Please don't bring your other swaps from another group into ours...I would appreciate that.  The reason I say this, is because its hard to keep track of what is going on in my group.  thx ladies.

have a great week.


The GREEN BATIK Strip Swap is closed Nov. 28, 2012.

There is openings in the WHITE, PINK, PURPLE, BLACK, ORANGE, and BROWN. When we have two more Groups closed there will be other colors started.

GREEN group is closed.

Diana, Yes, I probably will do more after the New Year! The swap is going well. I need to give the gals time to purchase their fabric and shipping envelopes. The group already did Blue, Yellow , Red and Green. The Blue strips have been distributed and I am receiving the other three colors.

Thanks for asking, watch for any other happenings!

Jackie have you in the RED and Yellow, waiting for your strips. Let me know when you ship them.

There are openings in the White, Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, and Brown. You choose what you would like.


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