This swap will be for reproduction fabrics. You can use civil war or 30’s fabrics. I personally have way to many 30’s fabrics around that want to be a quilt. 

Make the blocks 121/2 inch square pieced (Not appliqué). 12 1/2 inch finishes to 12 inch 

Please use a solid slightly off white background. I am using Kona Snow. It’s not expensive and pairs wonderfully with these fabrics. 

Make as many blocks as the number of swappers we have. I’m going for 12 to 16   

When finished you will mail all of your blocks but the one you keep for yourself to me and I will shuffle them all up and mail them back to you.

When you mail them in please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for me to mail it back to you. 

I don’t want this to drag out as summer will be here before we know it so the deadline for sign up is

January 31st and blocks due back to me on March 15th. 

this will be fun. Just comment below and I will add you to the list :))

 1. Connie Wilkerson - 30’s fabric - Double Pinwheel - received 

 2. Jean McCusker - 30’s fabric - Ohio Star- Received

 3. Jean McCusker - Civil War fabric  - Ohio Star - Received 

 4. Chris Michelle - Basket Block - Received

 5. Jackie Baker - Civil War fabric - Friendship Star - received

 6. Beth North - 30’s fabric - Brasstown Star - received

 7. Beth North - Civil War fabric - Brasstown Star - received

 8. Noelle Chase - 30’s fabric - Jam Stars

 9. Wilma Schirra-Kays - Duck Tracks  - received 

10. Connie Wilkerson - Civil War fabric - Eccentric Star.  - received

11. Mystery Swapper (Carla) - 30’s fabric - Hope of Hartford - Received

12. Mystery Swapper (Carla) - Civil War fabric - Shooting Star  - Received

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Yes ma’am you have to feed your own soul once in a while to keep you going for others :)


Ok, now let me ask, can we do one in 30s and one in Civil War?  I would do a Brasstown star block in each.  I have lots of scraps of both to use up.  

Cool idea, Beth!  I will have to think about whether I can do that, too.  We have a lot on our plates this month and next but I think it would be nice to get a bunch of blocks in both fabric ways.  

Beth I think that would be great. Would you do two sets of blocks or 1/2 and 1/2?  I just have fabric that needs to be used. Lol

I have fabrics that need to be used as well.  I would do two sets.  So that means I would be down twice.

After having read all the rules. I am super excited. I have never used reproduction fabric before but when I was in a quilt store a couple of years ago I saw this beautiful fabric and the sales person said that she had just gotten it in and it was reproduction fabric (I must admit that meant nothing to me) but it was pretty, so I bought it. I have attached 2 photos. The first I just want someone to verify that is fabric is correct for this swap and the 2nd is the off white background fabric I would like to use but please note it does have some pattern to it so if I need to find something else as my background fabric I can. They were all part of the same line so hopefully they will work. Let me know. Super excited to begin. 

I love your fabrics. On the background, I think a solid off (soft) white ivory color would produce a more cohesive quilt. It will also make your fabrics pop. That would also allow you to use your planned background as one of your colors. I hope that helps. 
I’m planning to use reproduction fabrics from the 30’s flour sacks. I think this will be a really cool quilt. 

My idea with the soft white was to mimic the muslin of yesteryear. 

Thank you so much. That is very helpful. I can’t wait to see what everyone come up with. 

Oh love your colors.  The cheddar is wonderful!!!!

Ok I think I finally have everything right lol. Please check me. 

Thanks, Connie.


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