Well ladies, I guess I better add my name to this list before I forget.  I would like a 12.5 x 12.5" scrappy string block.  Recently, I have really gotten in the scrappy string block mood.  I love the colors and seeing all of the different fabric prints.  If possible, I would like reds and whites on one half of the block and blues on the other half.

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Okay....I love string piecing, too, Kathy. String piecing can be applied to just about any pattern. I think I need an example of what you want. Are we talking Log Cabin fashion, vertical, diagonal, or ....?

I also would like an example- or couple versions for your string blocks. I have an idea but kind of want to make sure I’m ( on the right page) 

all the string blocks I’ve made I did on a foundation, starting in the center ( on point- diagonal corner to corner ) and working toward each side - is that what you want? 

I found the list of Christmas card blocks but think we are missing one…there are 11 of us right? I only found 10 blocks ( including me) or, am I just trying to get ahead of my self— from way behind.? 

I made my first string block today— Kathy, is this what you have in mind? 

I think Kathy is still on the road and not checking in too frequently, Colleen. With her explanation of "reds and whites on one half of the block and blues on the other half", I think you have it. I decided your version is what I am going with, too, which should be good. It mimics a log cabin so will be great for options for laying out the quilt top. 

Ladies, I am so sorry for not responding earlier.  This is the scrappy block I was thinking of, but I love the one Colleen did as well.  I am going for a real scrappy look, so how ever you do them is fine with me.  And if it includes Christmas fabric or sports team fabrics, I am okay with that as well.  I am just wanting one side blue and the other side red and white/off white stripes.  Thanks so much for your patience.

I am in the process of going thru scraps and glad I am still looking in on the discussions.  Hopefully I can pull this one off.  I am surprised how much brown I have in my scraps.


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