This challenge will last all of 2019!!! It will be broken into 4 quarters :


Carla - quilt valentines quilt top and one other swap block  top either pumpkins or Christmas. *Finish the Snowman blocks into a top. 

Jean - quilt Under The Sea top.


Mary anne -* snowman blocks into runners.

Connie - finish quiltalong , snowpeople swap. 

Wilma  - snowmen and Christmas blocks. ** 



Chris - 


Carri - *

Melanie K. Sgt peppers, tourquoise and choice of  swap block 


Carla - quilt two quilts. Assemble another set of squares.

Connie-  pumpkin patch

Wilma - snowman 

Jean- under the sea quilting, sew butterfly top, sewing themed quilting.

MaryAnne - snowman runners, start under the sea, sewing blocks.

Chris - jamestown landing, under the sea, green argyle , diamonds jubilee strips. 



 This challenge will have ZERO swapping in it. It is strictly created to try to get some finishes on our swap blocks!  You may join in at any time and you can finish any number of quilts  or other projects you wish in each quarter but the hope is to complete at least one each quarter! 

Here is how it works:

* sign up quarterly. This will prompt you to have accountability!

*make goals!! Be willing to post your goals each quarter and do your best to follow through! 

* choose your blocks for the quarter! It can be blocks we have swapped or even ones you have just had setting around forever! 

* be prepared!  Whether it is scrappy or perfectly chosen have it ready to go. Choose a setting! 

*share ideas to help others move forward! Sometimes the hardest part of this is deciding on a setting. Let's help each other by sharing ideas!

* be prepared to post progress and hopefully pictures if you are able! 

* the main goal is to get all the way to a finished quilt!! Binding and all! Or if you prefer you may use the blocks to complete some other project such as table runners, place settings or bed runners. 

But even if you are only able to get to the quilt top stage at least it's not a pile of blocks!!

             ************** HAVE FUN!! *************

This is the main thing! When it stops being fun you stop making progress! Lets keep it fun. You never know I may add prizes in here at some point! 


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Thanks, everyone!

Very pretty and spring like.  Great job.

Well I entered my challenge quilt to our quiltshow. Dave was very ill and ended up in hospital so I didn’t get to go to my guild show but I did have a nice surprise out of 62 challenge pieces I took 3rd place ribbon. I didn’t think it was that good but I guess the judge liked it enough for a ribbon! Dave got diabetic ketoacidosis so now he’s on insulin shots and he’s not going to be feeling well for about two weeks his organs were starting to shut down. He might feel better before our sons wedding which is a week an a half away. 

Got all the cake ingredients ready for next week! 

that is awesome.  

Wow! Does he realize how lucky he was to survive that? I hope he coninues to improve!

Congrats on the ribbon!

thanks. Yes he was very lucky but not sure if this will be his wake up call! He feels better, then goes back to his bad eating habits away from home at work. He still thinks he’s 30 and I keep telling him he’s an old guy just like the rest of us! Lol

How are you feeling? 

Congrats on the ribbon, I am surprised at how well you are keeping up with everything.  Hope Dave is doing better, I know how hard headed and what terrible patients men can be....LOL.  But don't forget to take care of yourself as well.  Good Luck with the Cake.

Awe thanks Kathy! The cake is just time consuming cause it’s all cheesecake n that’s my favorite cake to make. 

Lisa I am so sorry about Dave. I hope he gets better quickly 

If he listens and follows my menu he will be ok! He’s a junkie food guy and always has been. It’s a hard habit for him to break. I try to keep it interesting. Last night I made him black rice with pesto stuffed in a Cornish hen. Sautéed mushrooms with fennel and broccoli with mandarin oranges for a touch of sweetness but not to spike his sugar. I asked him to do light duty and he’s following my instructions. So far so good. 

Thanks. Our vacation won’t happen again this year. Well that just gives me more time to get my house all in ship shape. Then I’ll be able to get my quilting on! Summer is almost here-so I can beach bum this year. Lol

Congratulations on the ribbon, Lisa! Hope we get to see the quilt!

Sorry to hear about your husband and your dog. Prayers that Dave improves and takes this experience to heart. 

Congrats on the ribbon, Lisa!  Glad Dave is recovering.  Hope he behaves.


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