Hi Everyone!

I have taken the lead to organize the 2017 Teacup Block swap.  We  have 12 members, so the group is closed.  

Vicki Bujnak

Ginny Anderson

Rebecca Schmidt

Wilma Schirra-Kups

Mary Aldrich

Jean McCusker

Cristin McCusker

Carla J. Walton

Beth A. North

Chef Lisa

Connie Wilkerson

Pat Waters

Going forward, please use this discussion thread for all correspondence regarding this swap!

Thank you all and Happy Quilting!


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Happy Mother's Day, everyone.  Enjoy a cup of tea with someone you love!

thank you Jean! you too!

for Mothers day I am having a dinner of a bowl of lucky charms with almond milk followed by  a bath of Epsom salt and an icy hot pad followed up with a heating pad and going to bed. LOLOL.

Oh, dear, Carla!  Did I not read a post about your health or is it just the florist being wiped out.?  In the second case, I understand. I worked for a florist during high school.  Either way, have a relaxing and refreshing evening!!

we were just very short handed and I had to process the trucks too. 7 palettes of flowers to cut. then my foot slipped on a rose stem and  I took a really hard fall. landed on my shoulder and side on all those rose stems. so I am battered and bruised all over  and jarred my shoulder , neck and back but I am o.k. now thanks to Epson. icy hot and heating pad......lol....onward ho!!!! i'm fairly tuff. :)

OUCH!  Roses are beautiful, but apparently they make you work a bit to hard and then let you take the fall for it.

Hope you are getting better.  Maybe a chiro appt. and a massage are in order.

Glad you are tough, but ouch, Ouch, ouch!

Omg those tea blocks are awesome. Coming home to a pkg was nice now to figure out what to do. I was thinking for my 4yr old niece who loves to play house. I have a vintage tea cup panel that I will incorporate into a quilt for her to have picnics with.

Cute idea, chef.  I bet she'll make great memories with it.  Glad you're back home safely.  Hope you had lots of fun.

Sorry I missed this one. I love tea cups

Has anyone put their blocks together?

sigh................no, I am now working on row by row 2017. and a fishing lure quilt for my grandson. then I need to so a log cabin and them a giant skull....(LOL) ....after that maybe!!


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